This almost looks like a traffic nightmare to have that parking lot in the middle. Especially if it gets full. Car has to pull in, be flabbergasted, driver has to back out onto Vandeventer? Why on earth even include parking here?
It could definitely fill holes in the timeliness and experience of using the bus. I still think N/S has a place in St. Louis though.
Wow, just like that. These guys already got 10 years of 100% abatement right? And took bonds from the city? Did the sales tax exemption ever pass? Someone's gotta be held accountable. I mean, the townhomes must have been total smoke and mirrors just to get this building (one of the oldest Downtown) ...
Wholeheartedly agree.^
I really wish there was a stipulation that they couldn't demo it until plans were approved, financing in place, permits issued for construction. Like, what the f***?

There was always a lazy ass rendering attached to the town homes. Exactly how many parking spaces could you even fit here? 10?
A couple I took a while back. One digital, one medium format film. Down by the now removed warehouses on the Hill.

About a 30 second exposure.

Damn. A swing and a miss. Worried for this, as you'll probably get one additional curb cut to facilitate drive throughs.

Maybe they'll surprise us and make it 2 or 3 stories, probably not for that cost. Ultimately, why we really need a city wide master plan for dev.
Covenant Seminary?
For what it's worth, the business journal is running a survey on this subject. "Would you support combining the city and county under a new government entity"? With 997 votes cast thus far, the results are 65% for, 23% against and 12% undecided. Considering the conservative bent of the journal read...
I think people are really underestimating how much the "most violent" and "top 5 poorest" rankings hurt our region. National reputation is VERY VERY important. Especially in the information age. Don't fool yourself into thinking that St. Louis hasn't lost a lot of economic development opportunities...
Ah, but only in vanity plates, essentially.
That's awesome news! I can't believe how long that building sat on the market. I tried to push an old employer to buy there instead of the CWE because of the future of this corridor. Needless to say, they didn't see the vision and momentum taking hold on Locust and Washington.
Good lord. Is there a plastic ban lobby lining their pockets?

Why squabble over such trivial things?
Ah. Hadn't ever seen that. The futility behind developments like this and New Town, Streets of St. Charles, etc. drives me nuts. So, you want to live 45 minutes from work, want no front yard, but you don't want to live in the actual urban core? All we are doing is building more little cardboard isla...
Eh. $22m, and it's a senior living community. It'll probably be all corporate or community-owned restaurants and yet another place you'll still have to drive and park at.
I agree. It will fill a nice hole. Higher ceilings are always nice too.

I know the views aren't what they want here, but I have to say that this would be a perfect fit for the unnecessary 1 story or low rise portion of the Millennium site. Hopefully something comes along for that lot.
They should try deleting the highway and seeing what effect it has on the traffic :-P In all seriousness, are there programs or apps that simulate what actually happens when we make decisions that impact the street grid? Where you'd be able to measure car volume over, say, a few months, input it int...
Maybe I'm just a Tbell enthusiast but I feel like a Cantina would be a regional draw in a way unlike El Birdos or Tengo Sed. They are popping up all over the country so it's only a matter of time until it hits STL. Chicago already has four locations, three of which are in the CBD. I would say if no...
For fun?

It's slightly cringeworthy, but still, if there's no public investment in it aside from people who choose to attend, why not?
Chroma is >$1k for a studio. And it has the aesthetic of a college dorm. Hope they aren't banking on the success of that to weigh into new residential.
I think it would be better to put it somewhere that other small businesses can profit. Close to hotels, bars, restaurants, and public space. Downtown makes the most sense.
I just hope it's not a ticketed event. That's why UCBC's Oktoberfest has been far superior to Soulard or any of the others. Keep it open and inclusive.
Sooo... still planning on retaining all of the random green spaces around Soldier's Memorial. Why not open these up for potential development? I mean, softball fields? Really? Also think this would be a good opportunity to reset the widened Market Street. Seems like there's no interest in that though.
Unless there is plan for major growth, I'd love for them to pull the trigger on RRX. PD is surrounded by parking lots. Perhaps it could be a combination of Twitter and Square, where Square is the tenant at RRX, though, they wouldn't own it, which could be an issue. All in all, if we get 800+ workers...
I guess the appeal for the Locust demolition was removed? I didn't see it in the final agenda.

Could they have given up?