This administration has been an unmitigated disaster for the State of Missouri, and yes the City of St. Louis, and anyone under any illusions otherwise is a fool. Wait, so anyone who happens to disagree with you "is a fool"? Because you say so? Is it really that simple? No, because of all the clear...
Governor Greitens, along with the legislature, has taken every possible opportunity since to meddle with the affairs of the City of St. Louis, most brazenly when they intervened to reduce St. Louis' minimum wage. The governor's budget proposal this has a 10% cut to higher education this year with a ...
downtown2007 wrote:
Sun Feb 25, 2018 5:14 pm
Funny thing is, Greitens has been more helpful to STL City in one year than Nixon was his entire time in office.

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This isn't anywhere close to reality.
Never in a million years thought I would be voting for Lewis Reed for President of the BoA but here we are. Hopefully he runs a more visible and substantial campaign than he did for Mayor last year.
I've been thinking 6 vertically oriented ones across the center and 4 north and 4 south would be interesting. Though with the imbalance growing north v south those 6 would have a lot of the south instead of being balanced as I'd like. Need a "draw your own wards" online app If you can get Dave's Re...
Re: redistricting: Looking at population trends and considering that the board is being halved from 28 to 14, it seems more likely that they simply draw all of the area around Tower Grove Park into one seat and let them all duke it out. Population trends in North City mean that it is likely going to...
This was honestly one of the weirdest BoA elections I have ever witnessed. Totally different from the close race in 2015 with totally different cleavages in Ward 8. At least my prediction that Conway would not run for reelection came to fruition!
DogtownBnR wrote:
Tue Feb 06, 2018 12:32 pm
Anyone know how many people Bunge employs in STL?
Around 700 I believe.
Feb. 5! Wooo!
addxb2 wrote:
Thu Feb 01, 2018 7:47 am
^ just a general sense of willing to be corrupt.

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You are going to need to try harder.
Just because this second list seems important too, here's who didn't sign the letter: Samuel L Moore, Ward 4 Tamika Hubbard, Ward 5 Jack Coatar, Ward 7 Joseph Vollmer, Ward 10 Tom Oldenburg, Ward 16 Joseph Roddy, Ward 17 Terry Kennedy, Ward 18 Marlene E Davis, Ward 19 Joseph Vaccaro, Ward 23 Sort o...
addxb2 wrote:
Wed Jan 31, 2018 9:40 pm
Between the airport director and this, I’m starting to understand why Nashville has been so successful

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Not certain I am understanding the connection.
St.Louis1764 wrote:
Thu Dec 21, 2017 11:16 pm
Ross dress for less would be my guess
There's already a Ross fairly close by at Deer Creek.
When I mentioned the news to my brother I accidentally contracted "Loop Trolley Drama" to "Loop Trauma" which honestly is pretty fitting considering how long this has taken to complete.
It'll be a shame to lose the building (one of the few intact street walls facing Busch) but I think this is a fair trade off. New residential towers downtown certainly challenge certain narratives flying around the City.
If we tried to put this on the ballot, Greitens and co. in Jeff City would make it retroactively impermissible. Anything to show us rioters in St. Louis our proper place. They haven’t done it with the last 2 voter approved sales tax hikes. There has been talk of banning sales tax increases actually.
If we tried to put this on the ballot, Greitens and co. in Jeff City would make it retroactively impermissible. Anything to show us rioters in St. Louis our proper place.
St. Louis' pension obligations are actually relatively under control compared to a lot of other major cities. Things could be a lot, lot worse on that front.
Of the city's 191 homicides through November (up 12% from last year)... North City; 154 (up 27%) Central: 14 (unchanged) South: 23 (down 26%) Exhibit A for why population loss from North City is going to be horrific in the next census. The City of St. Louis will likely end up being plurality white ...
Block Group 5-year ACS estimates are out Thursday. I might throw together a map of St. Louis City, St. Louis County and maybe St. Claire County to see what's up.
The Chick Fil A at Truman State is very much open to the public so I imagine the one there will be as well.
Almost none of the posters on this forum live in one of the most dangerous cities in the world. If you look at the homicide maps, there are essentially 2 Cities of St. Louis: the one where people are shot at an alarming rate, and the one where people are very seldom murdered. Almost all of us on her...
God this forum is full of crybabies. The defeatism is as pointless as it is annoying. So...we should just not care that 190 people have been killed? I can't be horrified that the mounting death toll in our city? I think everyone cares quite a bit that our fellow City residents are being murdered, b... 8th Ward Alderman and Chair of the Appropriation Committee Steven Conway will be the new City Assessor. After his extremely close primary wi...
God this forum is full of crybabies. The defeatism is as pointless as it is annoying. OK, let's put a positive spin on the increasing murder rate. How about: each additional murder means we simply have more "opportunity to improve" next year. How'd I do? There are a lot of things that seem beyond o...