That STLRainbow fellow... :D
Should we expect him to fight this in court?

Would have loved to see them go a step further and introduce legislation that strips TIF and other incentives for property owners who are habitual offenders at securing and maintaining property.
Can we please move all of the city vs. county discussion over to the Better Together or Not thread (or similar) and return to focusing on the AT&T Building in this thread?

Thanks in advance.
I have to disagree here... those windows desperately needed help. There's nothing ornate or deeply historic being lost with the new glass wall. And it's not as if they're recladding the entire building. I'm in favor of the new glass on this one.
Yes, they call it a "Greenlight Hub". And it's nothing more than a Sprint store where they have a few driver assistance individuals to help process new drivers, deal with driver complaints, answer questions etc. Nothing fancy and they're most likely making $10-12 bucks and hour. Don't expect to see ...
This is almost certainly a troll... someone who wants to come in and "ask" questions about crime and safety under the guise of not being able to find information anywhere else; merely to try to toss out negative ideas about St. Louis in the process. So they can create an account on UrbanSTL, yet are...
Where at? We just moved from Clara a few months ago.
I would imagine that it's substantially cheaper to build a garage than it is to dig down for parking. If the podium garage is the trade off required for extra height or Studio Gang design, I'll take it in a heart beat.
SMH. I get that a lot of people on these boards hate giving money to sports but wow. Who said that a lot of us hate giving money to sports? I'm a huge fan of the Blues and Cardinals and give them plenty of money through tickets and concessions. I believe many people on this forum do the same. The d...
Wait, people still believe that there was a "Plan B"? The owner's only had one plan: make the city pay. Once that plan fell apart (and for good reason with it being rushed through) that was it.
bprop wrote:
Tue Mar 27, 2018 12:37 pm
TransportMe, are you on the clock at Metro when you post, or are you only allowed to do so after work and on breaks? :wink:
Seriously. The part about having more access to two Walmarts is what got me the most.
Yeah, I've actually wondered if they were within reach. What's the distance from home plate? The only way a ball could get to either the new BPV tower or 300 Broadway is if it was 1) a new world record for a HR or 2) got a VERY lucky bounce off of the pavement. The current BPV structure has never b...
I would assume a pipedream, although kbshapiro is probably one of the most connected individuals on this forum at the moment.

I'm 90% positive that the Class A Office Development in Creve Coeur is indeed for Charter / Spectrum.
I think the approach to policing and crime is severely lacking. From violent crimes to traffic violations, it just feels like police aren't doing enough. Is it an organizational culture issue? Leadership issue? I don't know but my guess is that it's all just bad and we need to completely revamp how ...
Ugh. Would have been fantastic in downtown Clayton, CWE, downtown, or even CORTEX. Hopefully we see this one get recycled somewhere else.
shadrach wrote:
Tue Mar 20, 2018 3:25 pm
I'd like to see these running from downtown to Carbondale via DuQuoin (existing CN lines)
Would make sense to connect some of the Illinois cities as well: Quincy, Jacksonville, Springfield, Decatur, Champaign/Urbana, & Danville.
Yeah, just flip it around and I don't see any issues. Plenty of room for parking behind. This should be an easy fix. Mosque's are built to face Mecca correct? Seems like that's the problem - the building can't be flipped. A synagogue or church could certainly be updated to fit onto Jefferson. Yeah,...
Yeah, just flip it around and I don't see any issues. Plenty of room for parking behind. This should be an easy fix.
The tower crane just got jacked up again. It's now towering along above Clayton.
^Cool rendering indeed! It’s strange to me that the lot across Forsyth from Wellbridge remains empty. Like, it’s not even a parking lot, just an empty grassy field. Surprised that a development hasn’t yet been proposed for that parcel. My guess is that whoever owns it is holding out for Centene or ...
^At some point when you stop being angry about it and accept the chi of it all the world becomes a better place. And then someone with no insurance rear ends you and you start all over again. Breathe in. Breathe out. Blinker on. Horn off. Breathe in. Breathe out. Blinker on. Horn off. Easy to say, ...
^Yes. There are projects underway that I never dreamed would break ground and others I just never dreamed of at all. There's a lot of momentum. I have a few worries along with all of it, since I'm not the most prosperous guy on the block and I like even my neighbors most in danger of getting gentri...
No. Crescent was not bought out.
The smaller tower crane that built the pavilion is now gone. I'm guessing that they may reopen that street a bit more in the coming days (which will certainly help with traffic!)
Definitely check out Sioux Passage Park! Especially the boat ramp section along the river. One of our favorite “hidden” spots in STL.