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Developer sought for University City site
2 hours ago • By Tim Bryant

University City officials are seeking an experienced developer to construct a multistory, mixed-use building on Olive Boulevard at North and South Road.

The city owns the two-acre site through a series of acquisitions it made several years ago. Officials said they previously fended off inquiries about the site but are now ready to move ahead with a big project there.

A “request for proposals” made public Monday seeks a collaboration with a developer experienced in commercial, residential or mixed-use development. Mayor Shelley Welsch said in a statement the site's development “is a key step in the attainment of our long-term vision for the Olive Boulevard corridor."

Already underway is a traffic impact analysis to determine if Olive could accommodate wider sidewalks, on-street parking, and bike lanes, the city said. The Missouri Department of Transportation says that section of Olive carries about 20,000 vehicles per day.

The RFP is available here. Responses are due by 5 p.m. May 15.

Formerly on the site were a small strip center, a retail store and the Arcade Lanes bowling alley that burned in 2003 after 60 years in business. The city says a redevelopment goal is a project that will produce jobs and generate sales tax revenue.

“It should be a destination-oriented project, with an active street front that will attract people both day and night,” according to the RFP.

http://m.stltoday.com/business/columns/ ... witterfeed
wow, at that intersection a "destination" development is going to have its work cut out for it.
University City has a pretty progressive plan to revitalize Olive, with mixed use nodes at Olive and I-170, Olive and N&S, and Olive and Midland. All intersections that need some love.
Great idea U. City. It sounds like something along the lines of the Gotham Building @ Delmar & Hamilton might fit the bill.
Here's a more in-depth story from today's Post. Sounds like U City has been taking notes from UrbanSTL (mulit-story, mixed-use, built to the sidewalk, parking in rear, etc.):

http://www.stltoday.com/business/local/ ... d7ee1.html
I'm all for densifying the stretch, but a few of the buildings are super cool and retro and I think the district is better for having them.
The mostly one-level mid-century buildings along that stretch make for a very cool vibe. Minimal setbacks, etc. Feels sort of old-school California to me.
This Sunday, from 2 - 4:00, there's an event to generate ideas for redeveloping the corner of Olive and Midland. Among other things, they'll be offering tours of the existing Harris Armstrong building, which was built in 1932 as The Gables Tea Room.

Nothing too exciting, but: the former Goodwill store on Olive just east of North and South is being renovated for a dollar store (not sure which company). Just a few months ago, Goodwill moved into a brand-new building a couple of doors away. Hopefully these signs of a healthy retail environment bode well for the upcoming mixed-use development.
framer wrote:
Nothing too exciting, but: the former Goodwill store on Olive just east of North and South is being renovated for a dollar store (not sure which company). Just a few months ago, Goodwill moved into a brand-new building a couple of doors away. Hopefully these signs of a healthy retail environment bode well for the upcoming mixed-use development.

There is a dollar store down the street at Olive and Midland. Maybe they are planning to move that store into this remodeled building and tear down the old one for a more urban development planned there. Midland and Olive is another node they want to redo.
Actually, I think it's the dollar store further down Olive next to the Schnucks that's moving. The one at Olive and Midland recently expanded within it's existing building. I could be wrong, though.
Now that this site has attracted Senn Biewerks, U City is looking east on Olive. An RFP has been issued for redevelopment of the old Gables Tearoom at Olive and Midland. This is a cute little building designed by Harris Armstrong, which has been vacant for years. The main problem with this site is that it's in the River des Peres flood plain.

http://www.stltoday.com/business/column ... e2c7a.html

http://www.ucitymo.org/742/Olive-Blvd-a ... d-Blvd-RFP
The proposal for the corner of Olive and Midland is for a dog-friendly cafe/coffee shop, dog play area, and community gardens. The Harris Armstrong building would be renovated, and extensive landscaping added.

This is an excellent use for the site, which is technically in a flood plain.

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lwgs4a8w3yyo ... y.pdf?dl=0

BTW, yes, Senn Bierwerks is still moving ahead with their micro-brewery at Olive and North & South.
thanks for the update, starting to get a little worried that the brewery might not be happening since i havent seen any activity on-site.
More info on the proposed Dog Cafe:

http://m.riverfronttimes.com/foodblog/2 ... rsity-city
Nothing has happened here yet and haven't heard a word. Anyone know if the brewery is still happening? What's the hold-up?
Senn's Facebook page says they still hope to break ground before the end of the year "if everything keeps moving forward". Problem is, with the recent special election, the City Council is now controlled by a group of people who don't want to spend city funds on anything north of Delmar (they basically oppose anything Mayor Welsh supports) . I don't know if that's gonna muck up the brewery, but several other projects along Olive are now in doubt.
I hope they have a backup plan to move them to east Loop if that's the case....
latest through the grapevine:

"They are working out details with City staff and MSD. There are a lot of underground utilities on the lot. They poured test pits a few weeks ago. Building materials have been purchased and are waiting in a warehouse for the prep work to be completed. We should be seeing some visible progress on the lot in the next few months, but a cold, wet winter could delay things a bit. Keep watching folks, it is coming!"
From U City's Facebook page:

"Last night the City Council approved the site plan for Senn Bierwerks at the corner of Olive Blvd and North and South Blvd. Building permits and groundwork to follow over the next couple of months".
The latest from U City councilman Rod Jennings:

"The $6 million dollar Senn Bierworks project is a GO! The engineering and soil studies have been completed, the permits have all been approved and a groundbreaking ceremony will be scheduled soon. I spoke with (the developer) and he and his two partners are excited the construction is starting soon.

There will be a Barbecue restaurant named "qUe City" also opening at this site".

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