From the Hanley & Olive area:

Yikes! Anybody seen this? "Doug Unplugged" at KMOV wants to tear down all the old riverfront buildings and plant grass. He seems to think that's what all the "cool" cities are doing. ... rban-decay
^Jeez, who do we look like; Pythagoras?

Trying to find a way to provide coverage while guards are on break: ... op-story-2
Seen from a distance, it looks like the core has now officially matched the peak of The Plaza's roof.
This guy punched and kicked a 66 year old man on the Grand platform until he was unconscious. "Hightower has multiple misdemeanor convictions for violating rules on rapid transit in St. Louis County; court records show he pleaded guilty of those offenses and was fined a small amount or given credit ...
Mississippi Greenway expansion opens May 4th at Cliff Cave Park: http...
Oddly enough, the son of local villain Bill Bidwill is turning out to be something of a minor hero. Michael Bidwill has been financing the local high school football dinner. He actually got a standing ovation last November while receiving the Musial Award.
Grumpy St. Louisans who know nothing but negativity, spewing vitriol and b*tching about how horrible things are, wading in a morass of doldrums, convincing themselves that there's no hope for our city, and pulling as many folks as they can down into the mire with themselves.
Is there a map somewhere with all of the bike locations? I mean something I can access without using the app?
Could someone at least reassure me that Yamasaki's masterpiece isn't under threat?


There's a big new mobile crane on site.
'McKee Exemption' Scrapped by Board of Aldermen in Unanimous Vote ... imous-vote
A prime site at Forsyth and Bemiston is up for sale. Personally, I'd hate to see the PNC Bank building on the corner be demolished; it's classic, quintessential Clayton:
^That's actually not a bad idea.
St. Louis is once again home to the World's Largest Chess Piece. Some jerks in Belgium stole our title in 2014, but King Rex commissioned a bigger one to regain the title. I think we can all sleep a little easier now.
I'm sure all the office renders so far are only conceptual. What actually gets built will be based on the requirements of the anchor tenants.
"A nightclub just west of downtown where two separate shootings injured several people in recent weeks will close temporarily until it meets security measures prescribed by city officials."
Just it legal to fly a drone through the legs of the Arch?
BEAST Butcher and Block coming to the Grove: ... U.facebook

^It's asinine, of course. But then, portions of downtown Clayton have been declared blighted.

A good lawyer can convince you that an elephant isn't really that big.
It's not an improvement (IMO); it's just an update. You know, like in the '50s when they covered up all of that tired old Victorian ornament with shiny new glass and steel.

Lather, rinse, repeat. Sigh.
As of April 1st, the base sales tax rate in the City of St. Louis has now hit 9.679% (it's even higher in special taxing districts). This is really getting excessive, and there are already proposals to raise it even more. I'm wondering what the rate is in neighboring cities in St. Louis County. At w...
And I can tell you with 100% certainty that those successful businesses being displaced are going to be pursued by other property owners along Olive. There are currently quite a few vacancies just east of the development area. I'm hoping U City makes some kind of effort to relocate the existing bus...
So they've taken a vintage building with texture and character, and turned it into a faceless facade. More or less.

Actually, I agree with SP; it's not as bad as I had feared. I guess in 30 years it'll be easy enough to restore the original look.