New series Sharp Objects on HBO takes place in the boot heel and the main character works at the St. Louis Chronicle.
Forsyth in front of the Centene garage.

Yeah, I can’t recall seeing the skyline from this angle before.
Maybe the airport isn’t doing as well as we thought??? Should we be worried about the long term trends?

First retail tenant announced - Bespoke Apparel.
This is new.


no basement?
New piece is up at NextStL. Check out the fly through animation video. ... s-forward/
Everyone needs to calm down . There are so many positive things happening in this city every day. Don’t let this hiccup get you down.
I love our weather. Milder winters than up north and milder summers than down south. Our spring and fall weather (well not this spring) is glorious.
Microsoft Expands into Cortex, Looks to Grow Workforce, Economy ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Microsoft isn't just moving from the suburbs in the city. It hopes to move the St. Louis economy into the future too. The tech giant plans to double its area workforce as it moves from Creve Coeur to Cortex. “This is ...
Would be awesome if one of the construction workers could take a 360 pic up there. Wonder how far you can see. Found this. I will try to find more
The mayor is going to veto this, right?
Check out this long exposure photo of BPV

Image ... 437303705/
I sure wish Centene would locate these 5,000 jobs in St. Louis instead....


^NBC Nightly news had a very flattering segment on Pittsburg’s economy resurgence. One tech company has this large billboard up in SF.
We really pushed for more retail so I’m glad to see that was included.
Brookings report: St. Louis’ economy doing better than many older industrial cities

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