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Here's another one for those who enjoy over-analyzing the psychology of modernist architecture:

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Building the Smart City Workshop.

"On December 4th, St. Louis’ citizens, entrepreneurs, and civic leaders will meet to road-map iNeighborhoods’ development of the Delmar Loop, Forest Park, and possibly other St. Louis region locations. This is about the use of technology to foster connectedness and inclusivity and expand the opportunities for ALL citizens."...

At the Visitor Center in Forest Park. More info and sign-up here:
Citizen Jane just got put on Hulu. Good watch about Jane Jacob's and the urban renewal movement. Some mentions of STL as well
Not entirely sure where to put this, but I saw this video today on the increasing number of cities that are using railroad station redevelopments as catalysts for larger urban renewal. The video focused mainly on Denver's redevelopment of Union Station, but I figure it's just as relevant in St. Louis:
NPR - First-Ever Evictions Database Shows: 'We're In the Middle Of A Housing Crisis' ... ing-crisis
^Makes an awful lot of good sense.