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ChesterfieldKid03 wrote:
Here is a rendering I have of phase II. Ive had it saved on my computer for a couple months and forgot about it. I can't remember where I found it.


Thanks for sharing.

I like the crosswalk across Brentwood - oh wait . . .

shadrach wrote:
Slightly off-topic.

Anyone know about the proposed hotel development at SE corner of Clayton & Brentwood? Is that moving forward? There was a crane waiting to be assembled on the ground 5 months ago. thanks.

Greg Mullenix

The Fountains Project

Mr. Mullenix gave the Council an update on their project, stated that sitework has begun, with the infrastructure being about 65% there, i.e. underground utilities, sewer work and sanitary sewers. Mr. Mullenix stated they would be constructing the Homewood Suites first. Mr. Mullenix noted that the project had run into some problems after being faced with a no-open cut on Clayton Road, but it appears that directional bore of the sanitary sewer work may be able to be approved in the next two weeks or so. Mr. Mullenix stated he also wants to put up a barrier to hide the constructions site, but the overhead electric lines need to be removed first. Mr. Mullenix stated he is excited about the project and is within days of completing the construction finances for the Homewood Suites and contractors are ready to go. Mr. Mullenix noted the room count on the Homewood had changed as recently approved by the Plan and Zoning Commission, i.e. one or two bedroom studios. Mr. Mullenix stated regarding the Westin site design plans have been worked on during the last nine months, were working on final pricing and working with the lender to see that the project will be moving

forward in the next three months.

Mr. Mullenix stated he appreciated the patience of the City with this project

and that within 60-90 days should see the project begin.

Mr. Gallagher stated he knows there is no public money being spent on the

project, but would like to see the project progress at a faster pace. ... inutes.pdf

I think it's safe to say that work has actually commenced on this project. Drove by yesterday afternoon and there was no actual work going on (Sunday) but there was tons of major equipment on site, along with caisson liners and rebar. Im not an expert on construction sites yet but this one appeared to be moving.

Cassions? how interesting!

Yes, not likely - probably rebar for above ground columns etc. I don't imagine they'll need caissons here.

We talked about this on the Roberts Tower thread. Caissons are a form of foundation where holes are drilled into the ground, then filled with reinforced concrete to form foundation piers.

We St. Louisans tend to think of caissons as water-tight linings used in bridge construction (think Eads), but that's not always the case.

Maybe they will use drilled piers instead. :lol:

I don't know about everyone else, but I find it rather obnoxious and annoying when people think that because they don't personally find something interesting, it isn't worthwhile/interesting conversation for others.

By the way, BPE, I was merely stating the various equiptment I saw on-site while passing by on 170, for the purpose of verification of work.

The Richmond Heights planning & zoning commission has now given its final approval for Phase II. However, the commission isn't too thrilled with the planned Pinnacle Square development that replaced Phase III and has requested some architectural modifications: ... iven.shtml

^ thats good Richmond Heights doesn't like it. That is a last ditch approach at finishing the project on Pace's end. Its not pretty and not much effort in designing phase III.

I hope they change the plans and make it match the rest of the Boulevard project. As for the Burger King and Shell, I hope they continue to hold out until a new better rendering/design is released! :)

My understanding from the West end article is that Pace passed on the contract to buy the remaining land for Phase III. That would pretty much end any influence of this property on their part. Is that correct?

Too bad they couldn't take one of the planned hotels being built at Brentwood/Clayton and place it on this end. How about more apartments, 3-4 story brick bldgs, underground parking, and with a courtyard facing the Boulevard. How about office space with underground parking or surface parking facing I-170. Anything better then the stip mall on the cheap development. Does Sansone do anything other then strips malls and box stores??

I got this in an e-mail today.

Phase II of The Boulevard - St. Louis

Phase II of The Boulevard St. Louis will kick off Fall 2008 with an additional 170,000 square feet of retail, restaurants and a hotel. The square footage of The Boulevard will be over 300,000 square feet upon completion of Phase II in Spring 2010. Phase I retailers include Crate & Barrel, Ann Taylor Loft, Soft Surroundings, PF Chang's China Bistro, Maggiano's Little Italy and Jared the Galleria of Jewelry. Phase I is also home to 74 luxury apartment units, Allegro, which are currently 100% leased.

The Boulevard is located in the heart of the retail corridor and is the first lifestyle center in the St. Louis metropolitan area. The property is located directly across the street from Saint Louis Galleria and boasts excellent demographics. Opportunities for Phase II are still available and include highly visible, street level space.



If the Allegro apartments are really 100% leased, then why isn't Pace doing any residential for Phase II?

Sansone, Pace, Sansone. Doesn't that describe how Richmond Heights will get the so so mix along Brentwood across from Galleria when it is all said and done. Wasn't their suppose to be two hotels at the corner of Brentwood and Clayton? Now only the Westin is being built next to University Tower and now Pace porposes a hotel.

