North county/ Ferguson The Aftermath

New and changing stores, restaurants, and businesses in the City of St. Louis
This regards Baltimore, but I thought I'd post this rather curious article here:

Anirban Basu: Riots might prevent apartment bubble from bursting in Baltimore ... -help.html

so, a good thing then? I can see the riots begin masterminded by an evil housing policy wonk.

Back to The Ferg, any further sense of the housing market?
^ I am curious if that has affected the housing market in the area and could ripple metrowide. Is the area around Ferguson far enough east so as to not have any concerns with the Westlake Landfill? Since it seems like any of the areas of North County that doesn't have the crime concern has one of several environmental concerns which extends into the city of St. Charles.
Jack Dorsey to take a significant amount of his Square equity to use to invest in small businesses in undeserved areas. First target is Ferguson, MO. ... mmunities/

The equity is being routed to Start Small Foundation, a new organization created by Dorsey that will invest in artists, musicians, and local businesses in underserved communities around the world. All his donated shares are for sale through his organization, which gives Square customers the ability to buy into Start Small’s program and support Dorsey’s efforts.

In a tweet, Dorsey said that the first investment made by the Start Small Foundation will be in his home state of Missouri, helping those in Ferguson, which has certainly seen its share of problems over the years.
Couple developments this week:

Ferguson releases proposed settlement with the Justice Department ... 78a7a.html

It's not yet clear how much the agreement could cost the city which is already facing millions of dollars in budget shortfalls.

In recent weeks, the Ferguson City Council has agreed to put two tax increases on the April ballot — an economic development sales tax and a property tax raising roughly $2 million per year....

In Ferguson, vote to replace deceased councilman exposes racial divide ... 4b967.html

"It's more of the same in Ferguson," Tricamo said. "It was ridiculous."
The death spiral continues in Ferguson. Do we come together as a region or let them wither?

KMOX - Ferguson Proposes Big Cuts for City Workers Without Tax Increases

KMOX News has obtained documents showing the possible impact of the Department of Justice’s tentative agreement with Ferguson on systemic changes following the Michael Brown shooting, including pay cuts for police officers and firefighters. ... increases/
If the US Government says Ferguson is no longer allowed to enforce the regulation prohibiting pedestrians from walking down the middle of the street, then it's pretty hopeless (I wonder if it's legal in DC?).
The synergy between spreading out and fragmentation continues. Anyone know the limit to how high utility tax rates can be?

StlToday - Ferguson proposes tax hike to cover costs of revamping police and court

Mayor James Knowles III and the City Council met Sunday to consider putting a 2-percent increase in the city utility tax on the ballot Aug. 2. Knowles and council members voted unanimously to send the issue to voters. ... 6334f.html
Dozens Of Ferguson Protesters Were Charged Under A Bad Law. Now They Could Be Arrested Again.
St. Louis County is acting unlawfully, but citizens will pay the price. ... bb1171e652
Two years out. Our structural problems have been met with little structural reform. Here's hoping SB5 and follow on SB 572 hold up in court and convince more towns to merge or disincorporate. The incentives within the political structure point towards maintaining the status quo. Those bills, lawsuits, etc change the financial incentives which may be the only way to encourage change.
Someone should buy this bad boy and live like a king in the best part of Ferguson. It looks like Webster Groves. Definitely needs work, but wow.
This Vox piece on the 2nd anniversary of the Michael Brown shooting is the best short summary I've seen. ... ce=twitter

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Everything You Think You Know About the Death of Mike Brown Is Wrong, and the Man Who Killed Him Admits It
As part of a civil suit filed last year against Wilson, a court document reveals some stunning admissions from the former Ferguson police officer. In a court docket filed Dec. 28, the cop who killed Brown admitted to using racial slurs, cursing at Brown before he was killed and grabbing him without provocation. ... 1793261221
Jeremy Kohler of the St. Louis Post Dispatch does a good job of addressing this report and all the recent splashy reports that question some assumptions about Ferguson and Michael Brown. ... 5d225.html

We've become used to folks on the right such as Rush Limbaugh and Fox presenting half-truths to support a right leaning political agenda. Mr. Trump cashed in on that. But we're learning that some folks on the left are also not above the use of selective editing to get PR and mouse clicks or promote a left-leaning conspiracy theory. Anyone can look like a big time news organization on the surface nowaday. So, when I hear a report that I want to be true, I usually wait until I see it published by an organization that has won multiple Pulitzer Prizes for journalism over a period of decades before I buy in.
Not without less auto-oriented adjacent land \uses

Can West Florissant be made into a ‘Great Street’?
“We are trying to get that same kind of feel that’s in the Delmar Loop and bring it here to Dellwood and Ferguson,” said Reggie Jones, mayor of the City of Dellwood. ... 62394.html
gary kreie wrote:
Thu Mar 16, 2017 3:44 pm
So, when I hear a report that I want to be true, I usually wait until I see it published by an organization that has won multiple Pulitzer Prizes for journalism over a period of decades before I buy in.
Sorry, won't happen. You'll have to base all your knowledge on the one interview Wilson had with his former coworkers in the prosecution.
Wilson also told the grand jury that Brown punched him in the face. The Root article says the latest documents prove there was no attack by Brown.

But that’s not the case. The assault just didn’t come up in any detail in the interrogatory questions.
That's the big problem, really. "Hey, the grand jury cleared Wilson so there's no problem. No, they didn't probe him in detail about any of the main issues of the case, why would that matter? The system works." I don't know what the truth is in the case, and nobody else does either, because the justice system made a concerted effort to look into it as little as possible and demonize Brown as much as possible.

Death of Ferguson Protester Edward Crawford Highlights Struggle to Live Free ... ee-n755521

The suspected suicide of Edward Crawford, a well-known Ferguson protester, rolled over the city like a black cloud, dimming hope in a place with little to spare. His death came inexplicably, tragically, at the barrel of a gun...

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