How's Flamingo Bowl doing these days? Haven't been there in a while. Hope it's still a popular draw.
^Cool rendering indeed!

It’s strange to me that the lot across Forsyth from Wellbridge remains empty. Like, it’s not even a parking lot, just an empty grassy field. Surprised that a development hasn’t yet been proposed for that parcel.
The "big small town" refrain is so overdone and cliche. Just because a city is friendly, casual, neighborhoody and accessible doesn't mean it feels like a small town. St. Louis has plenty of attributes (good and bad) that make it decidedly NOT small town. Even though the "big small town" quality is ...
From CityLab:

The Gateway Arch, a Global Icon, Reconnects to St. Louis

Link: ... is/554750/
Yes- I meant Phase 3. Thanks for the info, everyone.
Thanks for posting the link, clayton1! I'm cool with the high-rise portion, but the roof on the low-rise portion is cheesy. Looks a little cheap. Happy to see things moving along though.
Any update on the status of the 7-story building proposed for the wedge?
Yikes. Sounds like Cincinnati’s streetcar is an utter failure by almost all measures so far.... ... 377015002/
Is Phase II (i.e. the tower proposed for the Clayton Hole) a done deal, or is it wait-and-see? Does anyone have the latest groundbreaking info on phase II?
It's a shame that in St. Louis, a city littered with so many surface parking lots and vacant parcels, new development so often hinges on replacing existing buildings. There is plenty of room for BOTH. I don't know the politics of all this, but I feel like the alderman should be steering development ...
I posted this on Facebook already, but I'll post it here too...

VIAduct GRAnd - VIAGRA! "It's up and coming!"
Major styling downgrade. I wonder if they changed the design based on neighborhood pushback? The previous iteration is much cooler.
The Great Lakes cities definitely comprise a sub-region that have their own distinct characteristics— architecture, dialects, etc. Pittsburgh certainly shares many characteristics with midwestern cities, but it has a few distinctly eastern traits too that are not nearly as prevalent in midwestern ci...
Well, this is pretty cool...

Architectural Digest

16 of the Coolest, Most Unexpected Concert Venues Around the World

Link: ... -the-world

Not one, but TWO St. Louis venues made the list.
As of this morning, West Pine was closed except for local traffic between Kighshighway and Euclid. Here we go!

Anyone have updated renderings to share?
framer wrote:
Thu Feb 01, 2018 1:35 pm
Is this the building Lawrence Group tried to do a few years ago?
The cool thing about living in a half-empty City is that there are limitless vacant commercial strips to revitalize. I think Olive/Washington on the north edge of the CWE is on the cusp of becoming a destination again. Very different dynamics from the Grove, but hopefully it can carry on a little of...
Garcia Properties just closed on the long-vacant Melba Theater building. I believe they are envisioning makers' live/work spaces and apartments. It will be great to see this important building come back to life! Here’s where millennials are moving

Did St Louis make the list? Uhh, well, uhh... ... eal-estate
This is what urban revitalization looks like.
newstl2020 wrote:
Wed Jan 17, 2018 2:54 pm
I believe this has been recanted. They are hiring 20K between their two existing HQs in Cuppertino and Austin.
I think you mean Apple, not Amazon. ... rters-jobs
AALCO Wrecking has their signs up. Shouldn't be long now. Way to go Richmond Heights. Huge Sigh..... Richmond Heights is about to take one step closer to becoming St. Peters. If the existing building couldn't be preserved, why not require a new mixed-use building at least as large as one it is repl...
You are correct, moorlander! He is mentioned by name in the STLToday article. It was pretty obvious that they are bitter because they think their views will be impacted, which is stupid because what's uglier than looking down on a big surface parking lot.
YESSSSSSSS!!!! Every time I pass by that building I imagine how great it could be. Yeah, the area around it is quite industrial, but I think it could definitely work as a live/work studio set-up (a la Powell Square, which was stupidly torn down, still pissed about that one). St. Louis is poised to c...