I agree, some more residential mix would fit right in with phase II while you find a way to get Sansone and Pace agree that a hotel would be a better fit at what was phase III. Then put some additional office space that accompanies the Westin Hotel and University tower instead of trying to sell more retail. I think it would all fit well as a true TOD close to the Richmond Heights metrolink station (office, retail, residential in the middle and a hotel anchoring each end).

Bettter yet - Corporate apartments in Phase II. Think two corporate hq's expanding in Clayton. Easy access to Clayton, sporting events and airport via metrolink.

The metrolink is easily one of the best things to happen to St. Louis in a long time. I think it is great that people are really buying into these TOD projects and developments like this are responsible for metrolink's increased ridership. The fact that the housing market sucks and we are still able to see projects like this go into phase II, proves that TOD projects are the most sustainable projects that can be built right now. I cant wait to see the further development along the metro once the economy gets back to normal. Hopefully projects like this will gain more support for metrolink and we will see more expansions with in the next 10 years

Does this mean that the awful strip mall located next to The Boulevard will be torn down soon?

I'm glad this project is moving forward so we can get more uniformity around the Galleria, which is supposed to be a city's premiere shopping mall instead of a mall with some trash strip malls around it.

Dredger wrote:
Wasn't their suppose to be two hotels at the corner of Brentwood and Clayton? Now only the Westin is being built next to University Tower and now Pace porposes a hotel.

As far as I know, there are still plans for a second hotel at Brentwood and Clayton, after the Westin is completed. And a hotel was always going to be part of Phase II of the Boulevard. The only thing that dropped out was the condominium tower.

Dredger wrote:
I think it would all fit well as a true TOD close to the Richmond Heights metrolink station (office, retail, residential in the middle and a hotel anchoring each end).

I think it is hilarious when people describe The Boulevard as TOD. I know for a fact that Pace was not happy that the MetroLink station was going to be at its doorstep. It used to be very difficult to find any mention of MetroLink in any of the promo material for The Boulevard or Allegro. I guess now that it has proven popular among professionals working in Clayton, they decided to add a sentence about it, but they still don't highlight it. Look at the design of Phase I along Galleria Pkwy., closest to the station. It couldn't be less inviting to pedestrians, and it didn't have to be that way.

Dredger wrote:
Bettter yet - Corporate apartments in Phase II. Think two corporate hq's expanding in Clayton. Easy access to Clayton, sporting events and airport via metrolink.

If it really is 100% leased, I'd bet that some of the Allegro is already corporate apartments.

TB1000 wrote:
Does this mean that the awful strip mall located next to The Boulevard will be torn down soon?

I think that they maybe getting rid of the strip mall there soon I hope. The Verizon Wireless store is closed now. Also I noticed across the street from Brentwood Square they are remodeling the old paint store there. The sign is for a mattress store but I am not sure if it is the same store up in the ugly strip mall.

The Boulevard development to feature Hyatt Place

By Joe Whittington



A nine-story Hyatt Place hotel will be the centerpiece of Phase II of The Boulevard St. Louis to begin construction in late summer.

The office and retail addition will run south from The Boulevard's Phase I on South Brentwood Boulevard to Antler Drive in Richmond Heights. Phase I is the retail center across from the St. Louis Galleria that includes Crate & Barrel, Ann Taylor Loft, Maggiano's Little Italy and P.F. Chang's.

Hyatt recently announced that it has 200 locations open or in development for the newly rolled-out brand. Not only is Hyatt building new Hyatt Places, the chain is converting the old Amerisuites brand into the swankier hotels.

"I'm not going to confirm that," said Pace Properties Development Manager Julie Oelman when asked about The Boulevard hotel plans.

When asked what the time schedule was for Phase II, she said, "You're a little premature to talk about that. Call me back in about two weeks."

Other additions mentioned by some retail insiders as possible tenants for The Boulevard's Phase II are Dick's Sporting Goods, Ethan Allen, 24-Hour Fitness, McCormick & Schmick's Seafood, and West Elm, a new store by Williams-Sonoma.

The addition of a Hyatt Place would mean three hotels in a short stretch of Brentwood Boulevard.


I just drove by The Boulevard and it has a sign announcing phase 2 coming soon and list West Elm, Hyatt Place and Di*k's Sporting Goods as coming soon in Phase 2.

The tenants in the horrible strip mall to the south of Phase I look to be all moved out now. Hopefully they can at least tear it down even if construction doesn't start for a while. It's an eyesore.

Sorry, a bit off topic but why does this thing edit Dick's sporting goods automatically? Is that some running joke?

Unfortunately, Sansone Property (someone correct me if I got it wrong) is trying to market another horrible stip mall just to the south of the Boulevards. It will look nice for a year or two and then we get what will be torn down for Phase II. Too bad we won't be talking about Phase III

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