2017 Predictions

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framer wrote:
Why should Cupples X fail? Don't they have an anchor tenant lined up?

I thought the anchor was supposed to be Asychrony which is expanding again in the other buildings so unless they also plan on taking that as well
^ framer, I don't have any particular reason for saying Cupples X won't proceed as announced, just a feeling in the end Asynchrony will go the more traditional route as they organically expand. If they decided to make a big splash with bringing in several hundred WWT workers that might be more motivation for new construction.
Here are my predictions:

1. CWE gets another tower announced, somewhere in the 10-15 story range. Nothing earth shattering, but they will ask for a tax abatement.
2. A major company downtown will announce they will leave for Centene's new office space when it opens. I don't have any insider info on this...just a feeling based on several companies announcing they are looking for more/new/great space. Downtown's office space is simply too dated. I don't foresee any companies moving to Clayton from anywhere else in the region. I really don't want this to be true.
3. The Grove will continue to develop, with a new project announced in the 6 story range.
4. Downtown will have another major headline crime, like the carjacking on Wash Ave. This will severely hurt its image. I really don't want this to be true either but I don't see the city doing much to stop it.
5. One or two small companies will announce a move to downtown, gaining 40 or so employees overall.
"2. A major company downtown will announce they will leave for Centene's new office space when it opens. I don't have any insider info on this...just a feeling based on several companies announcing they are looking for more/new/great space. Downtown's office space is simply too dated." -MRNHS

What we need to do Is head for attempting to develop new office space in Downtown. We need it. It should attract more businesses. Although there is no need for it, we should build mixed use buildings with office Andy residential/hotel to attract companies. Clayton is always up to date with office space while the city is stuck in the 80's/early 90's. And then the AT&T Center, a developer can redevelop it to bringen the office space up to date and state of the art and but Residential and Hotel into the building as well. So I would rather predict that Downtown gets another office proposal only much larger than Cupples X or Ballpark Village Office Building.
My predictions are as follows:
Some startup will break out with significant press in national and even international business headlines, which helps build momentum in startup scene by making it more known to people outside of the area.
Several noticeable new projects get announced in a number of areas and job growth is rather strong again. The local economy continuing to perform the best it has in a generation
Construction finally begins in the area of the former Chrysler Plant in Fenton.
The Bayer purchase of Monsanto runs into problems due to regulators overseas resulting in either concessions in terms of spinoffs or the whole thing falls apart.
British Airways announces nonstop service between St. Louis and London in the fall with service starting in spring of 2018.
Crime will still be an issue, but the rate of crime will start converging towards national averages. Either from a drop in crime here or a rise nationally.

There is also great caution in the year ahead, mainly due to wild cards relating to political developments in Jefferson City and Washington DC with new chief executives in the Governors Mansion and the White House. Also global events could throw a curveball into all predictions impacting things locally with a degree of uncertainty and variability unseen in decades.
Someone on the Skyscraper page Forum said,

"Is anyone else worried that we're nearing the end of the boom? That many STL projects need to get moving or become more of unbuilt St Louis?"

My answer to this is no. We are just getting started and quite frankly I believe the future holds a lot in store for us. While some not so cool projects don't get underway, they'll be redesigned or completely changed. So I don't believe we are stopping the boom. We are only 15 days into 2017, we still have 350 to go. And once a majority of the projects start in August, we will have a fire lit and new projects will roll on in
"The Catholics in the City have never used the public schools but have been paying for them through 178 years. We're not the problem."

Riiight. I'm sure you're really involved in SLPS.
onecity wrote:
Sat Jan 21, 2017 1:33 pm
"The Catholics in the City have never used the public schools but have been paying for them through 178 years. We're not the problem."

Riiight. I'm sure you're really involved in SLPS.
More involved than the families that have fled to the County.
Chalupas54 -- (yes on 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11; no on 8, 9, 12)
1- Centene breaks ground late January.
2- Clayton continues to boom, a few new proposals for highrises.
3- Ballpark Village continues to move ahead unhindered, with groundbreaking date announced by years end.
4- Jefferson Arms gets underway
5- Antonio French/ Lyda Krewson have an intense battle for mayor, Krewson wins
6- Lambert gets flights to Mexico/Carribean, more developments on a London flight
7-Cortex lands a major tenant
8- Millenium Hotel will be slanted for demolition
9- Many small projects will stall
10- Crime is still high
11- Monsanto purchase finalized
12- St Louis sees more layoffs as the economy transitions
(yes on 8 except the playoffs, 10, 11, 23, 24, 25, 28 ... no on 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 12 through 22, 26, 27)
1. N-S Metrolink study continues, April vote narrowly passes with MLS combined, which will start the "funding" process for a N-S transit line.
2. St. Louis County's Metrolink studies continue to stall, while Stenger makes case for Westport behind the scenes.
3. Loop Trolley opens and starts a TOD boom and is wildly successful with tourist.
4. BRT conversations start to heat up as Metrolink is deemed a "long term" and "expensive" proposition.
5. St. Louis Streetcar conversations start heating up again
6. MLS stadium moves forward after an April vote, people are pissed about public subsidy, but politicians tie it to Metrolink and other public services.
7. NBA talks heat up as Blues offer to sweeten their arena deal.
8. Cardinals get started on BPV Phase II and go deep into the playoffs.
9. NFL comes sniffing around again, realizing that St. Louis was a viable NFL market with bad ownership. Rumors of either expansion or relocation to St. Louis by 2020. St. Louis politicians immediately shut it down.
10. Cortex Phase III breaks ground and spurs more activity in CWE.
11. Downtown continues to gain steam with RRX and Chemical finding viable plans. Maybe even a new hi-rise proposal or two.
12. Union Station Aquarium and Ferris Wheel break ground.
13. Major TOD is announced for Grand Metrolink to complement Foundry and Armory development.
14. A scaled down Chouteau Greenway is started.
15. More hi-rise and mid-rise infill announced for CWE and Midtown neighborhoods.
16. Grand Center adds residential and retail.
17. Major Riverfront residential development announced.
18. Iron Horse Trestle gains steam.
19. People recognize that the Choice Neighborhood Grant is the real "Northside Regeneration", but McKee takes credit for "vision".
20. Redevelopment Plan is made to save the Ville Neighborhood and MLK corridor.
21. Revitalization starts around the Wellston Loop.
22. ONSL suddenly gets hotter in anticipation of new northside developments.
23. NGA breaks ground.
24. The Grove continues to heat up with even more mixed-use development announced. Neighborhood finally solidified as one of the regions top neighborhoods.
25. Cherokee St. continues it's revitalization.
26. South Grand breaks ground on mixed-use residential projects, get's form based code.
27. Many areas of South City look forward to implementing form based code.
28. Gravois-Jefferson Historic District gets plan.
^ what's your verdict on my political predictions?
STLrainbow wrote:
Mon Dec 12, 2016 2:55 pm
Mayoral race turns out to be a two-women one with Krewson & Jones or Jones & Krewson as top vote getters.
There is some incentives reform but nothing radical
New police chief by end of the year
Not much progress on re-entry or merger
Cooperation with County/Stenger remains uneven
^I knew I was forgetting something! I was halfway through collecting these and got sidetracked.

I'd say a strong 1.5 out of 5 for you! Not much progress on reentry/merger gets half credit, since I think behind the scenes there's a lot of movement in Jeff City and at Rex's house.
^ I'd like to lodge a protest! At least a 4/5!
STLrainbow wrote:
Mon Dec 26, 2016 12:04 pm
Monogram dies
Cupples X dies
MLS vote fails (but Saint Louis franchise hopes not dead)
Jefferson Arms is sold but redevelopment does not begin
Railway Exchange is sold but redevelopment does not begin

BPV begins construction along with redevelopment of the Chemical, 900 Locust block & Hotel St. Louis.
A couple of modest rehab plans emerge in Downtown West and Laclede's Landing gets its first solid residential rehab plan.
Wrong on Monogram and Chemical but right on the rest. (MLS kind of up in the air but I still think there is hope for second round).