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odd that the stadium site plan includes the Harrys site and the stadium folk nor the City hold the option to that land

So those three+ structures to the left of the main building in the last image........ they do not currently exist. Rendering fillers or something more? Good question. There's been absolutely zero mention of demolition there, so I'm guessing it's a relatively poor approximate rendering of existing b...
https://nextstl.com/wp-content/uploads/Northgate-Exterior-Rendering-1024x612.jpg https://nextstl.com/wp-content/uploads/Northgate-Exterior-Rendering_Skinker-1024x545.jpg https://nextstl.com/wp-content/uploads/Northgate-Exterior-Rendering_Delmar-1024x559.jpg https://nextstl.com/2016/11/26m-office-re...
Believe it was reported as ~$80M in taxable sales in first 9 months. That was for the 63110 ZIP with some other additions, but obviously the vast majority of the increase would be from IKEA.
^ The Treasurer's office gets all that parking revenue (I believe). That is "the city", but not exactly. I just mean that parking revenue isn't going into funding basic city services. That said, it's a bit of a maze, so perhaps I'm missing something.
^ There has been no progress over the past 15 years as nearly all major American cities have seen big declines in the number of homicides.
As the effort to bring a Major League Soccer franchise to St. Louis heats up, the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center (MERIC) has conducted a stadium economic impact study which concludes the project would result in $24.5M in net state general revenue over 33 years. This number repres...
In this case, the subsidies could be lessened in exchange for basic (but quality and a big improvement) infrastructure. Of course a nice connection would be great, but even with the apartment complex here, the area isn't so densely populated with zero residents in the blocks to the east, north in be...
So many questions about this bike/ped project... is Koman paying for all of this or is it asking for subsidies/others to help pay for it? Is it advancing an already adopted plan by GRG and/or City? If not, how much will the public input will there be? I'm all for good bike/ped efforts, but we have ...
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The 'One Hundred' Town Hall meeting is on Monday.

There is no new news pertaining to the Kingshighway @ Lindell project yet.

MattnSTL wrote:
HUD Secretary Castro has scheduled a news conference at St. Stanislaus for 12/12 at 10am. That would seem to bode well for the Choice Neighborhoods grant.

Very, very well!
Chalupas54 wrote:
So is this the One Hundred project, or different?

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One Hundred: https://nextstl.com/2016/12/stunning-skyscraper-studio-gang-unveiled-kingshighway-site/

Koplar/Koman/KPF: https://nextstl.com/2014/06/koplar-hires-kpf/
Love it Gary! Was just going to share that Jeanne was over the other day I said, "Hey, you should really design a tower for St. Louis." She glanced at my photo display and winked (not really, of course): https://nextstl.com/wp-content/uploads/photo-rack-e1481255733603.jpg https://nextstl.c...
Chalupas54 wrote:
I LOVE THIS, But I doubt this gets built. Neighbors WILL kill this.

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I don't see this happening. Views of Forest Park aren't really blocked by any homeowners and most neighbors are rentals. I think this moves ahead quickly.
Yup they've reached out to several Cherokee street businesses about relocating and many are considering it. This is happening, but we'll see. I hear rents approach $35/sf at City Foundry. I can't think of a business that would move from Cherokee to this place with that rent. Perhaps chefs and other...
I'm pretty happy with it overall. I wish it was taller but that will fill in nicely there FWIW, I think the perspective of the rendering minimizes the building's impact. At four stories, it's going to fill in that lot nicely, and with the seven-story building on the wedge lot across the street, thi...
chaifetz10 wrote:
It would make a killing on Blues and Cardinals games... but for that reason I would almost expect to see a downtown Shake Shack be placed in either BPV 2 or Cupples X (if St. Louis gets a second location eventually).

Very few businesses can survive by making a killing on game day.
In some ways the project will look like what we expect, but if you care about details, a whole has changed: https://nextstl.com/2016/12/big-changes-set-mixed-use-chouteaus-grove-garage-construction-starts/ https://nextstl.com/wp-content/uploads/Chouteaus-Grove_rendering-1024x422.png https://nextstl....
It's not clear from just that comment that the building would be torn down. It could be that SSM simply no longer needs it?
chriss752 wrote:
I hope more information and renderings come out tomorrow. They should according to NextSTL on Twitter

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This is the West Pine/Kingshighway project and not the adjacent Koplar owned site.

The work at the Arch, and Kiener is beautiful. It's not as beautiful as sold to the community in renderings. It's not worth the $100Ms spent on it.