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I haven't seen a thread like this yet.

So, what brings you here?

What part of the STL are you from?

How old are you?

What do you do, or study?

What do you want to learn about St. Louis?

Post photos if you want.

1.) What brings me here- After traveling the country for a good solid two years back in 1999 I really started realizing how unique and how cool St. Louis is compared to other cities. Until you visit 20-30 cities across the country it's too easy to think everywhere else has to be better than here. I'm here to help educate and to learn.

2.) Grew up in Clifton Heights, Dutchtown and SOCO (Mehlville) looking to get back into the city asap now that the majority of my travel are over.

3.) 36

4.) I work in Experiential Marketing (Mobile, Event Marketing).

5.) Mehlville Senior High

1) i grew up here, and not going to any other city.

2) grew up in the skinker/debaliviere, for the most part

3) 23

4) in college still, architecture

5) crossraods

So, what brings you here?

I grew up here, went away to college, and now am obsessed with the development of the city.

What part of the STL are you from? Northy county... does that count?

How old are you? 24

What do you do, or study? Architect

(The Ultimate St Louis "Get to Know You" question) What High School did you go to ? Pattonville high school

I found this website via the Built St. Louis website, and I love discussions on development in St. Louis

Hometown: Bridgeton is actually in Northwest County, with Hazelwood, Maryland Heights, St. Ann, and Overland.

Age: Nineteen and twenty in December

Studying City and Regional Planning at MO State Univ in Springfield, MO

High School graduate of Pattonville, home of the pirates

So, what brings you here? I'm a nut for STL.

What part of the STL are you from? Born in the city, raised in Creve Coeur, live in the city.

How old are you? 27.

What do you do, or study? Full-time hotel manager, part-time grad student, have a cool STL-themed apparel company (

The Ultimate St Louis "Get to Know You" question) What High School did you go to? Parkway North.

So, what brings you here? My love for St. Louis brought me to the Skyscraperpage Forum a little over 3 years ago, then Arch City started St. Louis Rising a year and a half ago, then we moved here in December.

What part of the STL are you from? Southwest city, 3 blocks east of Hampton Village.

How old are you? A little over 19

What do you do, or study? I am majoring in Urban Affairs at SLU, with plans to earn a Masters in Urban Planning and Real Estate Development at SLU. I also do a little work with websites including and my stalled out project on St. Louis,

(The Ultimate St Louis "Get to Know You" question) What High School did you go to ? St. Mary's High School on Grand

1. I moved to STL after college because my then fiancee was from here and she moved back for graduate school. We ended up calling things off but I fell in love with the city and have decided to stay for a few more years. Just bought my first home here and my second will be purchased within a year.

2. I first lived in Ballwin when I moved here, then lived in Clayton, and just recently moved to the CWE. Will be moving to Wash Ave next summer!

3. 26

4. I work for a mortgage lender and travel A LOT for the job but my passion has become real-estate development and will hopefully make a move towards that within the next 3-4 months.

5. I started HS in Tempe, AZ and then finished in a small town in southern Alabama. What a culture shock that was!

So, what brings you here? I LOVE St. Louis I start expressing my love for the STL on the Skyscraperpage Forum almost two years ago, then Arch City started St. Louis Rising almost two years ago, then we moved here in December.

What part of the STL are you from? Chesterfield also Florissant and other areas of North County

How old are you? 19

What do you do, or study? I am hoping to study Real Estate and urban development.

(The Ultimate St Louis "Get to Know You" question) What High School did you go to ? Marquette Highschool in Chesterfield.

So, what brings you here? After graduating from Mizzou in 2000, I dedided that I wanted to move to the St. Louis area because it has so much to offer. I have also fallen in love with the entire St. Louis area and am totally thrilled with all the new development going on here (especially downtown).

What part of the STL are you from? I'm not originally from St. Louis. I grew up in Mexico, MO (in Mid-Missouri) and went to school/college in Columbia. I lived in Richmond Heights for three years before moving to O'Fallon, MO, a year ago.

How old are you? 27

What do you do, or study? I work in the travel industry in St. Peters. I have a degree in Geography from Mizzou.

(The Ultimate St Louis "Get to Know You" question) What High School did you go to? Mexico Senior High School

I'm here because I love all things urban.

