Twin Oaks Mixed-Use

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Twin Oaks, pop 393, could see a population boon. I'm surprised there wasn't opposition as it could double the city's population. No incentives. Be interested to see how it can be walkable given how unwalkable everything surrounding is.

StlToday - Twin Oaks approves $53 million, mixed-use development — its biggest project ever
St. Charles County-based Haley Holdings Seven LLC is proposing the redevelopment of the 11-acre site, including 219 “high-end” apartments as well as revamped commercial use. There will be special “walkability,” parking and security measures, and solar paneling is planned. ... dfce5.html
That area could easily be walkable, if developers are willing to support it. Would be nice to see. Much better than dropping a Dollar Tree or something into the old grocery building and calling it good.