Chalupas54 wrote:
Tue Apr 11, 2017 2:05 pm
17 gates will put us in the top 10 Southwest markets will it not?
The number of gates is never reliably used as a measure of an airline's size.
gary kreie wrote:
Thu Apr 06, 2017 9:20 am
So a lot of folks in the area are cashing in big on the Panera purchase. Any chance the CEO, Ron Shaich, who made $390 million might shave off a lousy $4 million per year for the stadium?
Doubtful. He lives in Boston.
STL loses 5 flights with the new Southwest schedule, 1 each to Boston, New Orleans, Orlando, Panama City & San Diego.

Panama City's seasonal service ends for the year with this flight cut.

This map says Lyda won Tower Grove South? As a resident of TGS, I'm surprised Tishuara didn't win. Looks like she took our neighbors TGE and Shaw though. Wards 8 & 15 (very roughly Kingshighway on the west, Grand on the east, 44 on the north, Chippewa on the south) were Jones' 2 best wards with 46%...
chriss752 wrote:
Mon Feb 27, 2017 7:37 am
The primaries are 8 days away. Anyone have the latest poll numbers if there are any
The Missouri Scout poll from last week had Krewson in the low 30s, followed by Reed, French & Jones each around 15.
First class is wasted on a flight 4 hours or less... so from STL that is anywhere domestic. Personally, the cost of first class is so ridiculous that, unless you are a rewards members using upgrades or working for a company that gets the upgrades... it is a joke.[\quote] You might want to double ch...
I cannot stand flying any other biz class on the "legacy" airlines. While I can understand how some people prefer Southwest over AA / UA / DL when flying in coach, I can't comprehend someone saying that they prefer Southwest to First Class / Business Class on a legacy airline. Even on domestic flig...
The Business Journal has an article today titled "City officials meet to discuss future of AT&T tower".

Unfortunately it is behind their paywall for subscribers only.
Chalupas54 wrote:
Tue Feb 14, 2017 12:08 pm
I also think overall, EWR is the preferred NY area airport for STL travelers.
Have you ever been to Newark?!?
There was a ton of Delta talk. Some hub talk that obviously never happened. They were the official airline of the Rams/Cardinals and added destinations (DCA and Raleigh). Someone said they were going to put in a skyclub (could have been a rumor though). Maybe I will get to it as I keep reading but ...
This is why my biggest wish for Lambert is to move the security checks for A B and C up to the top level. That would be a logisitical nightmare. The entire lower level cannot be made airside -- baggage claim, where passengers can access items legal in checked bags but not legal for carry on, would ...
Ebsy wrote:
Fri Jan 27, 2017 1:30 am
Anyone have any idea how the City is looking for homicides this month? The winter has been fairly mild so far.
As of the weekly totals posted today, there have been 14 homicides through January 30th.
And the restoration of the moving walkways warms my childlike heart. I've missed those things. I get sad every time I'm on one somewhere else. It will be really good to have our own back. :) (Silly, I know. But true. Those meant "big time" to me. They still do. An airport without them, like O'Hare,...
Tom Villa has dropped his re-election bid. Anyone know much about the others running in that primary? Dee Brown, Eddie Tucker & Sara Wood Mart...
I want to say the heavies always used the gates at the end of C, and that's probably why there was a second customs area there. For the life of me I don't recall how they worked. The customs area was below the terminal level. Each of the customs accessible gates had two sets of doors. Coming off th...
If December has the same traffic as November, we'd be just over 4,000 passengers short of 14 million. Now the interesting thing is that STL is in a bit of a donut hole when it comes to airport rankings. As of 2015, we were the 32nd busiest airport at 6.239 million boardings -- 800,000 smaller than ...
Stats through November are out. November was up 11.7% 12,810,391 for Jan-Nov up 9.3% total Then we definitely broke 13 million with December. If December has the same traffic as November, we'd be just over 4,000 passengers sho...
What's the sky club? Sent from my LG-H740 using Tapatalk It is going to be non airline affliated. You pay a usage fee to use it everytime. They haven't announced who is running it but this company has one at some airports so it should give you an idea of what it will be. This one charges $40 a day....
RFT - Fox Park Will Be the St. Louis Area's Hottest Neighborhood in 2017, Redfin Says ... edfin-says
Overall, the crime rate is about half of what it was in 1993.

I think they wrongly interpreted that to mean the homicide rate is half of what it was in 1993.

Dotson's comment was about overall crime rate.. not homicide rate.

I know it's a small data set and in the winter... but through the 1st 8 days of 2017, we've had 1 homicide.
Scary situation in Fort Lauderdale. Sometimes I wonder how security procedures work at Lambert and how secure the facility is. No matter where you place a physical security layer, it does not eliminate the possibility of an attack. Obviously, weapons are not allowed through security checkpoints -- ...
Also, any word if Lambert cracked 13 million passengers this year? I think we were on pace for close to 14. We were at 10,388,786 after September. Lambert has said 10% growth for most of the year so if you go off last years numbers. 12,752,331 + 1,275,233 (10%) 14,027,564 Obviously, this is a rough...
Chalupas54 wrote:
Did anyone else get Cancun? Also, when did KSTL pass KBNA on the SWA totem pole?

Fort Lauderdale got service to Belize, Cancun and Montego Bay. That's the only new international routes.