I think they're going to build parking garages on the lots...hope im wrong
Bird, which is the Uber of Scooters will be launching in St.Louis soon.
stlhistory wrote:
Tue Jul 10, 2018 10:14 am
Saw a restaurant hearing sign outside the Mack, but it was ripped in half and falling off the pole. Couldn't tell what the address was but it might be for the newly renovated corner at 4623 Macklind.
Mack is adding a backyard patio.
^ but why pay for it, when you can just let them close in August and get the place for free in September and name it Wash Ave Shop i think the real issue was that the landlord wanted a major rent hike...same thing happened to a successful salon 13th & Wa, which was as the name indicates at 13th and ...
Ebsy wrote:
Fri Jul 06, 2018 11:23 pm
Honest question, where on earth are we going to get the money for even this unambitious expansion of MetroLink if the City is essentially on its own?
well we are collecting $20M a year since last April from the new sales tax for metrolink....30 year bond should yield $300-350M cash
that wont be an issue here. other cities are calling STL to see how we did bike share and did it right. Lime has been working with the city on scooter role out for a while
Red Oak is great. ive been there 2 dozen times since moving to downtown in August.
Derek is a great person, lives downtown and is investing in downtown
Right. It feels like a very expensive friendly gesture to North City where southwest city and south city could be best served with more connectivity since populations are largely stabilized, or growing. In my opinion, the permanence of light rail is more appealing, though, than another bus (BRT). I...
talking to some folks involved in the working group on this, the out of town consultants couldn't stop laughing that we are actually proposing this and considering building it due to very very low ridership numbers....as we have seen, north city is emptying out...this line isnt connecting anything t...
^well thats been now delayed til end of July, apparently they havent been able to get the E scooters here on time.
E-Scooters from Lime should be soft launching here on Wednesday
Unfortunately, our "justice" system is moving in the opposite direction. Lenient sentencing is the new norm. Thats not always a bad thing. in a non-violent or victim-less crime like weed position, there shouldnt even be an arrest. way too many people since the 90s got sent to jail for silly sh*t li...
I met with the developer of that building, he is planning 67 units and construction start early next year.
I moved in Mid December and was the first one in. Tho most of the building wasn't totally done until Mid January.
36/36 leased.
Nobody goes to Copia should be the wording. The place sucks and it’s 16,000 sq freaking feet + 8000 outside, You could have a 100 people in there and it feel empty because everyone gets 240 sq feet or a large bedroom to themselves
Wednesday at the board of adjustment, Desco had a hearing to build a commercial building at Hampton village. I was off this week so idk what they’re planning but I’m guessing it’s on the western side (closer to Hampton)
MoDOT draft project list/map for July 1 2018 to 2022- List http://www.modot.org/plansandprojects/construction_program/DRAFT_STIP2019-2023/documents/Sec0405StLouis.pdf Map http://www.modot.org/plansandprojects/construction_program/DRAFT_STIP2019-2023/documents/DRAFT_STIP19_STLU_9296115_05242018.pdf N...
Noticed the St. Louis Brewers Heritage Festival isnt coming back to the Riverfront this year, its back at Forest Park in 2018. I don't actually mind it because at the riverfront it was mile long space of vendor booth. At forest park its a semi circle set up, which isnt possible at the riverfront bou...
Of all the McKee shenanigans, Lacy Clay's comments might infuriate me more than anything. Just willful ignorance and rhetoric because McKee is willing to line Clay's pockets with donations. on public reports Mckee has ONLY given Clay $7,500 but the piece in the Biz Journal was probably written by f...
City is currently taking applications for a Complete Streets Coordinator, which i assume would advocate for things like that.
So if you want to open a restaurant or retail at the foundry, apparently after paying high rent relative to rest of stl market you’re only get $20 per sq foot for tenant improvements and Foundry gets to keep 10% of your sales on the back end. I know a very well know regional brand that has a outpost...
I can't find it now but it was posted somewhere recently that this property is slated for residential re-hab, right? http://dynamic.stlouis-mo.gov/images/imagedb/Structures/0500-1000/1815%20LOCUST003.jpg yes, minus those trees, they're gone as part of the infected tree clean up. Developer will meet...
I wish the City would make public the data they require Ofo and Lime to feed them
jshank83 wrote:
Sat Jun 09, 2018 6:30 pm
Likebike seems to have moved into Clayton. A bunch around town today and they have a booth at the Clayton wine fest.
as of 6:35 only Lime Bikes i see in Clayton about 10 downtown and some are near the city boarder/western forest park.