While I can't speak to a good recommendation for #3, I can warn you to avoid the big GCs that come from St. Charles/St. Louis County and descend like locusts every year with pamphlets, door-to-door, "free quotes" followed by hard sells. They all want to do bathrooms, kitchens, siding, gutters, windo...
I was going to mention that the rendering looks a lot like the one at 44-Hampton, which is not a good thing.
I think the idea is that once it reaches the CWE it's no longer a parkway built to get to 170/Clayton but it's just Forest Park Avenue. Connects CWE with Clayton, reduces load on Lindell. I doubt there will be much backup going into the park since there's not road access into the park from FPP.
^Related to that, the Southampton traffic study was limited to internal traffic needs vs cross-neighborhood connections (or those that cross arterial roads like Hampton, Chippewa, Kingshighway, etc.). St. Louis Hills doesn't go beyond Chippewa, so I imagine it faces the same issue. Pedestrian connec...
Link to PD story about closing stores: http://www.stltoday.com/news/applebee-s-ihop-owner-will-close-restaurants/article_892346a9-4439-5b35-8f97-a109e3c86ad4.html Hidden within the headline is this: Applebee's will take the biggest hit with 105 to 135 of its restaurants shutting down, said parent Di...
Quick update: current Centene plan is $12m renovation of the building with construction of an atrium to fill the U-shape of the building. Sale still hasn't closed.
Pretty sure that's part of WUSTL West Campus, no public plans for redevelopment.

NextSTL about the Famous-Barr building has a blurb in there about the other stuff WUSTL owns there
https://nextstl.com/2017/03/1-7m-fitnes ... mous-barr/
I don't really feel bad about FYE becoming Chick-fil-A ... the intersection of Chippewa and Hampton has been a fast food/suburban destination since the 1930s. Both White Castle and Steak N Shake opened around there in the late 1930s when the area was still peach orchards and Route 66. Plus the groce...
The old-timey trolley — which would ferry tourists from the Delmar Loop to the Missouri History Museum using anachronistic tracks and overhead lines — has seen costs balloon to $51 million from the original $43 million budget. Serious question about this line from the RFT: What exactly is anachroni...
Buildings are vacant as of July 31. Any changes at this point aren't going to stop the project, just tweaks around the edges.
Actually I went back and checked, the district analysis was $6-8m for renovation back into a functional school building.
Renovation was estimated at $6 million, so if Centene paid $2-4m (wild guess), then it's about 1% of their project cost in downtown. Not a bad price to pay for good will and for extra space for their employees for "leadership development" space and a day care.
condensation from AC units?
^That's 70-75 hours a week for 52 weeks a year, no vacations or sick days. Fraud in the SLMPD...?
Median teacher pay is also higher because of longer years of service and a smaller pool of teachers. If a relatively small group of teachers stays in the system for a long time, they get a higher median pay. There's not much of a functional difference between the salary schedules of Clayton, Ladue, ...
So nobody thinks Andy Karandzieff will win the Republican primary?

I know he's doing it as a PR stunt, but I'm definitely considering taking a Republican ballot to vote for him. The Democratic primary is a Krewson shoo-in anyways.
The 4650 Hampton credit union to apartments conversion is under construction.
^It's a driveway. There's a sidewalk that abuts the building, but you can make out the arrow from the parking lot to the garage side showing the direction of traffic flow.
^The property is deed-restricted, I think. Something about how if the MoT has to return it to county parks if they can't operate it there anymore. I do wonder how they'll change operations without the county oversight. Obviously the county has been putting in cash on an annual basis, but MoT wouldn'...
^^you can see the crane all the way from Skinker-McCausland actually.
This is a tool from The Economist that allows you to compare house prices from 1980 to present with a sliding date in dozens of metros, including Boston and STL, compared to the US.

Bigger/more efficient police department requires consolidation. Suburbanites should not pay police officers to babysit people rolling stop signs in West County while the regional core bleeds.
If we're going to do dueling Ferris wheels, let's have three and be known as the best place with four places where you can pointlessly go hundreds of feet in the air and come back down again.
I didn't get this done and neither did the previous owner of my house (bought in 2003 and 2010). It's not a scam, but I also don't think they really check up on it. I did have a home inspection done by that was on my own as part of the home purchase. My neighbor also didn't get one done when he boug...
$100,000 permit issued and work is in progress for gut rehab and second story addition on 5439 Murdoch, an 800 sqft home from 1924. It was bought for $70,000 earlier in the year.