Ugly ugly ugly. City lost 4500 according to the stl today piece. But not sure if that’s correct. Piece says it’s 308,600 now but last update we were at 311,400, so a difference of 2800
wow thats blend.
Greg Johnson @PresbyterianStl 5:14PM Mar 20, 2018 $100 million permit application (zoning) received for 300 S. Broadway. Now 268 units. This one is happening. Let me add some meat to this, When someone applies for zoning only permit it means they just want to get the project approved and not slow d...
my guesstimate is end of the year best case.
KansasCitian wrote:
Sun Mar 18, 2018 1:57 pm
I thought the Board of Alderman had voted to reduce themselves by half, from 28 to 14, effective following the 2020 census.
Yes, 2020 Census won't be certified til 2021 so the first election with these reduced Board will be 2023
What a Lakeview incentives expire and WWT goes to Gateway ( 4miles away) & asks for 2 new buildings to get new incentives for a cheaper lease.
rbeedee wrote:
Thu Mar 15, 2018 7:45 pm
^Could it just go to Taylor instead, and use the bus depot entrance to Metrolink?
I meant to write Taylor, no clue why i wrote Euclid. Ive fixed it since...sorry :D
EWG/FPF funded a study that looked at the parks mobility (few other things too) and one of the recommendations in the final draft was a bus system that would go to all the major attractions in the park and then go down forest park ave to Taylor and to the CWE metrolink stop. so that someone can take...
it helps that the new MoDOT STL District head, Tom Blair is an avid cyclist and the head of planning for the modot stl district, who does across state bicycle rides like the one people do across Iowa in a week
15,000-19,000 per game. A lot of Kentucky fans Missouri losing to a bad Georgia team in its first game probably didn't help attendance and it sucked some of the excitement of the tournament from the local perspective. Mizzou vs Kentucky would have been a friday game if mizzou didnt lose the day befo...
framer wrote:
Fri Mar 09, 2018 11:24 am
Cool image from St. Louis Construction News and Review:

but its missing all the new STLCOP buildings and the Midcampus center behind the Metro garage
in china this is possible because its considered a successful job if only 5 people die on it... :)
^ I need my memory jogged.... is the original plan to get a grocer to the retail portion of the Chroma/Chouteau project thought to be completely dead? Do we know what they're looking at instead if so? My info might be dated but latest i heard was a "high end" hair salon, a gym and maybe a restaurant.
matguy70 wrote:
Sat Mar 03, 2018 10:26 pm
Inside St. Louis Lambert International Airport's USA Customs/Immigration arrival area/baggage claim. ... er-patrol/
Doesn't Customs prohibit photos of that area
Channel 5 had a article about this shooting that said "mere blocks away from City Museum" :lol: i guess being a stones throw away from the POLICE HEADQUARTERS (literally you can hit the PD HQ with a baseball from the crime sense) but i guess that wouldnt have scared away county people as much. for t...
Pretty sure Board of Adjustment approved something called "Gorillazzzz bar and grill" for this location last year....guess it didnt pan out.
aprice wrote:
Fri Mar 02, 2018 5:08 pm
Excuse my ignorance but is there something wrong with Queeny tower or do they just want that land for another tower?
ignorance excused- i think the numbers game favors new build over reno.
STLrainbow wrote:
Fri Mar 02, 2018 3:08 pm
^ nice,

btw I think you mentioned recently on some other thread BJC may be scaling back ambitions on its building expansion plans but wasn't clear on how that might impact the Queeny tower... could you elaborate?
Queeny is coming down next year as planned, whats going up is on hold for now.
Its actually going to take up that entire lot. 10-12 story building, 4 floors of parking, maybe ground floor coffee shop.
Now that the dust has settled from City Hall/Pres Board approvals, i put this project at 40% chance of happening.
I received a response from TWG this morning, and it offered a few more details. Sounds like the townhomes may be in doubt as they're giving consideration to the neighborhood association, but they seem to have every intention of developing the lot. We are completing the renovation of both the 12 sto...
Lets compare Chicago to St.Louis if you're an investor Labor costs are the same (both have strong construction trades unions) material prices are the same a $100M building in St.Louis costs $100M in Chicago, maybe a slight difference but not a lot lets say the building has 250 units at 1000 sq for m...
There is no building permit on file, just a $175,000 demo permit. My guess is this will be a parking lot for the hotel there's so many hotel proposals these days I'm confused which one you're referring to. the rehab component is for apartments right? (fwiw those buildings are now under LCRA "owners...
There is no building permit on file, just a $175,000 demo permit. My guess is this will be a parking lot for the hotel
*i was there to behalf of DNA to present the same letter that the DNABoard send in December when this project first appeared in front of Pres Board