Brew Hub plans US$20m St Louis Headquarters

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Brew Hub plans US$20m St Louis HQ - as growth takes off

The new US$20m brewery, in St Louis County, Missouri, will become the corporate headquarters of the firm. Brew Hub, founded in 2012, offers “partner” brewing, packaging, distribution and selling services for craft brands that are “constrained by capacity, geography or capital”. Three more additional sites are also planned.


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Why are they building is so far out into the County? 20 miles from AB, man? That's like Valley Park or some horsesh-t like that. Why not Mid-County at least?
Why are there fighter jets flying over the brewery?
^ especially since Chesterfield proved it could not handle air show traffic and they had to cancel
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
^ especially since Chesterfield proved it could not handle air show traffic and they had to cancel

I saw the blue angels there... what did they cancel?
^ I believe the Spirit of Saint Louis Air Show and STEM Expo was planned to be an annual event but they've cancelled at least next year.... not sure if the logistics problem was part of the reason.
I saw F18 planes do touchdowns and takeoffs at spirit last weekend. Not quite an airshow but the noise that those planes make is exciting.
Still don't quite get the connection between beer brewing and the F18s that regularly buzz Chesterfield.
My guess is the brewery is next to Spirit and the planes will be taking off and landing around the airport and over the facility? That is my assumption why there are planes in the drawings of the brewery?
Schlafly is losing its longtime brewmaster to a new brewery set to open in Chesterfield next year.

Jim “Otto” Ottolini will bring two decades of experience at St. Louis' largest and oldest craft brewer to his new role as chief of brewing operations at Brew Hub, which plans to build five breweries to serve the growing craft brewing industry.

In addition to running the company's brewery operations, Ottolini will oversee design and construction of the company's $20 million flagship brewery, which is slated to open in the spring of 2016. The new brewery will be located off of Chesterfield Airport Road, adjacent to the Spirit of St. Louis Airport. ... ured_image
A wish I were a fly on the wall question, Did "Otto" decided to jump ship in part because Schafly hasn't gone forward with a new brewery yet? Ask because my first thought was simply you snooze you lose Schafly
I'm guessing cold, hard cash probably played a role.
building on a f**king flood plain.

i'm not drinking anything brewed in the chesterfield valley.
Mixed emotions about this. Good to see another firm starting up in St. Louis. Once again, the leaders choose to build at the edge of the region rather than doing something closer in. They just don't get it.
I take it more as the founder building close to his home. I also don't get too worked up on location because at end of day Brewhub is essentially a light industrial facility brewing other people's beer. I think Urban Chestnut got it right and Brewhub could easily have been anywhere in the region. Just glad brewhub kept the facility and its corporate identity to the region

To me the big question is what and the heck is going on with Schafly? I can understand wanting a modern facility and passing on the old Lemp brewery, and yes the urban farm idea is kinda of neat. But I think it is big for St. Louis for them to break ground, hopefully along the riverfront, sooner then later considering that InBev has decided to slowly but surely move corporate out of town..
I don't have a problem with this location at all. It's great to see some positive investments come from the ABI debacle.
Bigger and better rendering sans flyover (see OP)


Brew Hub puts Chesterfield brewery on hold, opening St. Louis taproom and restaurant ... e-latest-1
^ that article has a brief but good discussion of the state of craft beer economics.
STLrainbow wrote:
Wed Dec 20, 2017 9:31 am
^ that article has a brief but good discussion of the state of craft beer economics.
Really the perfect time for a Kraftig revamp/aggressive push. I think many, younger, people are overwhelmed by the craft scene. A simple beer that's cheap and truly American would do great.