Circa STL restaurant just had a quiet opening in Des Peres this week (1090 Old Des Peres Road) -- former Zydeco Blues, and Cafe Americain next to the old Casa Gallardo at Manchester and I-270. This is the building but new name, Circa STL, replaces the old one shown here.


My wife and I went there for lunch today. (The grand opening is planned for Saturday, Nov 5th, but it is open now.) I was impressed. The place is filled with St. Louis historical pictures and objects that the owner collected over a 40 year span. The menu features St. Louis food -- toasted ravioli, St. Louis style pizza, Famous Bar French onion soup, gooey butter cake, etc. Full bar with St. Louis beers. The menu also includes a lot of traditional comfort food such as hamburgers and sandwiches, etc. that are not necessarily exclusive St. Louis items.

I chose off the lunch menu, where you can get a half size pizza or sandwich, and a side item. I got a pepperoni pizza and salad. The small pizza was perfect for lunch -- and cracker thin Imo's style crust and cut into squares. The salad was was very very good with the house dressing.

I only had time to see a fraction of the things in the cases and covering every wall, but I'll be going back again and plan to check out the memorabilia. They have TVs throughout for sports fans, and outdoor dining on the North End, so usually in the shade.

We met the owner on our way out -- Brian Walsh. He used to own another restaurant in Chesterfield. This place is supposed to be featured in STL Mag soon, our server said. They are hoping to get staff and computers humming before larger crowds show up, but it all worked fine today for us.

It is easy to get to from the West on Manchester, but not too bad from I-270 if you take the Dougherty Ferry exit and turn north on to Des Peres Road to get there.

This article tells more about the owners and the concept. Looks like a fun place.