I'm from the Metro East. My father brought us here through the Air Force. I grew up in Fairview Heights, spent two years in Washington D.C., and moved up to Chicago for College in 2000. I'm now in Chicago, but I plan to live in STL at some point in my life.

I'm 23 years old, as of April

What do you do, or study? I'm just graduated in May with a BFA in Fine Arts, but my focus was film and video. I was in STL for a couple of months after, and I just got to Chicago a few weeks ago, so I'm currently jobless, but looking extremely hard.

I went to Althoff Catholic High School, in Belleville IL, the largest private school on the east side.

1) I have lived in St. Louis my whole life.

2) South City-Holly Hills Neighborhood

3) 21

4) I am a Senior at William Jewell College in Liberty, MO. I study Psychology.

5)Christian Brothers College High School (CBC)

I started making freinds who live in the suburbs when i began high school and started to realize how unique my neighborhood was, so i started looking at websites like builtstlouis and eventually this one.

University City


i'm still in high school, so does ultimate frisbee count :wink: actually i have a summer job in a wharehouse in north city

I'm still at DeSmet, it's a west county school, ugh. At least i get to give urban insight to friends who otherwise would have been lost forever.

I saw a kid wearing a metropolis shirt once and he actually had no idea what metropolis stl was. I gotta get out of there.

I got here via SSP. A friend sent me a link a while back of an STL photo thread, and I started lurking over there for several months, mostly admiring the photo work of the members. Then I saw a link in somebody's sig line (i think it was Citylover) and I just followed it over here. I've been living back in St. Louis for over three years now, after a break in Florida for a couple years, and KC and Park Hills Mo for college. What brings me here is a love for all things STL, and the upward development of the city. What keeps me here is the fun we seem to have.

I was born in Houston, TX. Raised in Webster Groves, lived in Park Hills, MO, Kansas City, MO (THE CITY!), St. Petersburg, FL, back to Webster Groves, Affton (for a month before I wanted to shoot myself), Shrewsbury and now Tower Grove South. On Connecticut. Love the neighborhood.

I am 27 years old.

I'm doing several things right now. 1. I'm the Assistant Basketball Coach at Webster Groves HS, and Head JV Coach as well. 2. I'm a technician for a Laser Surgery Supply Company. 3. I'm a freelance writer, writing everything from sports columns to screenplays. 4. I'm looking at going back to school, and might be working for the WG School District in the near future (to be around the team more)

I went to Webster Groves High School.

And yes, it's strange being back there coaching the team I used to play for. My old HS coach has since retired, so at least it's not THAT weird. Graduated in 1996, ten years later I'm coaching there.

No pics online, but I do have a friendster profile:

If you wanted to know more about my awesomeness. :)

In a round about way, I too found this website via Builtstlouis. I?m absolutely fascinated by all of the development taking place and can?t get enough info.

Currently, my partner & I share a mid-century ranch in Crestwood, but I?ve lived in Clayton, Ferguson, Mid-town and South City.

I?m 39 - for the first time!

I do accounting work for a local newspaper by day, and have dabbled a bit with interior design.

What High School? Quincy Senior High. I was born and raised in Quincy, IL and moved to St. Louis for college in (yikes!) 1983. For years, I?ve always thought ?What if St. Louis?? and now I?m absolutely stunned to see so much happening at once. Wow.

So, what brings you here? Always like going into and looking around the city. Found the rising ST. Louis website just putzing around on google and then found my way here after reading the merger post.

What part of the STL are you from? I was born and raised in Ballwin.

How old are you? 23

What do you do, or study? I now live in New Jersey as an masters student in Urban Planning.

Found this website googling, too. It was after a recent visit and seeing how everything was developing all over the city.

Originally from Richmond Heights, but lived mostly in the Central West End and other areas, too. I have spent more of my 45 years in the Washington, DC area than in St. Louis - moving back and forth. We left St. Louis before I entered high school (maybe that is why I hate that ?). However, I consider St. Louis my hometown and have become obsessed with it.

I work in downtown DC at headquarters for a national charity. My office is plastered with pics of St. Louis, some of them from this website. I have become addicted to this website and afraid to ignore it because there are new developments announced every day! If I could do it over again, I would study urban planning. Observing it has become my favorite hobby.

