St. Louis Corporate Mergers, Acquisitions & Relocations

New and changing stores, restaurants, and businesses in the City of St. Louis
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I'm a little surprised they're taking the store in Shrewsbury but not the one on Kingshighway. Here's to hoping this doesn't lead to the kind of long term vacancies a few of the National purchases caused. (Can't imagine it will. Looks like they're being more selective about what they buy this time.)
So a couple months there was talk of a bidding war between ADM and Glencore for Bunge. Speculation on here was that an ADM takeover would almost certainly be bad for StL because ADM would just consolidate the StL ops in Decatur or Chicago, but the possibility of a Glencore takeover could potentially be very good for StL.

Gone, do you have any insider updates on this?
Looks like the deal for Republic to acquire Trans States fell through: ... ear-death/

Probably good for the region.
Peabody Energy on Friday announced it had agreed to buy the Shoal Creek metallurgical coal mine from Drummond Company, Inc., for $400 million. ... the-latest
These are a bit older, but...

Emerson buys 527m Euro pneumatics business in May: ... n-aventics

Emerson buys $810m Tools & Test business from Textron in July: ... on-textron

A few new St. Louis jobs, but certainly good to see a local company re-grow.
So did the Ascension health merger and relocation actually happen? Seems like not
rencelas wrote:
Sun Sep 23, 2018 9:20 pm
These are a bit older, but...

Emerson buys 527m Euro pneumatics business in May: ... n-aventics

Emerson buys $810m Tools & Test business from Textron in July: ... on-textron

A few new St. Louis jobs, but certainly good to see a local company re-grow.
Looks like you can add another in Emerson's shopping cart

St. Louis-based Emerson Electric said Tuesday it has agreed to buy General Electric Co’s intelligent platforms business, a day after GE replaced its CEO. ... forms.html
Stifel acquired another firm (from the looks of their website, the firm is located in San Francisco): ... 29a68.html ... SKCN1N428R

What does this mean for the future of Bunge NA here in the region? Anyone have some insight?
DogtownBnR wrote:
Tue Oct 30, 2018 1:29 pm ... SKCN1N428R

What does this mean for the future of Bunge NA here in the region? Anyone have some insight?
No insights but can only assume that if another American grain/commodity company like ADM or Cargill buys them it is not good for St Louis in general.
Post Holdings to spin-off power bar business, to be based in STL: ... 11197968C6
Small fry, but:

St. Louis vending machine company acquired

"An Ohio-based vending machine company has acquired a St. Louis remanufacturer and supplier of vending machine equipment and parts. Cleveland-based Vendors Exchange International has taken over American Vending Machines, located at 5206 S. 38th Street, effective Nov. 1. Terms of the deal were not disclosed... American Vending Machines has grown from two employees to 20 in its 20 years of business, Hayes said. American Vending had an estimated 1,600 vending machines in stock at the time.

Hayes said all 20 of American Vending Machines’ employees will still stay on staff, and that he will remain with the combined company in a sales role."
Bayer to reduce 12,000 jobs worldwide. Here is the press release: ... presskit=1

The most relevant segment for St Louis seems to be:
"around 4,100 positions at Crop Science as the result of integrating the acquired agriculture business;"
which could imply that Bayer is shedding its own (presumably smaller) ag-tech division due to the acquisition of Monsanto.
A significant number of the job cuts, about 10 percent of Bayer’s 118,200 positions worldwide, would be in Germany, officials said. ... -from.html
I figured even before this announcement, that Bayer would layoff Monsanto employees in an attempt to gain 'synergies'. 4000 in the US could hit STL hard.

Could Bayer have bitten off more than it could chew? Not common to see the acquiring organization layoff tons of people. It is usually the other way around. I bet employees of the other units of Bayer are even angry about the acquisition of Monsanto.
^ I've not heard anyone say that those 4,000 layoffs for "synergies" will only be in the US. I have heard that Germany will take the brunt of it. Considering Bayer Crop Science is HQ'd in STL now, my guess is most of those "synergies" will come out of Europe. I'm sure some redundant positions will be eliminated in STL but not 4,000 jobs. That would nearly eliminate their entire workforce here and as far as I know that's not their angle.

We'll see, but I think St. Louis will continue to play a big role in Bayer's future.
I've been under the impression that North Carolina would be taking the brunt of the American layoffs while things consolidate in STL. Maybe I'm just an optimist
Earth observation company Planet plans to acquire Boundless Spatial Inc., a geospatial software specialist, “to accelerate the adoption by government and enterprise customers of commercial geospatial information services,” said Robbie Schingler, Planet co-founder and chief strategy officer. The terms of the deal announced Dec. 18 were not disclosed.

In November 2017, Boundless moved its headquarters to St. Louis. NGA, based in Springfield, Virginia, is preparing to build a new NGA West headquarters in North St. Louis. Planet will retain Boundless’ St. Louis office and “select staff,” according to a press release. ... s-spatial/
Just an FYI. McKesson bought St. Louis-based D&K Healthcare in 2005. D&K was a $2.5-billion firm on the F1000 before San Francisco-based McKesson bought it. McKesson is moving to the Dallas area. I've lived in Dallas and it isn't necessarily the "SunBelt". Its weather can be akin to Atlanta's, but Dallas draws so many large relocating firms (Toyota North America, AT&T, etc) and now McKesson.

St. Louis needs to find out what's going on in Dallas.

D&K Healthcare Resources to Be Acquired by McKesson Corporation; D&K Customers Will Gain Access to Expanded Range of Products and Services

McKesson, nation's sixth largest company, is moving corporate HQ from California to Irving
Bayer to cut more than 600 positions in suburban Pittsburgh (video)

Bayer has a 15-building campus in Pittsburgh.

The full Bayer statement is as follows:

“For more than 150 years, Bayer has stood for quality and trust, making innovative products in health and nutrition that improve lives and make a contribution to society. Our employees around the globe work every day to find solutions to a growing and aging population.

“With the acquisition of Monsanto completed last year, we doubled the size of our business in the United States to more than $16 billion in sales, and we now employ more than 20,000 people in 300 locations across the country.

“As part of the work to bring our companies together and significantly improve productivity and profitability, Bayer announced in November 2018 that it will reduce 12,000 jobs globally by 2021.

In the United States, we are beginning to implement this by consolidating administrative functions to best support our agriculture business, which is headquartered in St. Louis, and our healthcare businesses, which are headquartered in Whippany, N.J.

“As a first step toward this consolidation, we are announcing that we will be closing our administrative site in Robinson, PA, and informed employees at this site today. This decision will impact 569 positions and 96 contractors.

“This is certainly a difficult decision given the impact it will have on our colleagues and their families, and the important role the site has played in our company’s history. We have an extremely talented workforce in Robinson and a proud and rich history. We thank our colleagues for their hard work and dedication over the years.

“We will transition the site closing in a thoughtful, orderly manner over a two-year period to provide ample time for employees and operations to transition smoothly and to ensure that we continue to serve our customers and businesses effectively. We are exploring options where key work at the site will be performed.

“We have the utmost appreciation for the employees and their families affected by this decision, and we are committed to treating each employee with dignity and respect throughout this process. We know that changes like this can be uneasy and even a bit stressful for our employees – and for the community. That is why we will honor our commitments and continue to support important groups like non-profits and other charitable organizations in the region at the same level in 2019 and 2020.”
Former Ralcorp employees to be laid off by TreeHouse. 170 will lose their jobs. Bad for St. Louis and terrible for downtown. ... 83215.html
Another storied St. Louis company entirely gone. Too bad.