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Atlas Restaurant, located in the building on the corner of Belt & Pershing, will be closing for 3-4 weeks in mid-January as they undergo an expansion.

Carry on.

Did that crappy corner market go out of business?

Metropolis West End is turning that corner office into their showroom and sales office. There is already permanent "signage" in the windows and that should be ready in the next month or so.

In the same building on Belt there is a coffe/pastry shop called Sweet Dough Hot Beans that recently expanded as well.

On the corner of Pershing and Union is a small cafe called Cafe Mense. They have good happy hour prices on martini's and beer and each night they have a different item for dinner. Also serve coffee and have small market items such as cereal, milk, beer, bottled water, etc.

This is good news. Glad to hear that businesses are doing well and expanding in this area. Also, I didn't realize that a lot of these buildings were making condo conversions until recently. It is a no brainer. This neighborhood is smack dab in the middle of everything. It it has two Metro lines, etc.

The company that did my condo anticipates being busy until at least 2010 just in that area.

Careful with that quote

"smack dab in the middle"

Officials in Swansea, IL used it to describe their location between Lambert Intl. and MidAmerica airport along the Metrolink line as read in the article from December found on the Metro East forum group and Swansea thread. :wink:

More retail and services is badly needed in DeBaliviere Place. My suggestions:

That restaurant-looking building on Pershing near Clara would be perfect for a Bread Co. or something similar. Lots of students and MetroLink commuters who would definitely stop in for coffee and a sandwich, and it even has a small parking lot.

Tear down the *hole strip center on DeBaliviere and build streetfront retail with residential above. This district was once known as the DeBaliviere Strip, and I think it would be great to bring back the name to hype up the area. There is no hope for the strip mall as it stands now-- it must be torn down.

I think the storefront office across from Cafe Mense that used to be the Movie Shop (that still oddly has the sign up even though the Movie Shop has been closed for about 6 or 7 years) would be a perfect spot for a neighborhood watering hole. Outdoor seating and late hours would add a lot of life to that corner.

^ I agree. Especially about replacing the strip center with a proper retail streetscape.

The worst thing to ever happen to the neighborhood was the addition of the Pathways drug treatment center at Pershing and DeBaliviere - I've seen some f-ed up people around there. I don't know how they were allowed to open up there, but perhaps since there were far less condo owners and far more renters in the neighborhood at the time, the neighbors didn't have as much clout as they would now. There used to be a corner market and a coffee shop and some other stuff there that would be nice to have back. Prime retail space.

The old Movie Stop building houses a graphic design firm that appears closed all the time and adds virtually nothing to the street life in the neighborhood.

That strip center sucks - I've you've ever seen pictures of the old Garavelli's and the other buildings that used to be there, you'd weep. Gasm, you're right about the neighborhood needing a watering hole. My friends and I tried to adopt Q's as our "home base" when we all lived there, but it just wasn't our kind of place. It needs a nice comfy bar with no attitude. That's why I was not a fan of Nik's - the place was cool, but I got sick of the attitude from the servers.

The expansion is almost complete. It looks like they'll probably re-open by next weekend. The expansion looks very nice. BIG improvement over what they previously had.

The worst thing to ever happen to the neighborhood was the addition of the Pathways drug treatment center at Pershing and DeBaliviere

I went to the neighborhood security meeting Thursday night and learned that Mark Jaffe has bought that building. The drug rehabbers are gone. I think he's letting Metropolis use some space in the building. Other than that I'm sure any plans he has are better than what's been there. As far as I can tell, he started by powerwashing the smelly sidewalk and replacing burned out bulbs in the building's overhang. Can't wait to see what other improvements are made. :)

That's awesome - I wish that would have happened when I still lived there!

Atlas reopened last night. The place was packed.

I have no review at this time. I still haven't taken my lazy butt over there. Um, it's too cold outside.
I took some photos of the newly remodled interior of the restaurant, but don't know how (or if anyone wants me to) to post them. The place looks great! The owners told me that they were turning down reservations for weeks and had to wait for the fire inspection to get open. I guess they passed!

They have one of the best salads I have ever had there, it is made with lettuce, walnuts, marinated beets and goat cheese. And the Pork Chop is excellent as well.

Hope this helps :wink:

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DeBaliviere Place restaurant closing

A DeBaliviere Place restaurant is set to close next month after owners Diane and Bryan Carr said they couldn't negotiate a new lease. ... osing.html ... 9645534945
It sounds like the company that owns that building is pushing everyone out. I wonder what the end game is with it.
remember the corner market that was there and doughboys?