The Bellevue at St. Mary’s Senior Living Richmond Heights

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Plans are in the works for a new assisted living facility near SSM St. Mary’s Health Center in Richmond Heights.

The four-story facility, dubbed The Bellevue at St. Mary’s Senior Living, is expected to cost about $21 million. ... 327&r=full
I can't see the whole article. I take it that the single story building in the bottom photo will be replaced with the larger one? Is the view in the rendering looking south on Bellevue?
Yes and yes
Kind of surprised they're putting an assisted living in this spot. It's the last street in this weird wedge of Richmond Heights that's in the Clayton school district. All sorts of tear downs and massive rebuilds on the same block. But given the aging US population I guess the assisted living makes sense so close to the hospital.

My only grouse is maybe some street level retail facing Bellevue.
^ I would agree with some ground retail/commercial space if it was fronting Clayton Ave. However, your on a side street and you essentially got plenty of commercial a short walk away on Clayton as well as tucked away on De Mun. So I am fine as is.
Anyone else notice the line house with the pool. Sucks for that guy

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It looks like a Pear Tree Inn or any of the thousands of tacky plastic roadside motels along any interstate USA
Nice to see it's made of steel and not toothpicks.