According to the Business Journal, Koplar Properties is a co-developer on this. I guess Koplar is playing a role in bring the AC brand to St. Louis.
Great shot. They really are getting the steel up quickly here. I think we might see some glazing by Opening Day . Also, thanks for all your other updates on the other projects! Really appreciate it since I'm not around enough to see it all myself. April 4th is opening day so expect to see brick and...
From the Chouteau Building today. I like the glass.

Sign on site...

More corten panels have been installed.

Steel for the office building is visible if you look above the Steelcote sign. Photo shot from the Chouteau Building.

The crane has quite an impact. It can be seen from I-44 before Compton for a split second. It is visible from Grand and Chouteau to Laclede. Here are some photos I took today... Grand and 64 Exit... Grand and Forest Park... https://far...
This building, that will be demoed, looks horrible. It's demolition will make the area look much more inviting. On another note, I hope the brick buildings at the end of Steelcote Square, near the railroad tracks, are redeveloped into ...
More corten panels were going up today. The sidewalk in front of the building is alto torn up so a new one can be installed. Façade paneling has also moved around to the alley.
Now, let me be cynical. What does it say about the status of race relations in our city that Developers would rather invest in the poorly connected former industrial area that is completely cut off from the rest of the city by two interstates, a railroad, and a disgusting "creek" rather than develo...
framer wrote:
Tue Jan 15, 2019 12:01 pm
Good stuff! Such a funky area; it's an island now, but in ten years who knows?
I contacted around today and know of some things. Development of this area isn't done yet but the people weren't specific as to who the developers were. I guess we will find out soon enough.
Slowly coming over Central Field's Tree Line.

More rooms were added and the design was simplified. I don't really like this version but oh well.
stlnative wrote:
Tue Jan 15, 2019 9:32 am
Tower Crane being delivered today.
The first steel beams are going up! They did a lot today so expect this portion to fly. These were taken on my good camera so if you want to see full resolution, click on the photo.
The more I look at the renderings for this, the more it grows on me. I also like the fact the Gratiot is connected to Steelcote Square. Maybe Pier Property Group is going to buy more nearby properties and continue the redevelopment process for this part of Midtown :D . Depending on how leasing goes ...
This one seemed to move very quickly. Main Steelcote building is to be open by May with the Columbia Oil building to be open by Fall. New apartment building going up on Theresa to break ground this summer. Looks pretty good. Might be a good idea to reopen (and rebuild) a crossing for Theresa over t...
A renovation has been under way at this building for a while. The lobby area is gutted and some of the office floors have been renovated. The building sold in March for $4.6 Million. I like the orange and blue lights along with the blade sign that reads, "Castaneda at the Frisco". So far, $277,500 w...
It could definitely fill holes in the timeliness and experience of using the bus. I still think N/S has a place in St. Louis though. The North-South line will have it's place, if built, and I think this will help it out more. Monorail, monorail, monorail.... I guess it is sort of like a monorail bu...
So some talk is starting as to whether or not allow a private company to invest money into a public transit system that is elevated, run by solar power and requires no public subsidies to be completed. It would be privately financed by Transit X, a company based in Boston. According to them, they ar...
Tony Giarratana's next tower, The Paramount, was unveiled via billboard rendering on Christmas day with the tagline "make no small plans". 2 days ago, Chicago based Goettsch Partners, the architect, posted a clearer rendering, on Facebook, of the proposed building. The final height will be 65 floors...
The hole has been filled in with rocks and leveled. Foundation equipment should arrive soon. Based on what I have heard, we could begin seeing this thing rise by Late March/Early April (which is slow).
newstl2020 wrote:
Sat Jan 12, 2019 10:17 am
Steel arrived on site yesterday. Should be continuing on its way up shortly.

First pieces to go up on Monday at the Northeast corner.
I don't know squat about commercial construction and maybe this is an obvious question but why are some elevator shafts built at a pace similar to the floors where they don't rise much above the steel while others are poured way ahead like Centene? I remember watching the Eagleton Courthouse go up ...
View from the 8th Floor of the office building (Tao+Lee Shared). Will be interesting to see how much of the Arch is covered up by Two Cardinal Way. I also can't wait to see how this view looks once Two Cardinal Way is built and blocks that jailhouse looking East garage... https://farm8.staticflickr....