I second the praise for Cornerstone...it's a great little neighborhood joint.

And that building across the street with great brick work (1435 Salisbury) is currently undergoing interior demolition for a full rehab.
The plan should start "small" and focus on removing the Shell station from the corner of Delmar/Skinker and replacing it with a pocket park until demand calls for some more intensive use.
This is the doing of Jimmy John's, moving from Forest Park Avenue a few blocks away to (what I assume is) a newly built, prototypical suburban store with drive-through, at the cost of these three old buildings and a vacant space in the old brewery building.
Here is a duplex in Denver:

This one is called a "Peanut House", from Korea:

Here is one from Queens:

Here are some super-contemporary award-winning custom homes. I pulled out one of the smaller-scaled examples:

Syracuse, NY

That one (6323 Arthur in Lindenwood Park) is a 1,650 sq. ft single family, but could easily be converted to a two-family with a wider lot.
You have to learn how to walk before you run. :lol:
There's a big difference between political conservatism and "genteel" conservatism. St. Louis seems much more oriented towards the latter than the former. But that's sort of beside the point of the idea of a Shirtless Day - which seems pretty non-controversial to me. I mean, have you guys ...
An exciting new mixed-income community is rising in North City - the North Sarah development. 120 new mixed-income rental units 7,000 square feet of retail/commercial space Designs to reflect the historic African American business district that was once there. Read a project description here . Read ...
^ These same models are now being built in JeffVanderLou (in different colors), so why not South City, too?
But saying this is some huge atrocity and that our city is sub-urbanizing doesn't make sense. If you followed NextSTL's Live Tweets from the HUDZ Committee yesterday, then it does make sense. Rick Yackey, the developer of the site, stated that the current building is awkwardly situated and that he ...
It makes me want to pull my hair out. Our ONE true benefit over all the godforsaken, far flung, sh*tty suburbs in the area is our urban environment, and with it, all the beautiful architecture, walkable areas, and interesting stores that come with it. Do we support any of those? No. We tear them do...
Is Newstead Tower Public House re-opening? This application (apparently a duplicate one) appears in this week's City Journal : DIRECTOR OF STREETS Application No. 115351, Newstead Tower Public House, encroach with sidewalk café at 4353 Manchester ordered filed, by reason of the fact that it is a dup...
erina wrote:
DogtownBnR wrote:

I also hope they can get good tenants in the detached retail stores.

In my dreamworld Chris LaRocca would reopen Wrap Rage in one of them.

The tenant in the building farthest west will be The Future Antiques, which is relocating from Morgan Ford in Tower Grove South due to landlord issues.
Two points here. 1) This is not directed at the Original Poster, but is rather a general statement. A lot of impassioned people I meet here seem to care deeply about the city, but don't make the time to really "do" much of anything for it. By "do", I do not mean "take everyt...
The 4/11/11 building permit online shows that this is a request to "Construct Commercial Building with Drive Through".

Doesn't sound like it will resemble that rendering...
^ If you're talking about a citywide effort, the "plan of attack" would be getting citywide preservation review as a first step; then working on a stronger, more clearly defined preservation ordinance with each of the 28 aldermen. If you're talking about your own ward/neighborhood, it's al...
Popular urban theory author James Howard Kunstler: As a philosophical matter, the argument against gentrification soon foundered on the shoals of logic. If it were morally unacceptable for the better-off to revive devalued city property and live in it, then where should they be allowed to live? A pr...