They’re taking the 10,000 sf of what’s left of the 2nd floor above Porano, Taze, and CBW.
Chris - your correct. Five Guys and Smoothe King. Building should be done in 3rd-4th qtr 2018
^ Correct. Office and retail growth follow where the people live. Focus needs to be on population growth. The corporations and retail will quickly follow.
Assuming this a BTS Office HQ deal and not a spec development, the lead tenant tells their developer their site criteria (location, square footage, demographics, etc)...then it’s the developers job to go find a site that fits the criteria. If the lead tenant wanted to be in Downtown, CORTEX, CWE, et...
I love the quote where the guy says the hotel will cause 24/7 noise and crime. One of the dumbest things I've ever heard. Highly doubt a private collection Hilton hotel will have crime issues. And since when are hotels a loud place? If you buy a house just off Olive Blvd in one of the busiest commer...
Yeah, Cupples is full.
Apparently Hamburger Mary's is reopening downtown somewhere soon. Anyone know where by chance?
It's my understanding that Clayton/Brentwood is next
As a commercial real estate broker, people tell me things in confidence. So it's not my place to share specifics until the directly related parties are ready to go public on their own accord. As soon as they file plans with the City, it will become public
It's a use that will require a zoning change.

Most of the Rothman's will reopen as a franchise furniture store chain. Not Shrewsbury
I wonder if this buyer plans to keep the building or demolish it and utilize the massive property. Who knows, with Bob's expanding so quickly, I wouldn't be surprised if they purchased the property. As of now, this is a good sign because this area doesn't need another massive eyesore. The group tha...
moorlander wrote:
Tue Sep 05, 2017 9:06 pm
This is dead
Where did you see/hear this?
Does this mean Hy-Vee will soon be entering the St.Louis market? Ive only been to Hy-Vee once and that was in Omaha I thought it was very clean well organized great atmosphere. I could definitely see Wahlburger going into CWE or maybe Foundry Midtown we definitely need more commitments towards Down...
urban_dilettante wrote:
Sun Aug 06, 2017 1:35 pm
^ Il Vicino?!?!?!?!
Nope, too early to announce but it will be a full service pizza restaurant and bar in the retail space at 212 Meramec.

Quick serve/fast casual style restaurants do not do well in Clayton.
Does anyone know if Southwest picked up direct flights to Cincinnati from St Louis?Thank you in advance.
Interesting. Pappos closing its Spring and Forest Park location. Closing a branch literally next door to a highly anticipated retail district? Someone is interested in the property. Landlord wanted them out, so they increased the rent.
Maybe Chesterfield Mall?
^ yes, Tin Roof from Nashville is taking the former JBucks space. Owner is also looking for a coffee shop to take some lobby space.
Total Access Urgent Care who is also leasing the former St Louis Bread Co space on South Grand.
KB, do you have any inside scoop on the status of Koman's Cupples X project? I don't. Haven't heard a peep in a while (but that doesn't mean anything as Koman could be full steam ahead for all I know). Nobody will spec a new construction office building in downtown St Louis (heck, pretty much anywh...
McClure Engineering has already bought the property. In addition to Tin Roof, they plan to convert part of the lobby area to a coffee bar/ grab & go breakfast and lunch spot which the Cupples district needs. This area of Downtown St Louis is mostly fully occupied now, so hopefully it will result in ...
Went today. My cheeseburger was fantastic. Tasted like a Booches burger from Columbia, but maybe even better.
Pacific Dental location plus maybe one small tenant TBD
Ferris Wheel deal is dead. Bob got his way
Agree with you guys. The height restriction is anti-competition and should be removed. When the height restriction was put in place, Busch Stadium was up against the property. So I understand why it was put in place to protect against a Wrigley Field type situation. But now that the stadium is two b...