I'll probably vote yes. I'm generally against tax increases, but knowing that our gas tax is one of the lowest in the nation makes me think this is a reasonable area to raise much needed revenue.
My gut tells me that's somewhere on the campus of Concordia Seminary.
It all depends on how determined the developer is. I read in The Queen of Lace that it took 3 1/2 years to put together the financing before construction could start on the redevelopment of the Continental Building in Grand Center. Of course, someone else can now buy the option on the existing build...
Update on the effort to bring containers to river vessels:

http://stlouiscnr.com/departments/assoc ... dium=email
Love the pic of the construction dude leaving tracks in the freshly poured concrete.
From the article: "I hate this station, I don't like coming to this station. Why? Because they all congregate here. This is the place to be and hangout and now I know why, they just like to shoot at each other," said the witness. Yep. EVERYBODY knows this and sees the problem. And yet the authoritie...
The historic Gables Tearoom is toast. The U City city council rejected the recommendation of the U City Historic Preservation Commission and approved a demolition contract: https://www.stltoday.com/news/local/metro/historic-but-dilapidated-gables-tearoom-in-university-city-to-come/article_70296d98-f...
^Correct. Modernism at it's Mid-Century best!

Another clue:

^Nice. The Arch project sure has spun off a lot of good press for us this Summer.
This one should be fairly easy:

Explorer wins again! (And thanks for sharing that link)

Another pic of the same building:

framer wrote:
Fri Aug 31, 2018 5:50 pm
Keep us posted.
^Pulitzer also owns most of the land on the north side of Olive.
"Scattered throughout the development will be various amenities — a fountain, a playground, a vegetable garden"

I wonder if these amenities will be open to the general public, or if this will be essentially a gated community. Again, I'd really like to get a better look at the site plan.
"The nursery will have to cut back on the amount of inventory to make way for the new businesses. Cressler, who serves as general manager, said it will make the business more efficient and boost product turnover. Furthermore, the family will be able to show off its 124-year-old building, which still...
A couple of snippets: "By late 2020, a 36-unit multifamily complex called the Reserve at Shady Creek will front the Shady Creek Nature Sanctuary abutting the property. The two-phase, $25 million project will utilize private financing and be transformational for this part of Old Webster, officials sa...
Looks to me like they're creating a major work of living, contemporary art, featuring the work of internationally renowned designers - perfect for an arts district. And don't forget there will be an apartment building anchoring the development on Vandeventer.
Ely Walker, yep. Apparently this kind of "decoration" was fairly common back in the day.


Good news. Rex Sinquefield has donated $50 million to SLU. Most of the money is expected to be used as part of a long-range plan to increase SLU's standing as a research institute. https://www.stltoday.com/business/local/sinquefields-donate-million-for-st-louis-university-research-largest-gift/artic...