Manhasset Village - Richmond Heights/Galleria

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Renderings of Manhasset Heights (Phase I). No renderings of the low-mid-high rises.

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Hello 1985.. :lol:

My grandparents retired to this community in 1985! They have an excellent brunch at the clubhouse.

Is there a buffet?

Does the Pope wear a funny hat?

Perhaps I am not getting the joke, but these are not built yet. I agree though they are a bit dated.

They look nice to me. I expect they'll be very popular.

My sources tell me this project has been put on hold for reassesment. Has anybody else heard anything?

The Curmudgeon wrote:
My sources tell me this project has been put on hold for reassesment. Has anybody else heard anything?

I'm still wondering if a realligned I-64 might take a slice of the property.

Is anything happening with this? Are they waiting to see what happens with the highway project?


afftonguy78 wrote:
Is anything happening with this?

There is now.

New Manhassett Village to rise at site of former apartments
I lived in Manhassett Village from 2001-2004 and had a great view of the Clayton skyline. I'm glad something is finally being done with that site. It has been vacant for 10 years now.
With the addition of mixed-use retail, this project looks like something that would have fit in quite nicely across Hanley instead of the stupid Menard's crap. And with the addition of safe passage across the carmeggedon, it would have been metrolink convenient. Oh well.
Looks like the NIMBYs and BANANAs are getting up to speed.
dweebe wrote:
Looks like the NIMBYs and BANANAs are getting up to speed.

Good Lord. :roll: :evil:

My favorite comment......
Brentwood Forest resident Pat Ebeling told the board of aldermen that trucks would tear up Brentwood roads building Manhassett Village.

I saw this coming.

Wow. Richmond Heights should use RH roads? Such an exaggeration. Did Richmond Heights complain when Brentwood was building all of those shopping centers - Promenade, Brentwood Square etc.? Get Richmond Heights/developer to pay for the road resurfacing if necessary.

Why don't they just be honest?

"We don't want 800 units - and all of those people - that close to us."
If I wanted to live in that area, I would want to live right by the MetroLink station, not across a roaring highway interchange from it.

Boulevard Phase II will probably be one of the best apartment addresses in Mid-County.
Is there any news on BLVD phase2 starting?

This would be right up against the highway just west of Magna Place tower.

Another project, dubbed the Lucerne, could soon change the view along I-64 at Richmond Heights.
The 90-bed, 80,000-square-foot facility will sit at the southwest intersection of Brentwood Boulevard and I-64, if approved. The total project is expected to cost $22 million.
The application on file with the MHFRC lists the owner and operator as WB Properties Olive LLC. Jonathan Dalton, an attorney with Armstrong Teasdale LLP, is named as the authorized contact person for the project.
The land cost $2 million, according to the CON application.
Brinkmann Constructors is the general contractor. Paul Ryan Design Group, a Dallas architectural firm specializing in design and planning of senior living facilities, is the designer.
The Lucerne will include a memory care unit, which will house patients suffering from Alzheimer's and dementia in 16 private units and six shared rooms.
The assisted-living portion will include 27 studio apartments, 31 private units and two semi-private units.
The proposed center will include a theater, art studio, indoor gardening room, a beauty salon with a massage room and complimentary Wi-Fi.
Construction is slated to begin in fall 2015, pending approval from the MHFRC at the May 4 meeting. Completion is scheduled for fall 2016.
The construction will be financed by ANB Bank of Denver. WB Properties Olive LLC was formed in April 2009 and lists William Biermann as the registered agent. ... l?page=all

These apartments along with the senior living facility both have the go ahead. And will get started soon. ... 66b8a12729
^ good stuff.... I wonder how fast the staging will be on Manhasset Village; probably dependent on rate of leasing I guess. Can you remind me where this senior living place will be on Eager?
^Right up against highway very northeast of property next to Magna Place
Brickcity, I have the same thought. This can move forward but somehow the developer for The Boulevards can't find a way to build out Phase II and add more mixed use/residential going on a highly visibly but very well connected location. The underwhelming bank branch next to University Tower is just as disappointing result for a more bolder plan that incorporated two hotels, structured parking years ago. The whole east side of Brentwood could have been a highly dense, pedestrian friendly, & mix of hotel, retail, office, residential within easy walk to metrolink station on one end and a YMCA/park/greenway on the other if RH and Brentwood would have a had vision or demand a little bit more out of Drury, etc..

Then I think about the fact that the developer of the stalled The Boulevards in RH is the same developer who wants to build a huge strip center at MidTowne plaza instead of proposing a mixed use project on a great location next to Ikea between CORTEX and SLU. Probably the reason why Midtowne Plaza is stalled while you see a mix use, grocery store go down Vande at the Commerce bank site happening is because retail, box store in particular is way over built and those who are building are building office on demand (think RGA), industrial (spec is being built) and multi residential and senior living centers.. Heck, I might lambast Sunnen but at least they comprehend what should be built in the market.

Then I think Richmond Heights itself. Lets see, support density & senior living away from transit but bulldoze a neighborhood for a Menards.
Well this bites.... ... b2e95.html

I really have nothing against the project (in fact it looks pretty good) but the fact that the AFL-CIO is backing means that is less opportunity to put their fund to work in the city. (I believe this is the same fund that was critical for a couple projects downtown during the recession like the Union Pacific and Laurel.) Kind of reminds me of no tax abatement for Covington on the Lindell tower proposal.... they moved on to a Clayton project.)
Yes and no, from union perspective it would not be good business sense to make that distinction between the city and county line when picking projects to invest in and this project was to the point that it could get off the ground unlike we hold off for the promise of a proposal for the south city site that was formerly the Owens-Glass plant. In addition, it seems that most projects picked tend to be low key residential which I assume goes back to a much more stable source of revenue on investment for its members.

What I'm curious about is who will secure the next round of New Market tax credits and where will those funds be targeted. I think a great one would be old muni courts developments with office space over garage as per that last rendering spread about.

In the meantime, I believe the Manhasset Village developers saw an opportunity to bring back an old development proposal to meet a demand in the region. I'm more disappointed in that Pace can't get The Boulevards II off the ground with maybe a more residential mix or expanding site. In same breadth, I don't think the union is really looking to invest in two or three small commercial drive thrus along Vande as per the latest proposal forwarded in the city.
^ I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with New Markets as well... the city kind of got screwed last year.