Here's the mansion that used to be there:

Thought we should have an image on this thread for easy reference. It really is a monster of a building.

Yeah, the very nature of the building is gonna make this one really tough.
Three-story mixed-use at 1001 Russell in Soulard. Sorry if this has already been posted.

jshank83 wrote:
Wed Nov 22, 2017 10:23 am
Sounds like shake shack will be open before Christmas according to WUMCRC
I was at Whole Foods today, and checked out the progress. The Shack's interiors are almost finished, with fixtures installed etc. Looks good.
A new Aloft hotel with a enough height to break up FPP along that stretch of CORTEX would make the photo even better. Trying to picture if the current proposal would do that or not This rendering is from roughly the same angle, showing the A Loft next to the Tech Shop building. Looks like the hotel...
^Great shot. BTW, this place is 50% sold already.
I really like this building.
Brickwork has started on the front facade.
University City Mayor Shelley Welsch recently shared some relevant info with U Citians. Here's an excerpt: "Update on the Loop Trolley project As many of you may have seen, on Friday there was a story in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch with the headline: No money. No trolley. Loop Trolley Company says i...
I'm curious how storm windows meet historic district standards?
The University Lofts on Washington have notoriously drafty windows. I guess new replicas would have been too expensive, so they just re-used the originals.
^Today's article says no: “We have no plans of keeping it open,” Lower said of the studio. Cortex has 355 companies, including several hundred startups, situated in the district. “We intend to make the space available to other tech tenants,” Lower said of TechShop’s space. “We presently don’t have e...
Passed out of committee. On to the full Board.
Corn and soybeans should feed people and livestock; not cars. There are other, non-food plants that are more appropriate for ethanol production.
I feel really bad for Reedy Press. This is a local publisher, featuring mostly local authors and local subjects. These guys were relying on holiday sales, and now it's all gone. I've bought some of their titles; they do good work:
Personally, I'd like to see the whole site redeveloped as an extension of the Moorelands. Multiple mid-rise apartment buildings with underground parking, built by multiple developers, with York Drive extended through to Hanley.
Local publisher Reedy Press had a warehouse in this building. It's gonna be hard on them.

Also, 150,000 citronella candles were stored in another part of the building.
^Ha! No, I try to avoid the old "looks-like-a-jail" critique. Actually, I think the color of the brick and the prominent horizontal section tie it in with the newly expanded government center.
That's much farther away than I thought. I saw huge billows of smoke from here in Grand Center, and thought it was right on campus.
Tons of smoke coming from somewhere near the SLU campus. Anyone know what's up?