Hadley Township Development - Richmond Heights

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kbshapiro wrote:
Noodles & Co
Pie Five Pizza
Penn Station Subs
Dunkin Donuts
Andy's Frozen Custard
Tom+Chee Grilled Cheese
Nail Salon

Where did you get that list from?
Its what I do for a living. Just market knowledge
I dont think any of those look like likely tenants for the one i was asking about. Brick, one story right at the corner of Bruno. Looks like maybe a sit down restaurant along the lines of an O'Charleys or something. All of those are strip-mallish tenants.
Those are the tenants going in the two strips in front of Menards. Plus others. Menards had some spaces left to fill.
Topher-- Twin Peaks is leasing the vacant Applebee's down the street in front of Walmart, Sam's, and Lowe's. Maybe that's what you're thinking about
^Olive Garden not Applebee's
Nope, i'm talking about Lot B from moorlander's site map on page 15. I'll see if i can swing by and get a pic tomorrow.
moorlander wrote:
^Olive Garden not Applebee's

You're right, sorry. Applebee's building is on the market as well there.
So what does everyone think of the latest proposal for Hanley & Hwy 40? Kinda lame in my opinion. And the name? The Crossings. I mean, for real? Yawn.

^ Plain Jane freeway interchange development. But not sure if you could really build anything in that spot that would be inspiring

In the Richmond Heights cost benefit analysis my pick is do nothing option until some other developments go forward. In this case, I think Richmond Heights would be better off if Boulevards II break ground with more residential/mixed use and the second hotel go up next to University tower @ corner of Brentwood/Clayton Ave get built out first. At least both developments along Brentwood are somewhat more transit friendly to Richmond Heights metrolink station (no Hanley Ave to cross) and give hotel guests an option to park & walk/use transit during their stay as well as add some density & possibly Richmond Heights residents to its population count.

Otherwise, my wishful thinking is Home Depot and existing businesses between Hanley Ave & metrolink tracks booked end by metro parking structure to the north & Hanley station (hotel/apartments) to the south are relocated so the area can be cleared for a more transit oriented development, another hotel. Something more along the lines of The Boulevards. It will never happen between Brentwood, Richmond Heights and current owner/developers as the vision for Hanley Ave has been defined first and foremost by sales tax revenues between Richmond Heights, Brentwood and Maplewood