If the city is intent on removing the memorial (and I think they should) with the roadblock being how to fund the removal, it seems like there is at least oneshort-term thing that should be done at minor expense in the mean time. In my opinion, the BOA could pass a bill renaming Confederate Drive, t...
Seems like we shouldn't use the FPP construction as an example here since they recently announced a delay in completing their work. It would be nice if there was a better was to track what the streets department is doing. A few years ago Pershing near where I live was resurfaced and the only notice ...
McCulloch comes across as someone who doesn't seem to know what he or his office are doing.
What stopped them from just reestablishing how the line used to run, when it was a real transportation option? I would assume it's a matter of money. Plus, there's nothing to keep them from increasing the times if the trolley proves to be very successful. But they only have two cars right now, so o...
Brutalism might be back, but what seems to be driving a lot of the need to tear down brutalist buildings is that they aren't very easy to renovate.
^ Agreed. I probably should have said that he decided to "retire".
Can't say I'm surprised Dotson has decided to retire. It's been quite a while since I've spoken to anyone who was in his corner. I hope Lyda is able to arrange for a national search for his replacement, although I think current law requires a promotion from within the ranks.
What is the significance of the 'CB' in the favicon?
If nothing else, this makes it very clear to the NFL that St. Louis isn't interested in ever having a team again. I don't have a problem with that.
I know they will be hard to implement at some stations, but it is time for the implementation of a turnstile system. It could easily be like the turnstiles in Boston, which physically bar you from fare jumping, and if you crawl under them it blares an alarm and takes your photo. Either we go the ro...
The folks having a meltdown on twitter about how this vote went aren't really making a strong case for themselves. Pretty sure I don't want to be asking every city resident to fork over $200 to get those folks into the city.
aprice wrote:
Mon Apr 03, 2017 3:31 pm
If it's safe to assume that that Bill DeWitt lives in St. Louis County
Last I heard, the elder Bill DeWitt lived in Cincinnati.
I think we also need to be careful not to confuse development with growth. New apartments coming online, for example, are just as capable as pulling people from older apartments in the city as they are at attracting new people into the city.
leeharveyawesome wrote:
Fri Mar 24, 2017 12:25 pm
Wouldn't the Debaliviere metro stop at least be an ideal candidate to experiment with a real turnstile?
My understanding is that the placement of the elevators makes it tough to fit in turnstiles that are ADA compliant. I'm no expert though -- I'm just parroting what I've been told.
It's worth pointing out that metro isn't super interested in prosecuting fare violations. When those violations occur, the fines are paid to the city or county and not to metro. From their perspective, it's a better use of money to get people to buy tickets than it is to capture farehoppers. I would...
Amusingly, I had a conversation with someone a week ago who was planning to vote no on 1 and yes on 2. As they explained it to me, they wanted the soccer stadium, but no new taxes.
This is just one guy's take on things, but it seems like we can't really expect the city population to increase until we sort out city schools. All news seems to be positive on that front, but I still know many people who perceive the city schools as being bad and who consequently move out of the ci...
I'm not opposed on principal to extracting cash from the airport, but I do wonder why a private entity (who presumably expects to make a profit) running the airport is better for St. Louis. Wouldn't it be better for the government to extract that profit? Is it about getting the money up front? Or th...
chriss752 wrote:
Wed Mar 22, 2017 6:34 pm
Well I learned that Andrew Jones didn't pay the filing fee and Lyda paid the County Democratic Party. This is getting crazy
Crazy is definitely the right way to describe something here. But whether it applies to Jones/Krewson or Cordes seems to depend on your perspective.
chaifetz10 wrote:
Wed Mar 22, 2017 3:41 pm
Serious question here, couldn't Metro opt out of its pre-existing agreements with the city and county and instead opt to pay for agencies such the IL and MO state police instead?
Even if they could, would those entities be interested in taking that on?
I haven't been following the Kacey Cordes saga as closely as I perhaps should have. Am I correct in thinking the narrative looks something like (a) she tried to gather signatures and couldn't get enough, (b) argued that she didn't need the signatures anyway, and then (c) tried to make sure no one el...
“We can’t have officers everywhere, but at a time like this, of course we want more resources,” said police Capt. Mary Warnecke at a news conference Monday afternoon. She said “additional resources” were planned for trains during Cardinals games. Opening day is April 2. link That "additional resour...
Are there actual plans for the "major new educational facility" that SLU claims will be going up in it's place?
DeBalivier is also a dump of station with too much bad stuff going on. I swear Metro and the City Police have surrendered that station. As someone who lives quite close to the DeBaliviere station, I can't disagree with this statement. Lyda Krewson once organized a neighborhood meeting with police a...
rbb wrote:
Mon Mar 20, 2017 10:14 am
FWIW, while it happens less frequently I am still randomly logged out from time to time. It's not a big deal to log back in, just FYI.

This happens to me quite often.