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dweebe wrote:
Moorlander wrote:
I like.

Funny, this should make nearly a mile of parking garage along 170 with this, phase 1, the new hotel, and the enterprise bohemeth.

...and people will still complain there's not enough parking.

Yeah, if Mr. and Mrs. Widebody can't find two or three parking spaces in which to dock their Expedition and unload their Hoverounds, within quick rolling distance of the store/mall entrance, then there is not enough parking.

JMedwick wrote:
Looks good, though from that rendering, it looks like the major change from Phase I is that all the retail will hug Brentwood rather than the internal street. Guess Pace thought part of the problem with Phase I is that all the store fronts were not as visible from Brentwood.

Yeah well, it's easy to throw a few virtual people on a virtual sidewalk in a rendering. I'm pretty sure Phase I renderings looked pretty similar, i.e. lots of people on the sidewalk along Brentwood, approaching what looked to be store entrances. The reality of course is much different.

Pace wants what little pedestrian traffic there is/will be to be contained along "The Boulevard", and they want the store entrances to be as close as possible to the garage, so they aren't going to have main entrances along Brentwood. Now, they might have an elevator lobby entrance for the hotel on Brentwood, but it'll mostly just be for aesthetics and visibility. The main entrance will be on The Boulevard, or the entrance street.

Sansone's strip mall where phase III was suppose to be will look even more out of place. That spot is begging for a mid rise or high rise.

I haven't seen any activity. My impression from various articles was that everything was in place, including financing, to start demolition of the old Blockbuster store after Oct 31st.

I would rather see this get off the ground rather then another Target in Rock Hill. Let alone seeing the need for more strip store space they want to build around Target. Heck, it will be a long time they fill Market at McKnight.

Pace is ready to hit its stride

By Margaret Gillerman



RICHMOND HEIGHTS — In a holiday season with a dearth of good real estate cheer, Pace Properties has come to the rescue. The company plans to begin a major expansion of The Boulevard-St. Louis in Richmond Heights shortly after the first of the year.

Pace has had some false starts on Phase II of the new retail, hotel, restaurant and office addition, which will run from the existing Boulevard south along South Brentwood Boulevard to Antler Drive. The company had hoped to begin Phase II construction in 2006.

Heading into 2009, it is moving forward with some solid commitments: a D.ick's Sporting Goods and a Hyatt Place Hotel.

Pace has obtained permits from the city of Richmond Heights to begin work on the site, which is across Brentwood from the Galleria.


The first phase has 180,000 square feet. Phase II is planned for about 160,000 square feet.

Construction is expected to take about 15 months, with an opening in 2010.


Pace has scaled back plans for the project as costs rose and the economy declined. It scrapped the 15-story Valencia Condominiums in 2006, and decided that same year against building a Phase III.

Link to full story

I work near here and I haven't seen a shread of new activity. I thought plans were underway to start in the beginning of 2009? We're almost through with Q1 of 09 and nothing has been torn down nor built. Anyone have any updates?

Apologies if this has already been covered...I notice that near this development the Shell gas station and the strip mall next to it (at Brentwood/64) seem to be boarded up and closed. Are these going to be developed as well? Are they set for destruction or waiting for a buyer?

Would I be shot for saying it would be nice to see another set of buildings like the one holding PF Chang's sprout up in that location? It is fairly walkable there, after all (I mean park once and walk to all of the shops).

^ Nope. I'd like to see "The Boulevard" extend all the way to 64, unfortunately that's not what's planned. The area closest to the Interstate was last reported to become basically a small strip center - big parking lot out front while the second phase of the Boulevard would go where the matress store etc. were. There's very little overall demand for new retail so this project may get scaled back further, but as mall farther out fail, the Galleria and this area should do very well. It's really time to reimagine this entire area so that it will be well positioned to serve as a retail center for the next 50 years (for starters they need to take advantage of the mass transit access).
I have not heard a thing about this. I work near this area and with I-64 now open, I would think this would easily be a prime retail location. Has there been no word on this? I assume this is done for.
Per the bJ - coming soon
I don't see any plans on their website.
That's not uncommon
So has there been any recent designs for phase II? Would love to see it now!
dunno. IO-Metro would be in phase 1.
Moorlander wrote:
dunno. IO-Metro would be in phase 1.

Anyone know where in phase 1 this is going to go? According to Building Blocks, it's going to take up 8500 sq feet.

^ Former Bombay Company space?
phase 2 "rendering" and site plans here on page 1 and 2. Updated 12.09.

Tough to find a parking spot in this area! :lol:
^ Looks OK for what it is. The image makes me realize that all the Galleria would need to do to really connect a walkable shopping experience would be to build out towards Brentwood from the Cheesecake factory area. They could either build something like the Boulevard or like the restaurant area of West County Mall. It would give the Galleria a "front door" and make for a pretty good shopping experience.

Being in the market for furniture, I was pumped about IO until I saw what sectionals go for.
I'll stick with hometown favorite WeekendsOnly.

I hope they do well.
Alex, I can picture a round about intersection on Brentood Ave with a major fountain in the middle right at your new front door to the Galleria. Throw in a nice office complex across from Crate & Barrel and next to University Tower.
Alex Ihnen wrote:
^ Looks OK for what it is. The image makes me realize that all the Galleria would need to do to really connect a walkable shopping experience would be to build out towards Brentwood from the Cheesecake factory area. They could either build something like the Boulevard or like the restaurant area of West County Mall. It would give the Galleria a "front door" and make for a pretty good shopping experience.


That is an excellent idea. The Saint Louis Galleria, in its present form, is almost 20 years old. This would be a great way to reinvigorate the mall and, at the same time, build a stronger pedestrian connection to Boulevard Saint Louis and the adjacent Metrolink station. Vehicular through traffic in the mall parking lot could simply be tunneled under the new addition, and an enhanced pedestrian crossing at Brentwood Boulevard could tie the two developments together. It seems like something that would give the Galleria a stronger identity and help the Galleria and the Boulevard build off of each others' business and pedestrian (I'm emphasizing pedestrians since the automotive connections are already there) traffic.
Maybe the West Elm advertisements all over the forum are a sign of a future STL store :D
With all the talk about Pinnacle Square, Hadley (IKEA & Menards), Costco, etc. I decided that it was time to bring out the bigger Phase II renderings of The Boulevard that I found.

I'm sure there are bound to be some adjustments, but St. Louis definitely could use a bigger Apple store, but I doubt if St. Louis Galleria's General Growth Properties would let it go. They'd probably do another expansion of the Galleria just to keep them.








Nice. Thanks for posting. I really wish the Galleria would give up a row of parking and build a good pedestrian connection to the Boulevard - or however quality pedestrian amenities could be added...
I would be shocked to see an Apple Store in that development. On top of Apple redoing the Galleria store just last year it would seem a bit out of character for them to build something across the street that will still get less foot traffic than the Galleria Mall.