2017 City Projects

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It's a real bummer none of the Lafayette Square projects have moved forward or worked out. Praxair, The one on Park and the Mop Factory.
^ I believe the one on Park has a permit application in recently so I don't think it's dead. Bouras Mop needs to get done.
Thinking that 2018 could be a huge year for city projects when you consider that building permits on two new projects were applied for going forward - One Hundred & Jeff Arms - on top of BPV II. Maybe a legit chance for city to pull off a trivecta on hew high rise residential construction if latest downtown proposal comes together. Just for the fun of it, maybe Square will go all in on Railway Exchange.
I think Square should go all in on downtown i mean if you want downtown to be world class why not take a chance on it in helping it achieve that goal
with at least some occupancy, I've moved the 32 N Euclid and Highlands apartment projects to completed.