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Randy wrote:
moorlander wrote:
Panda Express and Sprint signs are up

Gross. Is it at least an official Sprint store and not an "authorized retailer"?

Good question. That's awfully close to the official Sprint store over by the Richmond Heights Schnucks that's such a complete madhouse they sometimes need two security guards.

(That store alone made me switch from Sprint.)
Menard's held up by MSD permit process.

I've been wondering what the hold-up was. I'm anxious for this to get done, as I can't stand driving all the way out to Manchester to get my Menard's fix.
Menards needs to put up a massive sign, saying coming soon. Not only would this make this site look better (like it is not some vacant lot) but it would also be free promotion for Menards, on a highly visible street. If there is a sign, I missed it. That is always possible I guess.
QT is now open.
^Thanks; I've been wondering what's up.
Tilt up

This development is really starting to look like a prison. In back, along the east side, you now have "the worlds largest retaining wall, and the lone property holdout, and a new public works area and to the south, there is a ~20ft precast wall being erected right up against Bruno (east to west). It's a little intimidating. I'll try to post pics later.

Anyone have a more detailed site plan?

The giant wall is for their lumber yard that extends south to Bruno. Thx pres, here is a more detailed image.

This entire project is such a letdown as a Richmond Heights resident. I currently have two home improvement stores in the immediate vicinity. I'm not sure what Mendard's could offer that would make my glad to have them, as well. Then I'm down to taxes generated for the county/township. I'm not sure I'll reap any benefits there, especially with a TIF to overcome. Disappointing. :cry:
It's certainly true that we don't need all three of these stores right next to each other, but the average Mennard's is much, much larger than the other two.
Looks like there are build out lots. Hopefully those out lots have a good relationship to the street.
The Ikea of hardware is opening soon.

http://40southnews.com/new-menards-phot ... n-twitter/
^ you think Home Depot across the street has any chances of survival? (Personally I wouldn't mind seeing it go if it presented a chance for something more urban to come in its place.)
I see the lowes closing before the Home Depot
roger wyoming II wrote:
^ you think Home Depot across the street has any chances of survival? (Personally I wouldn't mind seeing it go if it presented a chance for something more urban to come in its place.)

I think it's fine. Far too much contractor business.

The Lowes though is dead meat.
Have to agree with Moorlander and Dweebe, change my mind and believe Lowe's is dead meat. They just don't have the visibility as Home Depot does. I can't speak to who has more contractor businesses. My company/Purchase Manager goes strictly with Home Depot so Dweebe makes a great point.

In some respects, wish it was the other way around as I believe Home Depot location would offer a much better fit to try to get TOD development that would tie in the Hanley Station development if planned well & much better location for the proposed apartment building proposed on Dale Ave. Pretty much giving up on Maplewood as I can see a car lot over taking Lowes'
Of course the huge hang up in all this....literally got three communities in my above statement all driving for the all mighty sales tax dollar
What's going in on the outlot at the corner of Bruno and Hanley?
topher wrote:
What's going in on the outlot at the corner of Bruno and Hanley?

I'm pretty sure I've read that a Noodles and Co. is coming to one of the spots in front of Menard's. I'm not sure about anything else yet.
^ I'm pretty sure I discovered that Noodles and Co. is one of the places opening in front of Menard's.
There's another one that sprung up too. Anyone know what's going on there?
Behind QT is a non profit called Boys Hope Girls Hope. Noodles & Co and Pie Five Pizza are the only others I've heard announced.
Noodles & Co
Pie Five Pizza
Penn Station Subs
Dunkin Donuts
Andy's Frozen Custard
Tom+Chee Grilled Cheese
Nail Salon

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