Pagedale redevelopment

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Effort continues to redevelop Pagedale along Page west of the city - New movie theater and clinic - I hope it turns out better than the senior housing development ... 88861.html
Actually, I don't mind the senior housing. That's a pretty bleak stretch, and these new developments have helped brighten things up considerably. It also can't hurt that there's a new $85 million data center planned just down Page in Wellston.
Movie theater and more coming to Pagedale


Health care services, shops and a movie theater coming soon to Page Avenue in Pagedale are among things residents want but are absent in their low-income area.

So says Chris Krehmeyer, president and chief executive of Beyond Housing, a developer of affordable housing. The nonprofit became a commercial developer, too, starting with a Save-A-Lot grocery that opened in 2010. ... 5d2a0.html
That area is horrible for pedestrians. There are no crosswalks on Page. Page is designed to get cars through there as fast a s possible. It should be a poster child of how the level of service obsession ruins places. I saw that there's a complete streets plan. It couldn't come soon enough.
^ I'm actually more bullish about the North County complete streets and TOD plans moving forward than anything in Mid or South County. There is actually a strong demand for smart and sustainable redevelopment in the Northern inner ring suburbs. Normandy, Pagedale, and Wellston actually have more urban redevelopment plans than much wealthier and in demand suburbs like Maplewood, Richmond Heights, Brentwood etc. I would say Clayton and University city have much better plans too.
Have you been to the new child center in Wellston? Is it actually TOD?

They missed the mark on the incubator. It's parking lot oriented that happens to be near a Metrolink station.
The cinema is opening on November 6th. This project really makes a nice impact on this section of Page.
Great project... ... community/

This should be a model of how inner ring suburbs should be redeveloping. I know many of the South and Mid County burbs have taken the big box route, but in all honesty this is the approach they should be taking...rebuilding main streets has been a proven redevelopment method nationwide, why does this miss so much of the St. Louis area? I've never seen a city where so many of its inner ring suburbs and central city run away from urbanity.
The redo of Page is most welcome too. Crossing it is horribly scary and dangerous. Talk about a road made for people to pass through/get out of Pagedale, and they did.
Where do you go to see movie times? It's not listed on the Wehrenberg website, and it's not on apps like Flixster yet. I want this to succeed but if you can't find upcoming show times it's not possible for me to go there.
^Looks like they've got a website up with showtimes:
Here's the flyer they sent out:
Aquaponics Fish and Vegetable Farm is underway for a large empty lot on N. Market Street and right next to the Rock Road metro stop. Looks like a great project. 130 jobs. ... user-share
Well, I wish him luck. When I worked a summer job for the DoH half a lifetime ago that was part of my territory. There's some neat and historic spots up that way that could use a good break. (I distinctly remember trying to call Beverly Hills city hall, misdialing slightly, and having some St. Louisan assume I was a complete whackjob for trying to get Beverly Hills in the 314. Anyway . . . takes me back. And lord knows there's a demand for fresh fish in the area. (Heck, I could possibly generate a little more demand myself. Now I'm getting hungry.)