Rate of new high-tech jobs in St. Louis doubles The rate at which new high-tech jobs are being created in St. Louis has doubled, putting the city among the 10 fastest growing cities in America for such careers....In all, St. Louis added about 3,500 new high-tech jobs between 2015 and 2016, bringing...
stlgasm wrote: Finally, I really think we should call the trolley the Delmar Ding-A-Ling. It has a good ring to it (literally)!
Put it on a t shirt!
Sacramento lands Centene regional HQ, up to 5,000 jobs.

https://www.bizjournals.com/sacramento/ ... yptr=yahoo
It’s a little blurry but this is certainly interesting

As boomers downsize or die off families will move in and populations will rise again.
A police officer was shot in the head yesterday in Baltimore. It was headline news on the today show trans they reported that Baltimore has had over 300 murders for the 3rd year in a row. 300! ^ they have double our population though so still a lower rate than STL City... but the land size is 80sq ...
https://www.bizjournals.com/stlouis/news/2017/11/16/habitat-for-humanity-finds-new-headquarters-to.html Habitat for Humanity finds new headquarters to make way for $25 million hotel Habitat for Humanity St. Louis has agreed to acquire a vacant grocery store in south St. Louis that will serve as the ...
Ribbon cutting was today. I'm going to tour the building and post up a little write up here soon. The building looks fabulous.
^ Though Rockwell remains an attractive target, it's not likely Emerson, known for acquiring companies, will pursue a hostile takeover, Windau added. "Emerson has typically not pursued hostile acquisitions. (Generally, an) acquired company's management has a lot of expertise running the business, a...
A police officer was shot in the head yesterday in Baltimore. It was headline news on the today show trans they reported that Baltimore has had over 300 murders for the 3rd year in a row.
^ I don’t blame you. I refuse to fly in those tiny ERJ planes. Those planes are the pits.
The resolution passed in Clayton. The way my alderman described it made it sound like Clayton is open to discussing consolidation but against out state Missourah making the decisions for them. My words not his.
This article is behind a pay wall so I'll post up some snipets St. Louis could be the next energy disruptor, VC says The millions of acres of corn and soybeans planted within a 500-mile radius — and the ethanol those crops can produce — can transform St. Louis into the next big disruptor of the ener...
I’m hearing very positive things whenever Amazon comes up. I’m quietly optimistic.
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This is dead
Where did you see/hear this?

I may have spoken too soon back in September but now the developer has officially walked away. Lipton claims to have received interest from multiple developers so maybe we’ll see something new proposed next year.
Sounds like formal plans will be submitted to the city Q1 2018

A friend just sent me this
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^^ F*CK. it was such a great resource. i really really hope someone buys it and maintains it at that location. all those wonderful machines...
Brian Feldt said on twitter

"On the flip side, TechShop closure immediately adds 18,000 SF vacancy in one of the hottest submarkets in town."
Man that would have had such an incredible impact downtown. Those MH buildings look so tired and drab.
How do police prevent a car jacking?
Saw this on the agenda tonight for the City of Clayton BOA meeting: Resolution – To approve an opposition to the statewide election process. (Res. No. 17-23)  To consider opposing any statewide vote or legislative mandate on changes to the governmental structure of the City and/or County, including...
Great news for DT West. Beautiful design!
“It's likely the development group plans to build the $59.3 million facility in the Maryland Park Lake District, a 2,000-acre site near the intersection of Highways 364 and 141 that Maryland Heights officials have been looking to develop for years... ... It's the same area of land that Stan Kroenke...
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Yes many of us KC folk have hailed the end of SW in STL, but this is mainly a joke off of a common dislike of St. Louis.
Can you explain this? Inferiority complex or what?