I like that idea. It would be unique and yes the new Arch Grounds would help revitalize the area. St Louis is getting cooler and more hip year by year.
thats good to hear. Any rumblings on if any retail is coming facing Lindell?
I never heard of this, what is new with this plans?
any updates on this?
did this project fail yet or still in the making?
any updates on this hotel?
Great News. Glad to hear this area is starting to pick up jobs. I grew up not too far from this area.
I am also really eager to see this project. Hopefully it can be a tourist attraction and help turn around nearby areas.
was this just a rumor?
I didnt know if this was already posted and was wondering if anybody was in the know about this proposed project. It is at the bottom of this page. m " Hub for China?: The 160-acre (65-hectare) Aviator Business Park (above) is expected to join two other Hazelwood, Mo., industrial parks in the n...
Another "large wave" of Bhutanese refugees will be arriving in St. Louis over the course of the next couple weeks. There is a drive going on to get furniture and other household furnishings together for their arrival. For more info contact Sonja Meyer at [email protected].net Just wonde...
I sure hope it isnt dead.
Chouteau/Manchester is going to look totally different in 10 years. In a good way.
DOes anyone know how the occupancy rate is at this building now?
Has there been any plans to revitalize the area by the Water Tower on North Grand. I Know right now its kind of a shakey neighborhood(my grandparents lived over there for 40 years)but when I look into the future, I can see this area being vibrant. WIth the progression of Old North St Louis and the n...
I work in other cities for long periods of time. Indianapolis, Portland, New York, etc. I get to know each of them quite well. I've never once been asked what high school I went to. Could it be that you werent ask because you werent from there? Yes that gets asked alot around here, but I dont see p...
Here are a link to some more videos on youtube

I didnt know until now that there are alot of Bhutanese refugees here.

I have been driving around lately and started to notice the diversity, especially along Grand. Southside has always had alot of diversity but it just feels different. Is this just me or has there been a big change the last 5 years? I like to add that I love the diversity and believes it adds to a ci...
Does anyone know if Phase 2 is still going to happen or has that been scratched?
Has any work started on this project?
I havent really been following this project until recently. Does anyone see any movement on this. I agree that this would be a cool element to St Louis' landscape.
I wanted to bump this thread up. Has there been any new development over in this area? I am guessing some of this area (around COmpton) is part of Midtown Alley?