You can see the heights of the various towers in this graphic:

The proposed building would include five additional floors and five more units, including a full 16th-floor penthouse. Only five more units? I welcome the extra floors but this just seems inefficient. The slimmer tower allows for a larger setback from the Crescent building. I can’t confirm but I’d ...
Changes coming to the residential tower? ... ng-taller/
dweebe wrote:I have zero confidence this gets built. You can already hear the NIMBYs and BANANAs freaking out.
FAKE NEWS Article up on
^now taller than the Centene building across the street
dbInSouthCity wrote:Now that the dust has settled from City Hall/Pres Board approvals, i put this project at 40% chance of happening.
Wait, why so low?
Looks like the SEVEN District to me.

Proof how quickly things can change.

100 and Centene Tower are too far from the riverfront but will bee seen from all over the City/County.
Did the folks in the Clayton on the Park Tower ever get their big-screen video of the sunrise that 212 S. Meramec agreed to give them? Park Tower* Clayton On The Park is across the street to the north. It blocked the sunset views from the 7-Up Building when it was built in the late '90s. I really h...
quincunx wrote:I like that the windows meet at the corners.
The corner windows are a huge selling point.


^at :35 she’s pulling up to in defiance
1904 was a long time ago. It was a different world back then.
I'm good with this, but my gosh, I never realized how messed up the St. Louis Olympics were. (I don't really know who these comedians...
I could see the 212 Clayton and now the Centene tower rise from my couch. Pretty cool.
I used to spend about $60 every 3 months at teavana. Switching from coffee to tea every morning significantly improved my blood pressure.

If anyone can recommend a local loose leaf tea store I’d appreciate it.
Don't Arch views typically command a premium? Many units on the other side will have Arch views.