chaifetz10 wrote:They should just scrub off Amazon from this proposal and send it to every single Fortune 1000 company. So we lost on Amazon... we still spent some good money getting this proposal together so lets use it to land someone!
this. send this to Kellogg’s.

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One thing I have done from this is contacted Steve Stegner and Luda Krewson and demanded immediate merger talks and exploration of a true, unified, regional government. Absolutely everyone on this forum should do the same.

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Some highlights of the STL proposal: 1- the Lambert airport welcome Center I think was very off. That just seemed very weird. 2- The North Riverfront (Mark Twain) and the Lincoln campus were visionary. I think those should become masterplans. 3- not sure if a rendering error, but they had several sk...
The entire STL proposal is now viewable on i must say that I am extremely proud of Sheila Sweeney. It was a very ambitious, aggressive proposal. Very dream filled though. I’m unsure how nearly any of that could have been done, but it was clearly well thought out. The incentives however...
There’s some really pissed off people on detroit forums. I think of any of the competing cities, they’re the biggest loser.
Also of note, Detroit did not make it either.

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This is really pathetic. Cities that St Louis should have beat out are on this list. The entire proposal should be made public.

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He's trash and should resign immediately.
^well, multiple ways to go about this. 1, until announcements are made, it’s not safe to assume flights are coming. This board was burned ~bad~ in August with a faulty BA announcement. As jshank said, route development officials and airlines are always talking. I can pretty much assure you that Cond...
Gosh, Iceland loves Missouri it seems. MCI --> @Icelandair STL --> @wow_air Key takeaways: Seasonal nonstop flight from KCI to Iceland’s capitol, Reykjavik First arrival from Icelandair comes to KCI on May 25. Service will con...
So I just went over to city-data. WOOF That place sure as hell does not love St. Louis. I don't typically recoil at posts, but I actually found many of the posts there blatantly offensive. Wow.
Directly across the street from the newly rehabbed by Blackline for their new HQ (with apts above) , the owners of this building have applied for demolition and construction of surface parking lot. It's owned by the NSI Building (where Ansiai is) on the block west.
Here’s some more clickbait that came across my Facebook feed— 15 US Cities with the Worst Reputations. St. Louis clocking in at #2, right behind Detroit. This is such BS, because I actually think St Louis now has a worse national image than Detroit.
Something I have always wondered and suggested to the CVC is maybe launching a PR campaign that simply promotes St Louis, but not Missouri. St Louis does not need Missouri. More or less along the lines of this: In promotional materials, refer to the STL area as "St. Louis" , dropping the "Missouri"....
Just did a twitter thread on how Saint Louis beats the crap out of Nashville when it comes to being a real city with a real urban fabric and history... inspired by the Louis Lange rehab. Love the thread, but I don't really subscribe to the Na...
An acquisition of Target could be a huge blow to the Twin Cities economy if it would go the way typical acquisitions have gone.
tygss wrote:
Wed Dec 20, 2017 5:53 pm

Probably not a good sign if prices are that low...
Not a good sign of what? SWA scales back their fares frequently throughout the year even outside of their sale periods. This means nothing.
So, out of curiosity. What exactly is being requested of the developer? Do they need to retain one corner of the building? I don't really see them walking from this.
It’ll be interesting to see who the finalists are.

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Here is AT&T's Gigapower map. Not a very big footprint either place, 3X more in KC area than STL... Charter Gigabit is in entire footprint. Not sure why this forum now is a KC vs STL gigabit thing though. This is for KC news. Not city comparisons. As I have stated multi...
KerrytheKonstructor wrote:
Tue Dec 19, 2017 3:46 pm
Cardinals should reclad Busch III's right Arch) side along 40 and Broadway in a modern glass facade and keep the retro look on the other (BPV I, Cupples) side. The two faces of St. Louis. Its about 1/2 way through a typical 30 year lifespan anyway. It needs a refresh.
You cannot be serious.
earthling wrote:
Tue Dec 19, 2017 2:59 pm
Here is AT&T's Gigapower map. Not a very big footprint either place, 3X more in KC area than STL...

Charter Gigabit is in entire footprint.
What's your point?
dredger wrote:
Tue Dec 19, 2017 2:41 pm
who thinks Square will stay put in and expand solely in CORTEX? or will they anchor/kick off Railway Exchange Development?
I see them going to RX. I'd really like to see Cortex focus more on being StartUp based, etc.
Well certainly the city's central corridor is growing but population growth is not necessarily the most important thing for a city/region... those with a reasonable income in legacy cities like Saint Louis, Pittsburgh and Cleveland can enjoy a very attractive quality of life that is beyond the reac...
Charter now offers Gigabit in KC, entire footprint. Will STL get it? 200Mbps down and 10Mbps up for $45/month and $50 install fee 400Mbps down and 20Mbps up for $70/month and $50 install fee 1000Mbps down and 35Mbps up for $105/month and $200 install fee Google Fiber is 100/100 for $50/month or 100...