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^ Good points. Just to add to the concerns is NAFTA has been one of the bright spots for US grain and corn export markets in terms of US production & that might easily be upended if POTUS pulls out. South America could easily fill the gap and leave US with even more of a corn glut.

In terms of St. Louis, I think the real concern is how will Bunge NA make out in a changing commodity world in part to a lot of the big South American producers selling direct to Asian buyers & forgoing the middle man such as the Cargill & Bunge of the world as well as the fact that US exports not as strong as they use to be for various reasons, even more so if we drop out of NAFTA. Expanded ethanol production might another agriculture niche that help Bunge NA be a stand alone instead of being sold off to Cargill or the likes.

My side bar, ethanol is just one more of the long list of transportation items subsidized that people go into denial about.
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