39 North AgTech District (Creve Coeur)

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Can it be retrofitted without breaking the bank or is it too hopelessly auto-oriented?

StlToday - Can spending money on trails and density grow tech jobs in St. Louis County?

Economic development officials are hoping to replicate the success of the Cortex technology district in the suburbs.

Monsanto’s headquarters and the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center already serve as anchors of the Creve Coeur hub of agriculture technology, while BRDG Park and the Helix Center offer space for startups and companies that want to be near the research performed there.

http://www.stltoday.com/business/local/ ... 88c62.html
For reference

It might be hard to move all the downtown buildings to Creve Couer, let alone duplicate them four times, but I like where your head is at. :wink:
quincunx wrote:
For reference


This is hilarious! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
StlToday - Officials brand plant science district as '39 North'

St. Louis County economic development officials have unveiled the name for the plant science district they're hoping to grow in Creve Coeur: "39 North."

The name is a nod to the latitude of the area around Lindbergh and Olive Boulevards. Adjacent to Monsanto's global headquarters and the Donald Danforth Plant Science research center, the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership has targeted the area for a node of agriculture technology businesses.

http://www.stltoday.com/business/local/ ... c9b81.html
^ super lame name. how 'bout "3NiNo" as long as we're being lame?
Truthfully, "39 North" sounds like a highway direction. I am all for creativity, but there's has to be much marketing planned to make the district and name global.

Just like the name "CORTEX", which was kinda corny at first, and the first thing that came to mind was the brain, the name grew on people.

I believe the website will be 39NorthSTL.org

For now, it rolls into the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership's website.
also why 39th? the site is located at 38.40 North 39 North is all the way north of Grafton Illinois
I like the name.
dbInSouthCity wrote:
also why 39th? the site is located at 38.40 North 39 North is all the way north of Grafton Illinois

You're misreading latitudes. The Danforth Plant Science Center is located at 38°40'26" N which is equivalent to 38.674° N (38+40/60+26/60/60) which rounds up to 39° N.
Reminds me of:

Althoug they've managed to come up with a better logo.
I will mention. I know the real estate fund that owns most of the buildings on the north west corner of Lindbergh and olive. Unless something has changed they're gonna hold those properties and parcels back. Some of those funds should be running out in their life though so that'd be good. (The do not own the helix center building)
Steve Stenger ‏@StengerSTLCo
We have an announcement regarding it new @39NorthSTL - @VentureCafeSTL will be expanding to this amazing new space. Thank you!
Not really a huge fan of this... the Venture Cafe in CORTEX draws a ton of entrepreneurs, innovators, and business leaders in with their events and networking opportunities. Having a second location out in the burbs will most likely cause attendance to decrease at CORTEX.
^ Kinda of waiting for the shoe to drop and Microsoft announce their new location within the 39 North AgTech
"Pedestrian friendly" improvements coming to 39 North:

http://www.stltoday.com/business/local/ ... 935f0.html