Pfizer to Build $200 Million Campus in Chesterfield

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Did the city even try?
^ excellent question.... sometimes I wonder how much fear of "poaching" hurting Slay's almighty "regionalism" plays into things. Pfizer has a huge research operation in Kendall Square in Cambridge; seems like they'd at least look into Cortex if a serious effort were made.
^ My take is the first thing you do when you join economic development offices is you agree to not to poach. Regionalism which is sorely needed for St. Louis doe require a give and take. Having a combined City/County economic development will be bear fruit in the long run. Some firms are going to stick with county or city vice versa depending in large part of their executive and employee makeup.. The reason I believe that Station G decided to move into the city was most of its employees where living in the city.
^ I tend to agree things will pay off in the long term but I do feel that the partnership has to be able to put a place like Cortex on the table as an option they'd facilitate in such tailor-made situations... it very well could be that Pfizer had no interest but hopefully that was more of a company thing as opposed to a regional governance thing.
I'd love to see some sort of tally of business movement during Slay's tenure.

New companies to the area:

# set up shop in city
#set up shop in county

Existing companies

#relocated from county to city
#see above, reverse locations
#relocated from county to some other area in the county, bypassing any look at the city altogether
^ would be great to see that.

I think Momentum moving its local office from the burbs is the most recent get for downtown in terms of a prestigious national/international biz. But downtown also lost Northwest Mutual to the county this year. We've also landed some decent victories from smaller local companies this year: Cortex will be getting AIA Pharma; Grand Center Bull Moose; Hi-Pointe Powers Insurance, etc. and a number of smaller firms are headed to various nabes such The Hill, South Hampton, FPSE, etc.

In general, I think we're doing a bit better in retaining business as well as attracting some area relocations, but we've really not landed a huge win that can really change the dynamic with the local corporate worldview of the City. Centene would have done that last decade and Pfizer would have done that now. We need something big, especially downtown.... WWT might be our best hope if they decide to plop new employees in Cupples X instead of simply moving Asynchrony folks over.
Going to make traffic in West County even worse.
It ain't all bad. Pfizer is putting down a big investment in the region and Chesterfield strengthens their lab tech cluster.
No, not bad at all; indeed, it's great news.
^ No doubt it's great for the region; just would have been even greater if it could have been planted in Cortex.
Ebsy wrote:
Going to make traffic in West County even worse.

Believe most of the employees already work nearby and rest coming from Missouri technology park down the road so not sure ihow traffic will be signicantly impacted
Is there any update on this? Still in the works?
chaifetz10 wrote:
Fri Feb 17, 2017 3:01 pm
Is there any update on this? Still in the works?
Biz Journals in Jan reported that site plans approved and thought I saw a recent article, not sure if PD or BJ, that ground breaking was happening this year so facility was ready when Pfizer lease was up at Monsanto Chesterfield campus (former Pfizer facility) ... field.html
I thought that this would have been a great corporate relocation/consolidation to CORTEX. However, considering that most employees live in West County and St Charles not surprised of location as I believe they are consolidating all their offices in the new facility/location.
This does it. I'm switching to Cialis.
Pfizer must be sourcing from the same glass manufacturer as Centene