Ouch. Up to 1000 formerly Scottrade jobs expected to be lost in STL. http://www.stltoday.com/business/local/td-ameritrade-closes-on-purchase-of-scottrade-up-to-job/article_55f8686d-d4c6-51cf-835b-43e080286eb4.html#utm_source=stltoday.com&utm_campaign=BreakingNewsNewsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_conte...
^Wow. That's the lamest photo tour I've ever seen. It's like they went out of their way to make the streets of STL look dead.
Sure would be a shame to build that privacy fence along DeBaliviere. It would be the only one on the entire stretch of Lindell that extends beyond the building line, and it would also be by far the most visible.
^You can really see how far back the tower is set from Forsyth.
The land under Tower Tee is for sale. TT's current owners hope to buy the land and continue business as usual, but it's 28 acres of prime land, so we'll see.

http://stlouis.cbslocal.com/2017/09/07/ ... -for-sale/

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The union that primarily represents black police officers has called for conviction in this case. It would be really interesting if Stockley had been black; then who would they publicly support?
I haven't studied the case very closely, but from what I've read, I doubt that the judge will find enough evidence to convict him (at least not of 1st degree murder). Something very strange about the way the whole shooting happened, but again, it's awfully hard to convict someone of 1st degree murde...
Eric Vickers is suing BJC, seeking $150 million dollars on behalf of the “African-American Business and Construction Workers Association”. Oh, and he wants an immediate halt to all construction on the BJC Renewal Project. http://www.constructforstl.org/small-wmbe-claim-at-bjc-north-campus-morphs-to-...
Larry Rice is selling his TV station (but not his building downtown). http://www.stltoday.com/lifestyles/columns/joe-holleman/larry-rice-sells-knlc-television-station-for-million/article_4f84db47-5481-5020-a11b-f7bcafc291ea.html?utm_content=buffer03cb7&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_c...
Rehab of a beautiful Ittner designed school building. Check.

Market-rate apartments north of Delmar. Check.

https://nextstl.com/2017/09/ittner-desi ... partments/
^Yeah, but those are houses, not one-bedroom apartments. And I just don't have a good feeling about this location right next to busy railroad tracks.

Guess we'll see.
Is this location really ready for $1300 per month one-bedroom apartments?

Additional renders at NextSTL:

https://nextstl.com/2017/09/woodward-lo ... grove-ave/
I find it very strange that the lanes on FPP don't line up properly as you cross Euclid (from either direction). You're forced to make a quick little jog to maintain your lane, and hope the guy next to you does the same.
^I've had similar thoughts, but I was thinking more of a small punk-rock club, like the old Creepy Crawl.
Trolley to open in November.

Two-hour pass costs $2.00.

All-day pass costs $5.00.

11 AM - 7 PM Sunday - Thursday.

11 AM - Midnight Friday and Saturday.

http://www.westendword.com/Articles-New ... ember.html
^If he's not saying it, then I am. Yes, the current major league soccer effort appears to be a ponzi scheme. It just ain't gonna fly in the U.S., and the last-folks-in are going to lose millions.

Although I don't think the region or the state have the resources to realistically compete for this, economic incentives-wise. Its gonna be a multi-state bloodbath.
^Yeah, this could be a big deal for U City, but there's a lot of property owners involved, so I'm sure it's gonna take a while to make it work.
I would guess the higher you make them the more of an engineering challenge it becomes, as the expansion and contraction and wind sway and so forth of two otherwise independent buildings will change that space more higher up. Yes. Here's how it works on the Petronas Towers' bridge on the 42nd floor...
Now this is what I call a Sky Bridge!

Chris, this is going in the old Mississippi Valley Trust Building, which was built in 1896.

Per a U City councilman, they have received a $175 million proposal. Negotiations are ongoing.
Update direct from Jason: