2018 City Projects

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2000 Washington - renovation of firehouse for Brick River Cider

Under Construction
701 First Street - mixed-use conversion of Peper Building (52 residential units above new offices for Abstrakt Marketing)
Ballpark Village Phase 2 - 29 story, 296 unit apartment tower, 9 story, 100,000 sq. ft. office building and 60,000 sq. ft. retail
500 Locust/Mercantile Library Block - mixed-use redevelopment (first floor retail + unknown # apts.)
705 Olive - Conversion of Union Trust to Hotel St, Louis + 12-18 apartments
913-923 Locust - multi-building residential conversion + possible demo of 923 Locust/new construction (85-90 units)
1706 Washington - residential conversion of old CPI office building (168 units + ground floor pre-school)
501 Olive - Conversion of LaSalle Building to Boutique Hotel Indigo
1501 Washington - Conversion of International Shoe to Boutique Last Hotel
2315 Locust - Rehab of vacant Mendenhall Building for office/first floor restaurant
Arch Museum
Union Station Entertainment Phase
Soldiers Memorial & Museum restoration

300 S. Broadway - demo of STLCC HQ building for mixed-use 33 story tower (254 units + first floor retail)
615 Olive - mixed-use conversion of Railway Exchange (600 units, office. retail)
777 Olive - Conversion of Chemical Building into 207 units + first floor retail
1133 Pine - mixed-use renovation with law office. apartments and possible retail
409-415 Tucker - Jefferson Arms mixed-use renovation (250 room hotel, 239 apartments, office/retail)
1011 Olive conversion for Dave Bailey bbq joint and rooftop bar (old Bussone's building)
1320 Market - conversion of Municipal Courts Building for boutique hotel
2144 Market - new construction Fairfiled Inn (demolish old Harry's)

Central Corridor

Under Construction
North of 40
3940 W. Pine - Piazza II (95 units)
4101 Laclede - 5 story condo development w/ ground floor retail (54 condos + 4 townhomes)
Old Shriner's and CID buildings - conversion to 189 apartments
4981 W Pine - "One Hundred" luxury apartment tower (305 units)
5510 Pershing - new construction apartments + office (165 units)
5878 Delmar - mixed-use rehab of vacant building (3 units)
2926 Locust - rehab for Tempest Distilling
Missouri Theater Building rehab - 634 N. Grand (mixed-use office/hotel/retail)
City Foundry mixed-use redevelopment (phase 1 food hall + office/retail: new construction 250 apt. units phase 2)
4240 Vista - conversion of Columbia Iron Works for Missouri Foundation Health HQ (plus surrounding demo and rehab)
Cortex mixed-use @4220 Duncan - 5 story office
BJC Kingshighway hospital building tear-downs and replacements
Grand Center infrastructure - Sheldon Art Walk, etc.
Cortex Metrolink stop
Forest Park infrastructure enhancements
WashU Danforth East Campus Transformation
Loop Trolley

South of 40/64 (Laf. Sq., Gate District. The Grove, etc.)
1519 Tower Grove - mixed-use conversion of Woodward-Tiernan plant (163 apts + first floor retail)
"Terry Park" homes in Gate District (25 single family infill homes)
4001 Chouteau - mixed-use Chouteau's Grove (236 units + 17K sq. ft. commercial)
4400 Manchester - mixed-use new construction (ground floor commercial + 55 units above)
4398 Chouteau - mixed-use rehab (ground floor office + 8 apt. units above)
"Adams Grove" infill - 50 units of new & rehab on 27 scattered site parcels
Botanical Grove (ongoing UIC rehab and modern infill single family homes)
5714 Highlands - Encore at Forest Park (246 infill apartments)
6300 Clayton - mixed-use new construction (first floor retail + 100 units above)
6635-6645 Clayton - 10 unit attached apartment infill
SLU Hospitals expansion
4427 Chouteau - renovation of Station G for Greater Goods HQ

North of 40

2650 Locust - Conversion of Beaumont Telephone Exchange Building to 60 loft apartments and office space (part of larger plan that includes Mendenhall Building and future infill on Jefferson)
Cortex mixed-use Phase 3(b) - 5 story 200 apartments/retail/garage, 6 story Aloft Hotel
215 N. Sarah townhomes (13 infill townhomes)
4802 Delmar - 2 phase, 161 unit infill
5539 Pershing - Ranier Apartments new construction (117 units)
6190 Delmar - mixed-use infill at old Church's Chicken site (unknown # units + first floor retail)
3763 Forest Park Ave - demo of old Habitat HQ for new Element Hotel
4340 Duncan - conversion of Crescent Building for Cortex office/lab space
215 York - AC by Marriot new hotel construction
6211 Delmar - "Northgate" 3 story mixed-use new construction (first floor retail + office)

South of 40
1322 Dolman - conversion of Bouras Mop warehouse to apartments (50 units)
1708-26 Park - new construction apartments
801 Edwin - conversion of vacant Steelcote building to 32 lofts
4101-4017 Manchester - 7 story mixed-use new construction (30 apts., office, first floor retail)
4475 Chouteau - mixed-use new construction (first floor office + 6 apt. units above)
7202 Arsenal - residential conversion of vacant Wilkinson School
Armory Complex - 3660 Market - Rehab for entertainment destination + adjacent mid-rise hotel & parking garage
4140 Park - Partial renovation of Liggett-Myers warehouse to office

South City

3636 Texas - Conversion of large historic building to Intersect Art Center

Under Construction
721 Victor - Victor Iron Works demo and new apartment construction (118 units)
1302-28 Russell - new apartment construction + demo of existing commercial building (126 units)
1810 S. 10th - 3 infill townhomes
2800-2914 Lemp - mixed-use rehab of vacant building (Hommage restaurant + second floor apts.)
3001-13 Missouri - 5 new infill homes
3450 Wisconsin - residential conversion of vacant Shepard School (47 units)
3600 S. Jefferson - rehab of mixed-use corner building (4 units)
3600 Texas - rehab of Louis Lange Building (15 units)
4021 Iowa- residential conversion of former school (14 units)
3172 Morgan Ford - demo of car wash for mixed-use apartment building (26 units + 1rst floor retail)
5006 Daggett - residential redevelopment of industrial (approx. 300 single-family/condos/apts.)
3800 Hampton - residential conversion of commercial building (12 units)
4650 Hampton - conversion of credit union building to 15 apartments
6322 S. Grand - Intrada St. Louis (56 new & rehab social services units; demo of Southern Funeral Home)
1956 Utah - conversion of vacant 1930's gas station to restaurant
3901 Shaw - renovation of vacant theater for Wild Carrot event venue
3520 S. Grand - Habitat for Humanity new HQ
Green Street 175,000 sq. ft. spec building at former Carondolet Coke site
National Candy Building renovation for U-Haul - 4230 Gravois (open for biz)

1851 Menard - 3 infill townhomes
1001-03 Russell - mixed-use infill (21 units + first floor retail)
1827 California - 2 2-family infill townhomes
2232-2256 S. Grand - mixed-use rehab of Pelican Building + 116 unit new construction apt building on demolished YMCA site
3600 S. Grand - Melba Theater rehab for office/live-work/residential space (12-15 apts.+ 6 first-floor live/work spaces)
"Chippewa Park" - 46 rehab units on 15 scattered sites
3830 Boulevard Heights - two infill buildings with 48 condos total
7401 Vermont - rehab of Lyon School into 32 units + 10 new garden apartments
2528 Texas - renovation of vacant warehouse to "Brick City Makes" shared light manufacturing
4175 Shaw - renovation of vacant gas station for Dave Bailey burger restaurant
4140 Park - renovation (partial) of Liggett-Myers Tobacco complex for UIC hq and other office

North City

Under Construction
1020 Union - 44 units residential conversion of old Clark School
1300 block Granville Place - "Nathaniel Rivers Place (32 new supportive housing units)
"Nazareth Homes" new construction housing in College Hill (20 homes)
"St. Ferdinand" Homes II (47 new units on 37 scattered sites in The Ville)
"Lookaway Ct." Phase II (11 new Habitat homes in Riverview)
1000 Vandeventer - Deaconess Founation hq and childhood center infill
Malinkrodt Expansion North Riverfront

Preservation Place transformation/Carr School renovation (HUD Neighborhood Choice)
"Blair Homes" - 29 units in Hyde Park
500 unit residential construction (Northside Regeneration)
1225 St. Louis Avenue - rehab of warehouse into Old North Art Lofts (31 units)
"Bremen Homes" infill development in Hyde Park (40 new homes)
3900-4000 blocks Finney & C.D. Banks - Vandeventer Estates (51 1 Family & townhomes)
"Finney Place" (40 single-family rental homes on scattered parcels in Vandeventer)
5555 Delmar - mixed-use redevelopment of St. Luke's Hospital complex (160 units + non-profit office spaces)
5127 Delmar - rehab for TechShop replacement maker-space
Not sure when Brick River's official opening date is but they have been granted an occupancy permit so I'm thinking their construction is complete.
^ awesome... I'll put it down as the year's first completion! STL Mag has a late January opening, btw.
Not even 48 hours into the new year and I added the first new Planned project to the list.... the 161 unit poposal for the Euclid/Delmar corner.
Things are getting kind of crazy... by my count downtown has at least 600 units under construction with 1,200+ planned; Forest Park SE has over 400 under construction with some more upcoming and Central West End has 400+ under construction, One Hundred about to commence with 295 more units and others like Soliere in the pipeline. And significant projects in Soulard, DeBalivere Place, The Hill, etc. etc.

