Never, EVER read the comments. But...I read the comments on STLToday about the "Honor" that the City gave to Mr. Smith. Last I saw there were about 250 comments, and I'd say probably 248 of them were outraged by the resolution. Half of them used it to re-enforce their opposition to any City/County m...
I don't understand the sculpture in front of the Art Museum. The drawings seem to show it completely blocking the road in front of the museum, but I'm sure that can't be the case.
St. Louis Board of Alderman passed a resolution "honoring" Anthony Lamar Smith. I'm not speaking one way or the other on the shooting or the verdict, but was this guy really deserving of honors? Can anyone find the actual wording of the resolution?
Sorry, not really an "urban issue", but I couldn't resist this story. The Community of Christ, an Independence, MO based offshoot of the Mormon church, has sold an original, hand-written copy of the Book of Mormon. $35 million is believed to be the highest price ever paid for any book. Ever. http://...
I like "The Heartland", although I realize many folks find it too sappy. Much more info and renders on their Facebook page. (should this project get it's own thread in residential?) https://www.facebook...
I have such fond memories of the old neighborhood beer festivals; Oak Hill Day, Bevo Day, Hill Day, etc. It was such a treat getting a sip from my dad's beer bucket (although I could never understand how grown-ups could actually like the taste of the stuff). The smaller scale of the events back then...
Foundation work is underway.
As has been noted elsewhere, Rothman's is closing all of their stores.

I expect much of the current retail acreage along Watson will soon go residential.
^Wow. That's a pretty big deal. Hope they can pull it off.
Ouch. Up to 1000 formerly Scottrade jobs expected to be lost in STL.
^Wow. That's the lamest photo tour I've ever seen. It's like they went out of their way to make the streets of STL look dead.
Sure would be a shame to build that privacy fence along DeBaliviere. It would be the only one on the entire stretch of Lindell that extends beyond the building line, and it would also be by far the most visible.
^You can really see how far back the tower is set from Forsyth.
The land under Tower Tee is for sale. TT's current owners hope to buy the land and continue business as usual, but it's 28 acres of prime land, so we'll see. ... -for-sale/

Oops...Mods: feel free to move this to the County.
The union that primarily represents black police officers has called for conviction in this case. It would be really interesting if Stockley had been black; then who would they publicly support?
I haven't studied the case very closely, but from what I've read, I doubt that the judge will find enough evidence to convict him (at least not of 1st degree murder). Something very strange about the way the whole shooting happened, but again, it's awfully hard to convict someone of 1st degree murde...
Eric Vickers is suing BJC, seeking $150 million dollars on behalf of the “African-American Business and Construction Workers Association”. Oh, and he wants an immediate halt to all construction on the BJC Renewal Project.
Larry Rice is selling his TV station (but not his building downtown).
Rehab of a beautiful Ittner designed school building. Check.

Market-rate apartments north of Delmar. Check. ... partments/
^Yeah, but those are houses, not one-bedroom apartments. And I just don't have a good feeling about this location right next to busy railroad tracks.

Guess we'll see.
Is this location really ready for $1300 per month one-bedroom apartments?

Additional renders at NextSTL: ... grove-ave/