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Do we need MORE retail? Really??
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ANY update on this property/project?
The one very huge difference is that Parson shifts the Republican power center back to the rural counties. Although we have had several Republican governors recently, you really have to go back to John Ashcroft and Kit Bond to have someone truly similar to Parson. We have not had a rural Repuublican...
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Chatted with the workers working on this particular building and they stated it is a redo and will be ready next year. Anyone have any more specifics on the plan for this building? https://s18.p...
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Any info on why the cecil whitakers closed?
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Why mansions are artificially cheap And how you’re paying for them If it weren’t for Atherton’s zoning code, you’d never be able to buy that mansion for a mere $6m. A developer that wanted to tear it down and build condos could bid far more than that. But the zoning code mandates single-unit buildin...
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Sarasota Florida?? Good luck millennial's affording Sarasota I grew up in Sarasota FL and am presently right now spending winters here-there is a steady stream of talk here of where is the affordable housing in Sarasota??? Good luck buing/renting a house/condo in Sarasota/Sarasota county Read some o...
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