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^ Maybe the Blues offering Scottrade to youth organizations needing ice is a subtle way to introduce a downtown complex...
^ yeah, kind of what I was thinking.... helping secure city support for a Scottrade revamp by introducing a community-involved project.... Wild plans on having lots of public skate up there.
Samantha Liss @samanthann
John Ross says a NEW hockey facility is on its way to replace Hardee's Iceplex. His group will make a financial contribution, won't own it.
Samantha Liss ‏@samanthann
@samanthann Ross is light on the details, but says it will stay "out west" and is "probably two years away."

there is that...."out west"
The Hardee's ice complex is rubble


"The three-story, 65,000-square-foot venue at 16851 N. Outer 40 Road is slated to open toward the end of 2018" ... b334f.html