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S. Louis Union Station Hotel has upgraded from the DoubleTree to Curio by Hilton.
The four star St. Louis Union Station - Curio by Hilton.
This is quite a boost up in namesake as the Hilton Curio hotel class is quite distinguished.

http://curiocollection3.hilton.com/en/h ... index.html

At a Glance
Within sweeping archways, fresco and gold leaf detailing, mosaics and glass windows, you’ll find the St. Louis Union Station Hotel, Curio Collection by Hilton. Our AAA Four Diamond Hotel provides a truly elegant experience in the heart of a bustling metropolitan area. Transport yourself to a time when travel was an art and the fine details were important.

Every guest room boasts timeless décor, a work area, 37-inch TV and spacious bathroom. Opt for a suite with a courtyard view, concierge lounge access and added amenities. Several of our suites offer exclusive access on the historical side of the building and are individually railroad themed.

Dining is a unique experience at our Union Station hotel with offerings ranging from upscale American cuisine to a quick sandwich or pastry. Savor delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Station Grille with lovely fountain views. Stop by the Grand Hall Market for your morning Starbucks coffee and grab a local treat or souvenir.

After a busy day in St. Louis, unwind with one of our many hotel amenities. Workout in the fitness center, swim some laps in the outdoor seasonal pool and revel in The Grand Hall Experience 3D Light Show. Plan your next St. Louis event in our 100,000 sq. ft. of flexible space for up to 2,000 people. Our unique venue, on-site event staff and catering options make your wedding day as perfect as possible.
Does the Curio give out free cookies?
Is there any update on the Aquarium/Ferris Wheel? With the exception of BPV, this is the one development I'm fearful will never get off the ground.
You shouldn't be fearful at all on this project.

The entire outdoors (trainshed) is under construction and will open in November in time for their holiday kick off events which is looking to be huge for them. Then right after the holiday, the construction will begin on the interior demolition and aquarium build in etc...

This is NOTHING like BPV and the hands involved there. Union Station is owned and managed by a good company that has money and good investments. The timeline was laid out for Union Station and for the most part is right on schedule.

By the way:
Biz Journo has a peak at the holiday plans...

http://www.bizjournals.com/stlouis/news ... tions.html

Also, an earlier article said they plan on 500,000 ferris wheel rides first year.
I don't understand the train rides at all. Does the train actually go anywhere?
I'm strictly guessing here, but I expect it makes a circuit on the TRRA. The Green Train used to do that sometimes; north along the High Line, east across Merchants, south through Madison, and west again across MacArthur. Home again, home again, jiggity jig. There does appear to be a ride. Not sure of the routing. But it could easily be something like that. Not too exotic, but you get to go under the arch, you cross the river a couple of times, and you get some decent views of downtown from the MacArthur approach.
^ probably something like that.... I do know that they had a stop near the Trigen/Union power plant with holiday props. (should say at least there were props out but don't know if it was an actual stop.)
The High Line passes that plant. (I've volunteered a little with the railroads and studied them, but I'm no railroad employee and even as a hobbyist I'm rusty and out of touch, but . . .) The "High Line" is the TRRA trackage that begins at the east end of the yards south of Union Station, I believe specifically at a control point called Gratiot where there used to be a tower. It then proceeds across a series of bridges and viaducts, through the tunnels beneath the arch, along the viaduct under the Ead's Bridge and below Laclede's Landing, and right in front of the Trigen plant. It then runs through the tangle of yards and trackage along the north riverfront until it meets the approaches to the Merchant's Bridge. The TRRA also has what amounts to an east belt (I forget if it is officially called that) which passes their primary yard at Madison and proceeds south to the north apporoach to the MacArthur bridge, which then dumps right back into that same control point at Gratiot. So you just about have a circle, which is darn convenient for a tourist train operation. The only downside is that the scenery is the sort of gritty industrial stuff that's mostly interesting to rail buffs and urban explorers. There was at one time also a West Belt, but that was retired years ago. The southern part was incorporated into the Metrolink blue line and much of the northern part is a trail.
Good info, Poet. Not exactly a snowy wonderland, but I guess the kids will have enough to keep them entertained. Crossing the bridges alone would be a thrill.

Seems that it would be awfully hard to coordinate a continuous run, what with all the freight switching and things, but I'm sure they know what they're doing.
STLrainbow wrote:
^ probably something like that.... I do know that they had a stop near the Trigen/Union power plant with holiday props. (should say at least there were props out but don't know if it was an actual stop.)

AHHHHH! I never could figure out what those were doing there! This would make perfect sense! :shock:
Ice skating for Kevin B under the trainshed.
They are working on the roof of the trainshed along the side on Truman. Can't wait to see the progress of the shed
Gateway City wrote:
Sun Aug 14, 2016 8:57 pm

Something like the new Orlando Polercoaster would be more thrilling than a Ferris wheel. Make it taller than theirs and stick a Dave and Buster's in the ground level. NOLA is getting something similar, but much shorter.

Re sharing my old post because it’s relevant. Also, this thread has been dead for two years, but there has been some progress on Union Station since then. The aquarium is opening next year.

I honestly don’t see a Ferris wheel as something exciting. Some pointed out that a polercoaster would be too loud downtown, but Denver has an entire amusement park downtown and Vancouver has one in the middle of a city neighborhood.

That said, I can see how noise could be an issue. With that in mind, maybe somewhere like the riverfront would be more feasible, but then it wouldn’t really have anything to do with the Union Station project. I just think this would be something fun enough to get kids and adults alike downtown.
More details about other attractions included in this development:
https://www.tripsavvy.com/skyplex-inter ... do-3226241

-Drop ride
-Surfing attractions

And others, plus a hotel included. So, perhaps noise isn’t truly a cause for concern.
Some new renderings from KSDK after a hardhat tour. Looks like the ferris wheel has moved to a new location on the west side of the shed:


So they moved the Ferris Wheel to the MLS side... 8)