Did the folks in the Clayton on the Park Tower ever get their big-screen video of the sunrise that 212 S. Meramec agreed to give them? Park Tower* Clayton On The Park is across the street to the north. It blocked the sunset views from the 7-Up Building when it was built in the late '90s. I really h...
quincunx wrote:I like that the windows meet at the corners.
The corner windows are a huge selling point.


^at :35 she’s pulling up to in defiance
1904 was a long time ago. It was a different world back then.
I'm good with this, but my gosh, I never realized how messed up the St. Louis Olympics were. (I don't really know who these comedians...
I could see the 212 Clayton and now the Centene tower rise from my couch. Pretty cool.
I used to spend about $60 every 3 months at teavana. Switching from coffee to tea every morning significantly improved my blood pressure.

If anyone can recommend a local loose leaf tea store I’d appreciate it.
Don't Arch views typically command a premium? Many units on the other side will have Arch views.
I wish some of the units were condos
To find your answer I would look at why the Grove exploded....

Main retail strip
central location
close to a major employer dedicated to improving the surrounding area.
I’ve posted this before but it seems appropriate again now. Grab a box of tissues....

Pictures of the riverfront before the arch: ... light=Arch
Wellbridge has been advertising an August 2018 opening for their new facility in the new Centene Tower. As a reminder, they’re opening in the shorter norther section along Forsyth next to their current building.
So I've watched the camera stills frame by frame from Sunday and while I can see the tower crane lifting extension pieces up to the top, the next frame shows the jump in height and for the life of me I can't figure out how they stick these pieces in. Is the cab lifting itself and somehow inserting ...
From 930 am this morning


Tom Minogue is on board for the merger....I think it's very important to see local business leaders on board. Thompson Coburn’s Tom Minogue on his chairmanship, the future and downtown St. Louis What is St. Louis’ greatest asset? It may be a cliche, but it’s true: the advantages of a larger metro ar...

New vantage point. You can also see the First Bank tower crane in the distance.
Went downtown Saturday to the Blues games, went to Wash Ave, had dinner, went to BPV had a beer and then walked to the Blues game. We got downtown early and parked on the street in front of the Federal Courthouse. We all commented on our way home that we did not see one police officer ( the entire ...
newstl2020 wrote:
It's interesting how far behind the steel is lagging the core. Is this similar to construction of Centene 1? I cannot recall offhand.

Centene 1 didn’t have a central core like this.

The Partnership on Thursday released the 312-page bid, which showed that $7.1 billion in incentives were offered to Amazon, including $2.4 billion from the state of Missouri, $1.15 billion from the city of St. Louis, $56.5 million from St. Louis County, $927 million from the state of Illinois, $700 ...
This raised my blood pressure this morning. I wonder if the bid will ever be made public.