40 West Luxury Living Chesterfield

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258 apartments

StlToday - Does this proposed apartment complex belong on a once-rural Chesterfield road?

“We are not anti-apartment or anti-development,” said Michael Moore, a retired Purina executive and resident of a nearby subdivision heading opposition to the project. “We are just anti-apartment in this location.”

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What part of chesterfield would they consider apartments for? Next to the highway probably is the best location for apartments honestly out there
Funny. That office park down the block (block?) appears to have on the order of three hundred parking spaces, give or take a few dozen. (Very quick estimate. Not a count.) There's a massive retirement apartment complex immediately across the highway. Why indeed, there's a very similar (in fact larger) apartment complex two streets down on . . . wait for it . . . Schoetler Valley. How is this in any way altering the character or density of this particularly soulless piece of awful? “We are just anti-apartment in this location.” . . . "I'm not opposed to bike lanes. I'm just opposed to bike lanes on my street. I'm not opposed to taxes. I'm just opposed to paying taxes. I'm not opposed to spinach. I'm just opposed to me eating spinach." Spoiled children everywhere are much the same. They're opposed to anything and everything that resembles sharing.
The following Facebook email is from the group seeking to preserve Schoettler Road.

This Just In...
All of the 40 West Apartment Proposals Have Been Withdrawn!

​We have just heard from Justin Wyse, Director of Planning and Development Services for Chesterfield that KU Development has withdrawn all their proposals for 40 West Luxury Living.

Thanks to all of you, and your hard work, this inappropriate apartment development will not move forward.

Stay tuned, as we learn more about this decision we will update you.


P.S. By the way, you can take down your yard signs, but please hang on to them. KU still owns 9 acres there and they will most likely try to develop something else.

We’ll keep you informed.