The new cocktail/coffee bar that's open to the public as part of the Mississippi Valley Trust renovation for the co-working space looks pretty cool. Anyone stop in yet?
^ Thanks. Too bad it wasn't better news.
Was waiting for more details... added it to "Planned"and moved the BPV Phase II to "Well I'll be Damned, Finally Under Construction!"
^ Here's the story: Railway Exchange developer courts Square The developer of the downtown Railway Exchange Building is courting mobile payments startup Square as a tenant, he said Wednesday. But Amos H...
Made quite a few updates.
Has work on this started?
^ from projects already underway, (Monogram, Mercantile Library, 900 Block Locust, a dozen or so in the Union Trust project) I think we should have 300-350 units coming online in next 12-18 months on top of the Buell's 36 which are just opening.
Optimistically speaking... Railroad, BPVII, 300 Broadway, and Jefferson Arms could add a little more than 1000 apartments to downtown by 2019. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Extremely optimistic imo... my guess is only BPVII apartments, with around 300 units iirc, will be done by 2019. JA doesn...
A good pick-up albeit from THe Highlands.... AECOM moving to 20th floor of 100 N. Broadway per BizJourno. "The team behind the 2-year-old restaurant (and 2-time STL 100 honoree) Retreat Gastropub have announced a new p...
It is certainly a shame to be losing a handsome building like that. Buildings like this are what make St. Louis so architecturally interesting. That said, this has the potentially to transform the skyline, as well as the perception of downtown. I know where you're coming from but I think the BPV co...
If I had my druthers, I'd keep the 300 S. Broadway and have the Drurys move forward with their hopefully still-on-the-table plans for a 30 story tower in Laclede's Landing as the first non-BPV tower. Keeping the handsome historic building while finishing up the remaining BPV parcels on a decent time...
well there goes our favorite past time of ripping Junior and speculating when -- or if ever --we'd have a village.
^ I read it as the city says she is violating the ordinance because more than three unrelated people live there in the 7 bedrooms..
I'm with the landlord on this.... 7 WashU students in the 7 rooms seems to be a good thing; who cares if they aren''t related? Crackdown in Skinker-DeBaliviere Has Some Wash U Students Getting the Boot
Of the city's 191 homicides through November (up 12% from last year)... North City; 154 (up 27%) Central: 14 (unchanged) South: 23 (down 36%) Here's another. NYC had 11/26 homicides through 11/26, Here's how North City homicides compared to Borough break-downs: Brooklyn: 101 Bronx: 64 Queens: 43 Ma...
Of the city's 191 homicides through November (up 12% from last year)...

North City; 154 (up 27%)
Central: 14 (unchanged)
South: 23 (down 36%)
pattimagee wrote:
Thu Nov 30, 2017 3:46 pm
Dinzler moved all of their cars out of the lot 2 weeks ago and is emptying the building (we're across the street from them) - and from what I've heard, they should hand over the building and start construction pretty soon.
good to hear Rockwell is moving ahead.
chriss752 wrote:
Fri Dec 01, 2017 9:12 am
^Willing to bet that the developers are trying to finish up the construction loan. I want to see this happen.
^ Although getting that financing may be harder by the month with all the other proposals around.
was retail announced for the 900 Locust project? I believe I saw a reference a couple days ago on social media but can't find anything.
^ one of the better projects this decade!
^ yeah, I haven't heard anything on Rockwell in some time; looks like Dinzler still owns the property but I don't think they are operating there still. Along with the food truck thingy that fell through, this stretch of Vandeventer was poised for a millennial retrofit but it looks like maybe not qui...
I'd rather have retail needs met in the myriad of empty shop fronts north of Market but if something like a Nike or Under Armour that is more sports-related lands in the BPV2 that would be fine by me.
^ Haven't been keeping up much with this but stuff has been happening! I did move a few things around to completed (the convent on Olive, the formerly vacant apartment building on Cook, etc.) or under construction (Woodward Lofts,St. Ferdinand Apts., etc.) but I'll try to add some of the more signif...
Looks like Downtown CBD will have no brewery after the end of the year Alpha Brewing closing downtown brewery, moving to Tower Grove South