Of course this means economic meltdown but its fun while it lasts!
To follow up, curious if someone can fill in the details on the Biz Journals article that references half billion in 2018 downtown developments. Assume BPV II and Jeff arms. Is Railway Ex the third one? or 300? Anything in the article that gives some additional info or insight on the respective projects.

https://www.bizjournals.com/stlouis/new ... anned.html

Three new commercial developments that are expected to start construction this year figure to drastically alter the downtown St. Louis landscape for years to come. Combined, the projects represent nearly half a billion dollars in new development in downtown after years of inactivity.
^jefferson arms, bpv and the other tower by BPV proposed. You can scroll through the pics (non mobile) without a subscription.
dredger, the 300 S. Broadway rep also said they were taking into consideration how to respond to the Pres Review Board decision but hoped to get started this summer if all goes well. I asked bizjourno why RR/X was not highlighted as it too hopes to proceed this year if everything falls into place and the answer was the project was on the biggest projects list but just not featured.
^ & ^^ Thanks

RX might or might not be one of the most exciting announcements of 2018 if they can pull off Square as anchor tenant along with a decent retail announcement to kick start the project. Gut feeling/Speculation is that in time Squire will become an acquisition target and the sooner and the bigger the St Louis presence the better. Might get a Indy situation where Salesforce came in, bought out and built it bigger.
^I believe Visa currently owns 10% of Square. That would appear to be the most likely acquisition candidate, however it has been on quite the tear throughout the last year and is starting to get to a point where their size is beginning to limit this possibility. $16B market cap as of today's trading and that is before any type of premium. Their are plenty of companies that could easily swallow that, but certainly many less than at the beginning of last year when they were around $5B.

Going to try to not go completely off the rails OT here but it fits in the Square RRX discussions. I have been downright dumbfounded how more mature companies of scale and size have not begun to move out of San Fran to midwestern cities, or at least locating major operations elsewhere. They could save gigantic amounts of money on physical office costs, payroll costs, and these employees would enjoy a much higher standard of living here as opposed to what they get for the money in San Fran. Square and Twitter are two good examples of this, I get the "talent recruitment" argument and the talent pools in San Fran and Seattle, but I find it very hard to believe if they located here they could not recruit significant talent from hundreds of Universities throughout the midwest to a major office in St. Louis.
^ I don't get it either. Downtown St. Louis and CORTEX offer huge potential for coastal based companies to expand at fraction of cost as well as quality of life issues. Maybe CORTEX is gaining some steam as it looks like Crescent building is full steam and another phase being announced later in the year.

To give idea the cost of housing in Bay Area as per East Bay Times. My stepdaughter staying in CWE studio w kitchenette/bathroom/her own space while trying to do school in St. Louis for essentially same cost that some people are paying for just a room or shed.

The mixed-use rehab of 2217 Locust for Blackline's new HQ was completed last month so I removed it from this 2018 list. Nice to see some interest there and of course the Mendenhall Building up the block is part of the ambitious plan for the Jefferson Avenue area.

But unfortunately 2210 Locust has a demo permit application in as well as construction for surface parking lot. UPDATE: this building's demolition would have to go through preservation review so there's hope.
A few updates including moving the Greater Goods rehab project in FPSE to under construction as remediation is said to have begun, Also, I've moved a few things (like the Vandeventer Place senior living project) off of 2018 as they were completed in 2017 (and updated that list, too.)

If any eagle-eyes catch similar projects just let me know... thanks!.
Looks like North Sarah III also wrapped up last month so move that off of 2018 under construction and put it on 2017 completed.
LCRA has a pretty full docket today on projects seeking blighting/abatements. Includes big-ticket Central Corridor projects like the Foundry and Beaumont Exchange, but also some North and South City ones such as a Schnuck's on Page to two infill Habitat homes just a block from Cherokee.

https://www.stlouis-mo.gov/government/d ... ents-2.pdf

I already had most of these on the project list, but one I forgot about was the condo project in Boulevard Heights so I added that.
STLrainbow wrote:
Tue Jan 23, 2018 10:28 am
LCRA has a pretty full docket today on projects seeking blighting/abatements. Includes big-ticket Central Corridor projects like the Foundry and Beaumont Exchange, but also some North and South City ones such as a Schnuck's on Page to two infill Habitat homes just a block from Cherokee.

https://www.stlouis-mo.gov/government/d ... ents-2.pdf

I already had most of these on the project list, but one I forgot about was the condo project in Boulevard Heights so I added that.
What is the change to the riverfront agreement?
^ looks like Tropicana is requesting to convert some gaming floor space over to other entertainment.... my guess is gambling revenues aren't as profitable now. I don't think they are seeking subsidies for this but need city sign-off to change the redevelopment agreement,
Moved the awesome rehab for Intersect Art's new home to Completed and the Mendenhall Building to Under Construction.

Also, a building permit has been submitted for the Element Hotel at the old Habitat HQ on FPA so it looks like that plan is moving along, too.