Additional equipment on site.
I really like this building. I hope they're not about to muck it up.
^It looks like a kid's toy box. It's gimmicky. The colors and random patterning are garish. In five years, it's gonna look ridiculously dated.

But hey, that's just me.
Well, now that I've seen this building in person, I've got to say that I find it to be hideously ugly. Really awful.
Here's an update from Maxine Clark: "We have about 50 percent of the building leased – all letters of intent. We’ve done the legwork, but there’s still much to be completed. The building is going to be a $90 million project and we are funding it with a combination of debt, tax credits and private do...
How much money do you think has been spent by regional "leaders" on the various proposals for Amazon, Boeing, the NFL stadium, the MLS stadium, etc.? They spent like $17 million on the NFL. How much on these others? Think of what they could have done with that money if they injected into small busi...
Here's a summary of the region's office market (not just downwtown): ... ce-market/
The Loop Trolley wins another round in court: ... ry-dispute
^Yeah, but it's a "good" kind of annoying. :wink:
Found this one on Facebook. Famous Barr Southtown under construction, with a trolley cruising past:

^The stadium drawing wasn't a lark; that was an early conceptual design. I guess you could call it Post Modern Deco:


Interesting to note that several shuttle buses taking employees from San Francisco to Apple and Google headquarters in Silicon Valley have been attacked in transit. Perhaps it's time for these companies to start looking for more welcoming cities.
^Yeah, that's what we're talking about. I think I caused some confusion by tacking it onto this thread rather than starting a new one.
Hmmmmm...Apple is planning a 2nd campus (devoted to customer support) and 20,000 new hires in the next 5 years. ... e-latest-2
Things are moving behind the scenes: ... a9d3f.html
St. Louis' new director of public safety speaks out on black-on-black crime: ... op-story-2
^Yep; definitely two cranes. There had been a photo on the Art Museum Expansion thread, but it's not there anymore.
^Yep. Art Hill will be awesome. I was disappointed when they first built the wall around the terrace, but now I see how it draws people out to the edge, where they really get the full view.
Nice write-up in CLAD magazine about the new Maryland Heights Community Center: http://www.leisureopportuniti...
Did the folks in the Clayton on the Park Tower ever get their big-screen video of the sunrise that 212 S. Meramec agreed to give them?
Nothing too exciting, but here's a nice story about Drury's renovation of the Whitte Hardware Building: “We believe that this project is helping return Laclede’s Landing to the vibrant live-work-play neighborhood it once was, while providing people the opportunity to work in a truly one-of-a-kind hi...
Meanwhile, Hanley Hills considers dis-incorporation: ... c7bda.html
aprice wrote:
Thu Jan 11, 2018 2:24 pm
ImageScreen Shot 2018-01-11 at 2.17.13 PM by Alex Price, on Flickr

Wow! That vintage Dodge Aspen (?) station wagon fits right in!
moorlander wrote:
Thu Jan 11, 2018 1:52 pm
When driving northbound Hanley you can see the core and crane rising from the top of the hill as you're passing the new Porsche dealership. With the right lens it would make for a cool picture.
We've got to get you the right lens. 8) :D