City Residential Building Permits

New and changing stores, restaurants, and businesses in the City of St. Louis
wabash wrote:
Thu Jan 18, 2018 9:33 pm
KC: 454 - 3-4 unit structures.
Milwaukee: 0 - 3-4 unit structures.

Not really sure what the cause or significance of that is, but what a random contrast.

So the Cleve and Pittsburgh struggling; Minne, Columbus and KC ripping; And everyone else plodding along.
Columbus is surprising to me until I thought about comment in Amazon thread about being home to Ohio State University. Completely lost track of that fact and probably a big driver why Columbus is crushing Cleveland and Cinci within the state.

Almost scary to think if St Louis didn't have Wash U &Medical school, SLU and the number of colleges, universities present

The other thought, do anyone think St. Louis will still be on a climb where as KC might see some taper off in 2018-2019? KC had some nice projects come on line, especially by city supporting Power & Light bonds, and the streetcar pushed some others along sooner as well. However, neither St Louis or KC are attracting the big job moves into each respective area like you see in Denver or MSP & the fact that St. Louis is still playing catch up on building after lagging KC for a while.
2018 permits through April looking good, especially on multi-fam rehab ... Report.pdf
August numbers are out - Another strong year for rehabs, multifamily rehabs looks like it will set a record- But what is really impressive is new single family - 133 permits issued this year already laps the last year - Probably will be the best year in decades ... Report.pdf
Year to date $1.125B in building permits have been issued in St. Louis City. This surpasses an inflation-adjusted $1.15B for all of 2006, the highest in recent history.
Building Permits Total Over $1.2B in St. Louis in 2018 ... s-in-2018/
^That's going to be a tough year to beat. Lots of interesting projects underway right now.
A great year. Would be curious to see St. Louis County's numbers as well.
Would that I could, but #Fragmentation