I would move to St. Louis today if it were possible. But, my partner is very comfortable in DC. If I hadn't invested 15 years in this relationship, I would probably dump him and move out there. JUST KIDDING! But, I will keep working on him.

So, what brings you here?

I think I came across these forums just looking for some more online info about downtown development. Would love to open something up down here.

What part of the STL are you from?

I'm from Bethalto, IL

How old are you?


What do you do, or study?

IT Director for a company downtown. Been working downtown on Washington for over 8 years now - can't even begin to describe how much I've seen it change.

(The Ultimate St Louis "Get to Know You" question) What High School did you go to ?

Civic Memorial

I moved to St. Louis in 2000 after my adopted parents moved here. My father helped start the MO River Otters in St. Charles. I've lived in St. Peters, St. Charles, Westport area, South County, CWE, and now near the DeMun neighborhood (I move alot I guess). I am 26 years old, work in sales for the RFT. I went to high school at John Marshall High School (which means nothing to anyone on the board). I would post a pic, but have no idea how to do that. Well, enough about me...

So, what brings you here?

I moved back from Fort Collins, CO in August of 2002, after an off-on attempt at college at Colorado State U. and managing an ice rink, spending too much time with my snowboard, etc. When I came back I would just drive. I only drove in the city, I was just drawn to it. After seeing Denver explode in the late nineties, I thought "St. Louis can do this..." I even wrote a paper in it for a comp class out there, about our skeletal downtown without any life-no people-no blood-but soul. When I came back I became obsessed. Looked up online and found built st louis and lead me here, after a long battle with my inner soul about being a "one of those board junkies."

What part of the STL are you from?

Ladue,(bet you didn't see that coming) live in Rock Hill now.

How old are you?

25, on the 24th of July.

What do you do, or study?

Managment and Marketing degrees at UMSL, due to graduate my collegiate mulligan this december. Starting to get serious about rehabbing...done some work in L Square, and McKinley Heights looks good...

(The Ultimate St Louis "Get to Know You" question) What High School did you go to ?

Ladue Horton Watkins High School...I know, i know, now you've labeled me. I'm the antichrist, etc, etc.

Well, my parents brought me here. Born and raised on the Southside, Kingshighway/Chippewa area. I've since lived a few other areas around the Southside and CWE, but I've never even had a JOB west of the Innerbelt!

At 43, I see I'm one of the older folks on this forum. I take that as a good sign for the future of St. Louis.

I studied architecture quite a bit in highschool (Southwest), and expected it to become my career, but life happens...

I am currently co-owner of a custom picture framing shop on Washington Avenue Downtown. Looking out our front windows, I see the transformation of St. Louis taking place daily. I used to drive around the city and imagine what a fantastic place it must have been 2 or 3 generations ago. I truly believe that we may become that kind of city again. Things are really happening now. Let's keep the momentum going forward.

What brings me here...I found the website because I'm always looking for more information on our constantly developing city. I'm living in the city because I've always loved it and couldn't bear leaving after I finished my degree at SLU. Every time I move, it's a little closer to the Arch. Started in Sullivan MO, grew up in St. Chuck, moved on campus at SLU, moved to the Continental building for a year and now I'm in a loft on Locust.

I'm from St. Charles but my parents love the city and brought the family to the city a lot for events growing up. Not everyone out there is "afraid" of the city.

I'm 23.

I work for Ernst & Young and previously worked for Fleishman Hillard.

And I went to high school at Francis Howell Central.

My love of the city, but also to keep some people's feet on the ground

From Creve Coeur, Born and Raised

23, went to school at Boston U (transferred, didn't like it), U of Illinois @ Champaign-Urbana (BA in Urban Planning)

Have a job an the southern hemisphere waiting for it to start

If you don't know what high school I went to, you're not from here.

^ Fern Ridge High school?

If you don't know what high school I went to, you're not from here.

IOW, for those non-local "insiders," that's hauty MICDS. Only John Burroughs would be more "exclusive."

Very few move here, and locals are so classist and cliquish, such that the "Where did you go to HS" question exhibits so well what is wrong with St. Louis.

Just ignore our slow growth, and hype your better-to-do roots. As I think Jerry Berger, socialite-wannabe had said, the "Claytonians look up to the Laduites, and the Laduite only up to God." Oh brother!