Gas tax increase of 10 cents over four years will be on the Nov ballot. Is this to ensure funding for the MSHP doesn't come from general revenue? Subject to appropriation, the state portion of the revenue generated by the increases in the rate of tax beginning July 1, 2019, shall be used for the ac...
I don't think the sheer size of the budget is really that much of a concern. Whether we can run the city in the black while providing adequate services without overly burdensome taxes should be our biggest priority.
There is simply no way that the powers that be will ever crack down on people setting off fireworks in St. Louis City and St. Louis County. Absolutely insane that anyone thinks otherwise. Macklind Avenue Deli had recently changed hands (Kreckler sold it) and the new owners had changed up the menu an...
Honest question, where on earth are we going to get the money for even this unambitious expansion of MetroLink if the City is essentially on its own?
Greitens signed the bill adding Franklin County to Bistate on his way out the door today.
I think the numbers on the Northside are going to be worse than most of us here might expect.
Sounds like a great idea. Definitely will be picking one up.
And he's gone. I guess we found our witch!
Glad to see the Board might be inclined to drop this nonsense. This is why who we elect as aldermen is vitally important.
The bill to add Franklin County to the Bi-State Metropolitan Development District, HB 1809, has been Truly Agreed to and Finally Passed, sending it to the governor's desk.
The bill's supporters definitely will not have the votes to override Krewson's veto. All of this was extremely performative for certain individuals on the board.
Does this have another vote before it goes to the Mayor? If so, I'd say email Lewis Reed and Lyda Krewson to tell them you're opposed to this bill to reverse City voters' decision to reduce the Board of Alderman. Tell Reed you will vote against him next spring if he supports Board Bill 25. The bill...
Even more ridiculous that Vacarro threw in with the bill's supporters and motioned with suppress debate. This bill still needs to be third read and then sent to the mayor for her signature. No clue if Mayor Krewson has the courage to veto this, or if the calculation that it will likely fail to get 6...
It was very discourteous to the Good People of Kansas City that the Governor chose to commit his crimes in the City of St. Louis.
Sugar cane research company to open North American headquarters in St. Louis.

Brazilian company choosing St. Louis for its North American HQ. Will bring 15 new jobs to Danforth Plant Science Center, then to the biotech park.
Shrinking the Board is a done deal and everyone down at the Board knows it's a done deal, regardless of what noise they are making. People have had nearly a decade to come to terms with it so I have little to no sympathy. The concerns about representation really have nothing to do with shrinking the...
Business Journal this week has an editorial that I think makes a great point that if we are capping the credits then the state should eliminate their use on private homes. Recent uses have included Compton Heights, Portland & Westmorland Places and Clayton. I believe the bills moving through the le...
Violent crime down 11% this year, Property crime down 7%, but Homicides up from 32 to 40 with 12 in March alone.
The Village of Mackenzie voted to dissolve, 18-15!
"Some residents of a residential tower at 900 S. Hanley Road, just to the north of the site, expressed concerns about noise, traffic and impact on their sightlines." Never mind that their own tower did the same when it was built. :roll:
I agree that there are likely very good reasons for the changes in South County but they've essentially removed any connectivity for between the City and South County. I truly hope that we see increases in ridership that would justify more high frequency routes, as I think the 21 is a potential cand...
The massive reductions in service to STLCC Meramec are disturbing. Also bizarre that the 56 is now apparently just a Webster Groves line and does not go into Kirkwood at all.
Funnily enough I've had a lot of people who have visited St. Louis (some from Kansas City) remark to me how many trees there are everywhere. While I agree there could always be more, I don't think we are actually facing that dire of a tree shortage.
So, they got the 4,500 number by revising our population last year upwards from the ACS estimate? What the hell? Does the Census Bureau have an axe to grind with us?

If they did not do that, we would not even be on the top 10 for population loss. This is a load of ****.
dbInSouthCity wrote:
Wed Mar 21, 2018 11:37 pm
Ugly ugly ugly. City lost 4500 according to the stl today piece. But not sure if that’s correct. Piece says it’s 308,600 now but last update we were at 311,400, so a difference of 2800
Yes, you appear to be right. Not sure why the Post-Dipatch is using incorrect figures.